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    " Family Talk Wednesday" How do YOU cope being a Single Teenage Mom

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    Im a single teenage mom my dads father is a complete jerk he never even foned to find out if the baby was alive ... my baby is a condom baby and ever since I have been pregnant and given birth I have been treated like a stastic I have never done anything bad to anyone and am really feeling horribly alone I have a great support system which for many girls my age is hard to come by my son is so beautiful and is a month old . but I feel that I cant provide for him the way I should I want to study and have a career . I dont have many friends and am loosing my self where does a person start to find themselves again ? please can anyone help me.

    I am a single teenage mom i had my daughter when i was 15 years old and her father told me he was to young to be a dad and he was 18. I know what its like im 19 now and my daughter is fixin to be 4 and im still single but that dont matter I am doin the best I can for her she has everything she needs and everybody told me that I was never going to make it and I proved to them I can and will it does get easier I promise that you will have your ups and downs even if u wasnt single but u dont need to worrie about being alone just do the best u can for your child u cant make his dad be in his life but u can do it with out him!




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    N.M.I. w/ The Grape & The Grain, Unwed Teenage Mothers, A Love Like Pi & Unifier

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    The Grape And The Grain - Rock band from Kingston,NY...Debut S/T record out now...Tour dates announced soon & Acoustic EP from alternate versions of songs from full length outsoon..Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/thegrapeandthegrain

    Unwed Teenage Mothers - Oxford,Mississippi Garage Punk band...Debut record "Goodnight Girls" out now on Blood 101 Records..Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/unwedteenagemothers

    A Love Like Pi - Electronica/Rock band from New York...New EP "Jack And The Giant" out now..Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/alovelikepi

    Unifier - Rock/Alternative band from North Carolina...New EP "Gutted" out March 24th on Spartan Records...Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/unifierband

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    The Journey of a Teenage Mother

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    Debbie's believes that we can all make a difference in our communities and ultimately the world, if we were to share our journey's and our experiences with others. Debbie's greatest desire is to inspire others to overcome life issues and fulfill their purpose. Join Debbie every Tuesday at 8:30pm GMT. On the show this week Debbie will be sharing what it was like to have the opportunity to become an author and share some of her story of what it was like as a teenage mother. The book The Journey of a Teenage Mother is a collaborative book with 16 authors sharing their various stories. The idea for the book was created by LaShunda Leslie-Smith a former teenage mother. For more information about the book visit www.debbiemartingarcia.co.uk

    I look forward to you joining me Debbie for more inspiration.

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    Round Table Presents:The Adolescent Black Male's struggle for Identity and Power

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    Host by Tribes of Aboriginal Nations. We will be discussing the psychosocial stages theory created by Erik Eriksonan an ego psychologist and the role of culture and society and the conflicts that can take place within the ego itself. Erik Eriksonan proposed a lifespan model of development, taking in five stages up to the age of 18 years and three further stages beyond, well into adulthood. Erikson suggests that there is still plenty of room for continued growth and development throughout one’s life, but put a great deal of emphasis on the adolescent period, feeling it was a crucial stage for developing a person’s identity.

    We will take this journey down memory lane together taking a deep look at these development stage, where we are coming up short throught the five stages leading up to the adolescent stage where in which we will aim a mojority of our focus. Our hopes is that we can bring some empowerment that will encourage us to re-examine the way we talk, walk, think and raise ourselves as said black men!

    Special Guess: 

    Dr. Melinda Burdell

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    What To Do When Your Teenage Daughter Starts Dating ... Read My Lips Radio

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    READ MY LIPS' akaRadioRed goes beyond the typical blah-blah-yada-yada canned interview, engaging multiple guests in spontaneous conversations.


    Dads: Is your teenage daughter dating the testosterone kind of guy you were in your teens? Are old-fashioned dating rituals out of style? Meet Corey Lee Wilson, an “everyday dad” who wrote So You Want to Date My Daughter? – A Father’s Rulebook on the Do’s and Don’ts for Dating His Little Princess. He’s also the President of Fratire Publishing and leading proponent of the fratire genre. Corey says, "I was once like the boys who want to date my daughter. Knowing what I wanted then—vs. what I know now—I'm very protective and I want the best for her." His book covers the comical, emotional, and humiliating aspects—plus teen pregnancy, STDs, and intimate partner violence. "It’s my mission to help prepare other dads and daughters for this journey." Click for info.


    Moving to the "dark side" of Corey's topic, meet Deb Maybury, author of What Is Your Teenage Daughter Afraid Of? and Unlock The Door – Beyond Sexual Abuse. Violated by four people before age eleven, Deb now is an advocate for those who have yet to find their own voice about sexual abuse. She will share the signs that could indicate your child is being abused. Deb's mission is to remove the stigma and taboo so abused individuals can experience a healing journey instead of shame. She has achieved two black belts, studied eight martial arts styles,  created Realistic Self Defense for Women, and participated in the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride across Canada. Click for info.

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    Special Guest Therapist Julie Smith Adolescent Psychotherapist/Consultant/Author

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    Were about to see incredible changes in our country & world. A huge part of it is that "what was hidden, will be revealed" like the Bible says. How do you get your family ready mentally & spiritually for these changes? Special guest Julie Smith, therapist and child counselor will discuss the tween years and take calls from parents.

    This month we will go to an extended broadcast. 10:00 AM on Tuesday. We will resume our usual time slot at 2:30 PM PST on Tuesdays next week with the exception of when  we have guests that need morning slots. Special guest, Julie Smith -child counselor, award winning author & therapist will be on in the am.  Sign up for the webinar in April. Julie Smith has an impressive background & specialized training in addition to raising 3 tweens herself in Denver, CO.  Call in number is above.

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    Insurance Denial: Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Hospitalization

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    Insurance Denial: Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Hospitalization


    . Eight million of our this countries children – about 12 percent of America’s nearly 67 million citizens under the age of 18 – suffer from emotional or other mental health problems that warrant treatment. Fortunately, most of these children can be treated by a qualified professional on an outpatient basis. However, for a significant number of children, inpatient treatment may be necessary. 


    In recent years, there have been numerous tragedies involving individuals with mental illness, including the Sandy Hook murders of 20 students and six educators, the University of California shooting, the Virginia Tech Shooting, among others, as well as countless suicides and similar tragedies. 


    Help is available for those suffering from mental illness. There are therapists, medications, support groups, and for those in crisis, inpatient hospitalization. However, insurance companies have the ability to deny coverage for any and all of these options. What impact does this have on those with mental illness? 

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    Goon's Night with your Host Kweene BossDiva and Cohost Jessica Love

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    Tonights topic is: Do you think its ok for your adolescent kids to watch gay promoted movies? How does one become gay? Is it a taught lifestyle or do you think people are born gay? All will respect everyone's views and opinions. Second half of the show we will be asking callers to give input on different organizations we can help raise money for. 

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    the Family Meeting

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