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    The Real World: Skeletons discussion w/ Bruno!

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    Discussing the latest episode of The Real World with cast member Bruno!

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    Freedom From Fear with A Course in Miracles Lesson 361 to 365

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    Why are we in a world of fear? Is our physical experience a choice we made freely? If this is but a temporary stay, where is our real home?

    Join Eloisa Ramos as we explore these questions with the final lessons for ACIM which tell us this course is not an end but the beginning of our escape from fear. It leaves us with a Friend, the Voice for God, that knows the way home to love and goes with us so we are never alone.

    We come to recognize our freedom from fear in following the Word that God has given us because it is our true will. Free will does not imply separation based on a separate ego/body self that exists only in opposition to that which is. Freedom from fear is the end of all conflict, which is inner peace. In true freedom we chose love and forgiveness.

    “His is the only way to find the peace that God has given us. It is His way that everyone must travel in the end, because it is this ending God himself appointed.” Pg. 487 Lessons.

    All separation has passed, and our will is the Word of our one Self, and no conflict is possible. What we want is only to follow the Voice for God.

    “No more specific lessons are assigned, for there is no more need of them. Henceforth, hear but the Voice for God and for your Self when you retire from the world, to seek reality instead…His is the Word that God has given you. His is the Word you chose to be your own.” Lessons pg 487.

    For more information about Eloisa Ramos, her book Beyond Self-esteem: Discovering Your Boundless Self-worth, EFT and to download a free flowchart of the Ramos Clearing Technique; visit www.healing-with-eft.com

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    Bad Judge Kate Walsh on Life Lessons with Rick Tocquigny

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    Every pet shelter has that volunteer – the one who gives tireless care to cats as they await their forever homes. These people work to make the cats’ temporary homes safer, less stressful places. Actress Kate Walsh has two rescued cats and like so many other cat owners has enjoyed the companionship and comfort a cat provides.


    Now, popular actress Kat Walsh is partnering with the Purina® Cat Chow® program to thank cat shelter volunteers – real people who help cats in need.


    The brand will donate nearly $100,000 to the 50 participating shelters – one in every state – to acknowledge the work of the shelter volunteers that help to lessen the stress for cats living in shelters while they await their forever home. The top shelter volunteer, chosen by consumer votes and a judging panel, will receive a $25,000 makeover for the shelter he or she represents to help create a gentler, less chaotic environment for the cats.


    Kate Walsh shares Shelter Volunteer of the Year program that encourages cat people to support their local shelters that help animals across the country.

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    MelaniNation Radio Presents: Let's Talk Sex In The Black Community.

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    Is sex a divine connection? Is it suppose to be used for Temporary Therapy? What are some Fetishes you have? Let's talk sexual stereotypes? Let's talk sex out of wedlock? Let's talk different sexual prefrences. Let's talk mynogomy and polyamory. It's perfectly normal to be a sexual being, so let's consciously express ourselves on such a sensitive topic and learn a few things. Feel free to call in anonomously!

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    Citizen of the world or citizen of Heaven?

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    Colossians 3:1-4 (KJV) says

    If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.

    Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

    For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.

    When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.

    Satan’s plot for mankind has always been -  live for this world, forget God and eternity, go after everything here – now. If it feels good, do it, you deserve it.

    The world is satan's kingdom and domain. The Lord Jesus Christ came to set us free from this world, from satan's clutches -  to set us free to be citizens of Heaven. We cannot have dual citizenship.

    The real issue for every human being boils down to making a choice – going after the One True God with all your heart, keeping your eyes upward toward heaven and eternity, OR living for this temporary world, going after its pleasures to satisfy ourselves today. 

    Whom do you choose to follow - the god of this temporary world, or the God eternity? The choice is yours.

    Please join us as we study God's word.

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    Rastafari SabbatHical Studies - RSS # 19 - OVERDRIVE After Show

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    Tabernacle (Exod. 40:2).

    Metaphysical. The temporal body of man. The tabernacle represents the temporal body, as the
    Temple built by Solomon in Jerusalem represents the regenerated, permanent body. In the wilderness of
    sense, man worships God in a tent, or a temporary, transitory state of mind, which makes a perishable
    body. Yet in this flimsy structure are all the furnishings of the great temple that is to be built. The outer
    structure was of cloth, but the altar, laver, candlestick, Ark of the Covenant, and all the inner utensils
    were of gold and silver and precious woods. This means that the central functions of the body are
    enduring and that it is the fleshly covering that is so perishable. When the Lord commanded the building
    of this temporary structure there was a promise of a permanent one. So the body of every man is the
    promise of an imperishable one, even the body of Christ.

