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    CEO to CEO: Jay Samit, CEO, SeaChange

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    Join us live for Light Reading's interview with Jay Samit, the newly appointed CEO of publicly traded SeaChange International Inc. With a resume that includes Sony, EMI, Universal, Intel and Microsoft, Samit brings a reputation as an entrepreneur and a disruptor to his new role at the video solutions company. Hear what he has to say about the opportunities in video, as well as the outlook for cable, telco, OTT and mobile service providers.

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    Todd Myers - GoZone WiFi

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    Mr. Todd Myers is serial start-up entrepreneur creating 7 successful companies in the technology field including: Veddio LLC, a software company that developed a platform to control cloud services for IT companies. Veddio was sold to IndependenceIT in 2012. Airpath Wireless, a software company focused on WiFi hotspot management and transaction processing. Airpath’s clients consisted of hundreds of WiFi operators including Telco carriers such as Sprint. From founding, he grew recurring revenues to $1.2MM and led a $6MM Series A venture round. As a spin-off of Airpath, Todd co-founded Opti-Fi Networks who owned and deployed public WiFi network in US and Canadian airports. Todd pioneered WiFi deployment in high-traffic public spaces and the company was ultimately sold to Boingo Wireless. He founded WholesaleISP.Net which was a wholesale Internet Service Provider working with companies such as MCI WorldCom, Sprint and PSINet. The company was sold to CISP. Todd founded GlassCity Internet which was the largest ISP in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. It was sold to Voyager, a publically traded ISP in 1999 for $5MM

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    Fact-checking Opponents' Lies, Distortions about Public-owned Broadband

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    How do you know when a public or community broadband project presents a serious threat to telco and cable incumbent providers? The flood of lies, half-truths and outlandish distortion of relevant issues. The only cure for the dark clouds that opponents try to cast over public-owned networks is to shine the bright light of fact-checked truth over errant anti-muni network statements.

    In Utah, a group of cities in the UTOPIA fiber project are evaluating a potential deal with infrastructure-building giant Macquarie that plans to build a strong pro-community network. Longmont, CO passed a second referendum measure last November that paved the way for the city to accelerate deployment of its muni-owned network. FreeUTOPIA Editor Jesse Harris and City of Longmont Asst. City Manager Sandi Seader dissect the most persistent of the mischaracterizations of community broadband.

    Beginning with the charge that "all muni networks are failures, and working through such gems as "municipal networks will cause firefighters and police officers to lose their job" and "these networks are unfair competition" to giant telcos, Harris and Seader set the record straight. The discussion presents facts and details community broadband project teams need to hear so they can better assess their business model options, be prepared for the inevitable pushback they face from incumbents and astroturf groups.    


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    Service Fulfillment for the SDN/NFV Era

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    For telcos and other communications service providers software-defined networks and network functions virtualization open up opportunities to offer new services that were never before possible while also making the rollout of all types of services faster and more efficient. Heavy Reading Analyst Ari Banerjee will discuss with the Service Provider IT Report Community how the two emerging network virtualization concepts can help them to fulfill service requests from corporate clients and consumers in the years ahead. SDN and NFV promise to help SPs deliver new services in hours, even minutes, rather than weeks. Join Ari for his presentation and then participate with other community members in a Live Chat on the Service Provider IT Report.

  • The Need for Telco Transformation

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    What is telco transformation all about and why do traditional communications service providers need to revamp their business, network, IT, partnership and employment strategies? On this radio show, we will look at some of the Tier 1 operators that have already initiated their transformation strategies, the reasons why they're changing their systems and processes and what this will mean for the communications networking and services industry.

    On the show will be Telco Transformation's Editor Mike Robuck and Editor-in-Chief Iain Morris, along with some special guests.

    Join in the debate and submit your questions to the speakers during the online radio show and during a post-show web chat.

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    Disaster Resilience Communications and Mapping

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    Introducing New Co-Host Brian Wax Joining us on the show is: Stephen Song, Founder of Village Telco talking about the "Mesh Potato" and Communication Network Infrastructure in Africa. Aaron Huslage, Co-Founder of Tethr, a multi-platform communication device in beta that will connect you to the internet pretty much anywhere on the planet. And maybe some Surprise Guests. Links and more info can be found at:

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    Computer America - netTALK and HomaZooma

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    Computer America! Tune in this week's Show!  Hour One: netTALK.  Hour Two: HomaZooma. In Hour One, hear about an amazing gadget that's the size of a keychain fob and lets you make FREE long distance phone calls, and it does so WITHOUT wires!  No longer do you need be near your computer or router to make this work!  Just plug your phone into the netTALK and you are connected without wires!  Plug your bedside phone into one.  Plug a phone in the middle of any room!  Or plug it into any phone jack in your home and all your phones are instantly connected!  Get RID of your expensive telco for good!  Hour Two: HomaZooma gives you full control over your mortgage and financial affairs and remain anonymous!
    Visit our Chat Room at: www.computeramerica.com

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    USF Reform: What Does It Really Mean for Broadband?

