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  • 01:09

    82 - COBRA!!!

    in Pop Culture

    Grab your blue helmets, uniforms and black facemasks, because it's about to get real.  
    Imagine, there's this exremely well funded terrorist group with a bonified nut in control of it all whos face no one has ever seen! They can overtake the national airwaves, control the weather, teleport troops anywhere on the globe. 

    So, where do you sign up? Wait ... WHAT?! Who would WANT to sign up?! WHY?

    Well, that's whart we're talking about, this week. We'll also find out what our weekly geek is. What was yours?
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  • 02:13

    The Ignorance Equation-Goodbye 2014, You Corrupt Bastard!

    in Politics Progressive

    Well, 2015 is almost here- the year Micheal J. Fox went "Back to the Future" and we may not have flying cars yet, but we do have something almost as cool:

    Actor and Comedian John Lehr from the Hit HULU series, "Quick Draw" stops in to help us wrap-up a year full of Police Corruption, Dysfunctional Politics, Racial Tensions, and Ebola Mania!

    Also, some of this past year's guests, Author Mike Bushman, Jay Sin of Narcoleptic Youth, and Occupy and Resist Rikers Activist Cecily McMillan, will be calling in with their New Year's Resolutions, plus some big announcements about our show, lots of end of the year comedy.

    So charge up your Flux Capacitor and join us for all The Futuristic New Speak We Can Teleport Into Your Primitive Little Ear Holes!

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  • 01:30

    Dispelling the Myth of Coincidence ......with Tim Beckley

    in Spirituality

    Carl Jung defined the word Synchronicity in the 1920's as a, "meaningful coincidence."  This phenomena seems to be greatly accelerating for some individuals and today we will discuss why.  I am honored to have special guest a pioneer in Ufology, author and co~author Timothy Green Beckley with his friend Charla to discuss his recent synchronistic events.

    These events also lead to questions of teleportation and time travel. Are we actually illusionists that can materalize things? We will uncover as many things as we can, examples what are Ultra Terrestrials and Power X, may even delve into secret space programs and men in black.

    Tim will also tell about meeting Ralph Lael back in the day, the author of the imfamous little book,"The Brown Mountain Lights." Tim has been on other radio shows like Coast to Coast am with George Noory and Speaking of Strange with Joshua P. Warren.. Buckle up and get ready to have some fun, we may even teleport~Beam us up!:



    Summer time is SUN~SOLAR POWER TIME! visit  http://www.sunshinesimple.com

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    VWBPE Conference & the Cultural Community Hub in Second Life

    in Current Events

    Marie interviews Beth O’Connell RL/Beth Ghostraven SL, presenter at the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference (April 9-12) and member of the Cultural Community Hub in Second Life.  For more information about the conference, go to www.vwbpe.org

    Music by Cypress Rosewood/Tony Gerber, www.cypressrosewood.com

    About the Cultural Community Hub 

    The Cultural Community Hub was created to provide “a resource directory of ethnic, cultural and historical communities for use by educators and students for research and learning.” The Cultural Community Info Teleport Hub (CCH) located in the Whole Brain Health sim is a coordinated development of easy to access teleport links in the form of coordinated posters containing brief information and LM. More information including key informant interviews and resources are cross referenced in an attached library. The CCH is based on presenter’s published research and is envisioned to be arena for further planned multidisciplinary research in virtual worlds. Sims include communities of all kinds: educational technology, arts and sciences, worldwide cultures, representations of RL social issues, unique roles expressed in SL, and social support services. 


  • 00:46

    Bible Codes, Sound Waves and Electromagnetic Waves

    in Education

    Bible Codes: Scholars have shown that the Torah (the first five books of Moses in the Holy Bible, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) contain hidden messages regarding events from the past, such as names and birthdates of famous people.  Mathematical analysis of these findings indicate a probablilty of 1/4,000,000 that these events are in occurance by chance alone, and this phenomenon does not happen with any other books, only the Bible.  Also, bible codes only work with the Ben Hayyim versions of ancient Hebrew scripture, and the Ben Hayyim along with the Mikraot Gedolot, served as the textus receptus for the King James Version of the Bible in 1611.   Bible codes do not work with the Stuttgart edition of the Bible, which was created around the turn of the century by hey gentleman named Rudolf Kittel, and underlies all of the New Age Bibles.  Ironically, Rudolph Kiddle was anti-semetic, and he has contributions in his writings from the mystery religions. Rudolph’s son, Gerhard Kittel was tried for war crimes for killing Jews, and he was one of Adolph Hitler is high priests.