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    Minister Michael Barrett with Boyd and Lucinda

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    Because of my choices, I  made a bed for myself that I was forced to lie in at a young age. When it came time for me to reap from all the wrong I had sowed, I had no idea, that I would have to spend 18 years of my life in Federal prison. Finally, the false reality I had been chasing after for so long, had revealed its true identity. And yes; "It was just what my mother tried to warn me about.From the streets, to the fed's, to the pulpit, is my life's journey, through the material possessions, women, money, temporary happiness, prison, trials and tribulations. In no way is this story meant to glorify the life I once lived. However, it's purpose is to glorify the GOD, that brought me through it all, in spite of who I use to be."Sometimes in life, we have to lose what we think is everything, in order to know what everything truly is. Life is all about CHOICES!"


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    Hard Starboard Radio: "Obama's Complete Abdication Of The Law"

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    Federal judge deals last-minute blow to Obamnesty; A Texas judge explains that Barack Obama’s action on immigration is an attempt to create law from scratch; If a Texas judge’s temporary stay against it is upheld, it could be headed to the Supreme Court; Slow Joe's low gropes versus "No man has the right to touch a woman without her consent"; and today's Morning Jolt.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: If You Like ObamaCare, You'll Love The ObamaNet

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    "Net Neutrality" would regulate the Internet as if it were a 1930s telephone company; The underlying causes of chaos in the Middle East are indigenous - and Obama has done everything in his power to make it worse; ISIS Immolates 45 Iraqi Police Near al-Asad Air Base; 78% of Americans back Obama's new authorization for use of military force against ISIS that will further restrict operations against them; British SAS ordered to commit suicide before being captured by ISIS; Obama refused to give Jordan and Egypt information on ISIS targets; and if a Texas judge’s temporary stay against Obamnesty is upheld, it could be headed to the Supreme Court.

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    Feed Your Soul: The Adjuster and the Soul - Paper 111 - From The Urantia Book

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    This week on the Cosmic Citizen we continue our exploration of the God within and the Urantia Paper we started two weeks ago, Paper 111. 

    The ideas to be covered: The soul is neither the human mind nor the divine spirit that dwells within the mind. Material mind is the arena in which we live, make decisions, choose or forsake God, and survive or destroy ourselves. Material evolution provides us with a body and the Father endows us with spirit reality, but it is by mind that we live or die. The mortal mind is merely a temporary system lent to us for use during our material lives. Our evolving souls will faithfully portray the decisions made with the minds we have been given..

    An Adjuster's work is spiritual, but is accomplished in the intellectual realm. The mind is the ship, the Adjuster is the pilot, and human will is the captain. With mortal consent, the faithful pilot will safely carry his captain across the barriers of time and the handicaps of space to the source of divine mind, even to the Paradise Father.

    The mortal career is an education. It is not so much what we comprehend, as what we desire to comprehend that insures our survival. It is not what our minds are like, as what our minds are striving to be like that constitutes spirit identification. What we are today is not as important as what we are becoming.

    Doing the will of God is the willingness to share the inner life with God. Peace in this life, survival in death, perfection in the next life, and service in eternity are all achieved when the human will chooses to become subject to the Father's will.

    Uncertainty with security is the essence of the Paradise adventure. God lives in us and trusts himself to us, and we live in him and learn to trust ourselves to him. We may not be certain of the details of the coming events of our lives, but we are always secure in the infinite love and compassion of our Father.

    We hope you can join us!

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    THURSDAY 02/12/15 at 10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT - Join us for THE REALITY ROUND TABLE SHOW!

    YOU Love #RealityTV - WE Love #RealityTV - So we invite you to be a part of the show and let's talk about Our Favorite Reality TV Shows! There are some like #CelebrityApprentice - #RedneckIsland - #PartyDownSouth - #LittleWomenLA - #VanderpumpRules and #MasterChefJunior etc. that only an episode or two before their FINALE! That gives us a Lot to talk about! Others shows, like #TheBachelor - #RealWorldSkeletons - #TheChallengeBattleofTheExes2 -#MarriedAtFirstSightTheFirstYear - #UltimateSurvivalAlaska - #MarriageBootcamp - #MobWives  (I could go on & on) that are mid-season and really getting GOOD!! And...we have shows starting later this month like #SurvivorWorldsApart - will Blue Collar, White Collar or No Collar Win? And #TheAmazingRace26 - will new love (blind daters) or old love (existing couples) win? #TheVoice will be back! Who is your favorite judge?
    Call in at 1-347-237-5506 and/or click on our link, scroll down to our Live Chat Room and Let's Chat About #RealityTV!

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