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    In a 759-page document containing 84 pages of regulations the FCC, among other goals, attempts to reform the Universal Service Fun (USF) by morphing the $4.5 billion annual tax into the Connect America Fund that hopefully leads to increased broadband deployments. But will it?
    This broadcast explores what reform means to broadband deployments in general, community networks in particular and to small ISPs and telcos. Our guest, JSI Capital Advisors Analyst Cassandra Heyne, has spent most of her life in the rural telecom business (her family owns a 100-year old rural telco in Iowa), and most of the past two weeks immersed in the FCC's reform order.
    Heyne helps our listeners make some sense of what has been a complex and confusing process, and the resulting reform order. When all is said and done, inquiring minds should have a better idea of what $4.5 billion buys us in a couple of years.

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    Fibre isn’t just in your bread

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    4pm, Wednesday 14th September 2011
    Productivity in an ultra-fast, ultra connected NZ: waking HR up to the workforce opportunity! Under the government’s Ultra-Fast and Rural Broadband Initiatives fibre is being rolled out to 95% of New Zealand. So what does it all mean? How is your life and business going to change because of it? For Paul Brislen, the CEO of the telecommunications Users’ Association of NZ (TUANZ) there’s no question that productivity gains are one of the biggest winners. Paul talks to Frog Recruitment about what fibre means for your work and community diet, and the betterment of NZ Inc.

    TUNE IN…
    Paul Brislen: Converse boots, a Dr Who fixation and fibre…
    Having spent 7 years as an IT reporter covering the telco sector for Computerworld, the NZ Herald, Unlimited magazine, Idealog, TVNZ, Radio New Zealand and many others, the lure of corporate life lead him from Editor of Computerworld to Vodafone and a role as Communications Manager. Currently CEO of TUANZ, Paul Brislen is known for his brickbats and bouquets approach to keeping the NZ telco industry honest.

  • Digital Transformation Leader

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    Juan Jose de la Torre, Senior Executive - IBM Middle East and Africa

    INSEAD, La Salle, Adolfo Ibanez

    UN / OECD Advisor


    Juan Jose de la Torre (J.J.) is IBM’s Digital Transformation Leader for Middle East and Africa, from where he helps IBM clients to embrace digital technologies. A telco, media and digital senior executive with almost two decades of experience across America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. His drive and expertise has led to him to hold senior positions with global multinationals including IBM, Orange, TeliaSonera, Etisalat and Booz & Company. In line with this and by creating and successfully trading three start-ups, J.J. combines a unique blend of corporate, consulting and entrepreneurial experience. The founder of afkar.me (MENA’s 360 degrees incubator and accelerator), an angel investor for 14 start-ups and startup mentor for more than 80 companies, he has also advised the UN and OECD in mobility and innovation subjects.

    J.J. holds an MBA from INSEAD, a Masters from La Salle and an Industrial Engineer degree from Adolfo Ibanez. A former professional DJ, J.J. enjoys travelling and adventure sports. He currently lives in Dubai with his wife Maria and his two sons.  

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    Episode 51 - Rob McDougall

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    Rob McDougall, president and co-founder of Upstream Works has been a catalyst for change within the Call Center industry for over 15 years. With Upstream Works, he developed a successful business model that provides technology solutions to many high profile customers. To ensure that Upstream Works continues to be an innovation leader, Rob plays an active role in promoting the company through company and First Contact Revolution and Business Interaction Management evangelism, articles and various speaking engagements. Rob is the author of many of Upstream Works' White Papers. Prior to the creation of Upstream Works, Rob held the role of R&D Director for TSB International/Telco Research, where he was responsible for product development and the tactical direction of InterLynx CT, which ultimately evolved into Upstream Works' Call Management Automation Server product. In his distinguished 25 year career, Rob also served as the Product Development Manager for Perle Systems Ltd. He graduated as an Electrical Engineer from the University of Western Ontario.