    Sound Waves: John 1: KJV 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    Electromagnetic Waves: DNA has been shown to emit and receive Electromagnetic Radiation, and has even been shown to teleport itself across space from test-tube to test-tube using electromagnetic radiation as a means of teleportation.

  • 00:30

    First Contact Radio

    in News

    First Contact Radio 12/11/13 Show #1056 hosted by Joshua Poet



    Moon Phase

    Mayan Oracle

    Another Giant UFO Enters Mexican Volcano -VIDEO- Dec 9, 2013, UFO Sighting News.

    Fascinating UFO Over Turkey, Near Istanbul Airport - Video

    Spacing Out! EP64 – Professor has technology to teleport Martians to Earth

    Ben Hansen and MUFON Sky Watch Group Film UFOs - Arizona

    Kim Wilde Had UFO Close Encounter After Michael Jackson's Death


    5MIN News December 11, 2013: Cold, Radiation Spill, Raising the Moderate Watch?

    Comet c/2012 s1 ISON WTF ??? - The Start

    BREAKING! Whistleblower EXPOSES GOV'T SHUTDOWN And FEMA - 10/20/2013 - UFO Coverup - ISON

    Wake Up

    Stunning Hypocrisy: Obama Slams Leaders Who “Do Not Tolerate Dissent From Their Own People”

    Now Obama gets 'executive power' czar

    Gvt Lies Will Lead To Mega IMPLOSION #n3

    Sandy Hook Poster

    Geminids Tonight/Ison off Course.

    Bionic arm lets you lift weight effortlessly

    Cassini Spies Mysterious Object Named ‘Peggy’ at Edge of Saturn’s Rings

    How to Ascend - Loving Yourself - Part 4

    Archangeloi on the New Earth Frequencies December-10-2013

    Angel Message 4 U

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    Tech Talk

    in Technology

    TESLA BASED TECHNOLOGY AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS From Teleporters to Mars. Real World Discussions and Topics. This is not your Main Stream News and is What Main Stream education should be.  

  • 02:15

    Live with the famous Leia Down

    in Entertainment

    Like most busty super villains, Leia Down had interesting beginnings—she’s of Cuban descent and was born in Puerto Rico. Her family moved to Dallas to be part of the Wild West, but moved to Sin City after they realized Texas wasn’t full of cowboys, ranches and old towns. In Vegas, she took up flying, got a pilot’s license and later started her own aircraft detailing company. While flying over the Mojave Desert, she saw a strange light emanating from the ground, lost control of the plane and crashed. She disappeared for four years only to emerge a powerful woman with new special gifts, including incredible strength, martial arts prowess and the power of manipulation, allowing her to morph into anyone she pleases and teleport herself. In 2010, she started webcamming and making her fans’ (AKA Cum Buddies) fantasies a reality by morphing into one of 200 hot super heroines and sexy comic book characters, like Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman and Baby Doll from Sucker Punch on her official site, http://www.MaskDDesire.com. When she’s not being the ultimate super villain, she’s a video game champ and a respected member of the Cosplay community appearing at conventions around the country. Try and keep up with her adventures on Twitter @LeiaDown and like her fan page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leia-Down/191576967562911.

  • 02:03

    Quantum Phenomena and the Romanian Sphinx

    in Spirituality

    My guest is Peter Moon author of Transylvania Sunrise, Translvania Moonrise, and many other fascinating books including  his newest release, "The Secret Parchment." Our highlights will be Synhronicity, Tibet, Time Travel, Montauk, Atlantis, his interactions with Radu Cinnamar, and Dr. David Anderson. What role does   Romanian Sphinx play in all this? We will find out. This show will be so exciting it may just teleport you to Romania.

  • 00:34

    Tech Talk

    in Technology

    Do they Teleport the Pretend current acting President into AIRFORCE on certain days??

  • 00:37

    RANT squared Biotch

    in Technology

     Where are we on the timeline? Is the TimeLine Different?

    Eye witnesses to Key events have experienced a Variation.
    Was the 2010 L.A. earthquake a certainty? Why did it not Occur?
    Did it Happen on another Timeline?

    Is the West coast Wiped out Sept 11 2012???

    lets explore the answers together.

     This Weeks topic is Time Travel, Remote Viewing and comparing notes