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    Teenage Pregnancy in 2010

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    Today we will be talking about Teenage Pregnancy and If it is still an Epidemic in 2010? How can We educate our teenagers (females & males) better on this issue? We will also discuss the positive and negative sides of this subject and Much More...Join in for this Very Special Subject Matter!!

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    Teenage Pregnancy: The Epidemic

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    This 2 hour show we will discuss teenage pregnancy and the effect it has on our community. This is a very interesting topic and will be a very effective show. How do we break the cycle? Is is a community effort or a problem that can be controlled from home? Be sure to tune in....

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    How to cope with teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is one of the most stressful times in a families life. This is becoming more and more common as our society becomes more and more modern. Below are a few suggestions to dealing with teenage pregnancy.
    Difficulty: Challenging
    1. Stay supportive no matter what the decision is. Weather the teen is keeping or aborting the pregnancy it is important that you stick with them and stay supportive at all times.
    2. Help the teenager with their decision. Weigh out all of the options such as the income and family support of the teenagers family, the family and status of the father, the future plans for the pregnant teen and the mental/physical health of the teen. These are all key factors to helping the teen make her decision.
    3. Schedule an appointment with a physician. Weather you plan on keeping or aborting the pregnancy it is highly important that you schedule a visit with your family doctor to check on the health of the teen. They are also able to provide extra advise.
    4. Suggest that the teen look into pregnancy support groups. These are available in person and online. It is important that the teen know she is not alone.
    5. Another item to consider is adoption. Most adoptive parents are willing to pay for all medical expenses incurred and allow visitation rights for the teen.
    6. If the teen plans on keeping the baby advise her to continue on with her education and try to save her money. A good education and money are the two items you need to ensure the well being of a child.

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    Lets get ready to LIVE Teenage pregnancy

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    Laronda Poydras   larondapoydras@yahoo.com
      Teenage Pregnancy Prevention 

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    Teenage Pregnancy- Is It Really A Bad Thing?

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    We will be discussing is having a baby as a teen a bad thing and is it better to wait and if so how long? We will also be talking about the challenges of being a teen parent.And is teenage pregnancy indeed at epidemic levels or are we over reacting? Tell us what you think!Call in at 347-633-9769 or email us at www.relationshipparty.com

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    "My Girlfriend's Couch Teenage Pregnancy"

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    Many teens today are teenage mothers. There are many ways that this could affect our younger generation; I have a special guest who will share her story as a teenage mother by the age of 15 years old and how she overcame the obstacles that she faced as she matured into a young adult. This is a very important topic for me since I have a 15 years old teenage daughter. Mrs. Farrah Hewlett was a teenage mother at 15 years old, married at the age of 19 years old. She had 4 children by the age of 23 years old, a widow by 27 years of age and now engaged at the age of 34. 

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    R.I.C.H. is Realizing It Can Happen (Cityboy Interview)

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    We're back "LIVE in the mischief" with another exclusive interview! Have you ever wanted to be rich? I think its safe to say all of us have shared that thought at least once. Generally speaking though, thinking about it is usually as far as it goes for most of us. Once we realize that our greatest dreams and fears are all wrapped together in one package, opportunity soon finds us. Proof of this can be found in a brave soul, that dares to carry us with them through the trenches of their journey to fame and fortune. We've seen this proof from artists such as Meek Mill as we witnessed him rise straight from the bottom to the top. Join host Anah Mae as we get very familiar with rapper Cityboy. You know we like to keep you up to date with artists to watch for and he is definitely one to keep both eyes on.

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    " Family Talk Wednesday" How do YOU cope being a Single Teenage Mom

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    Im a single teenage mom my dads father is a complete jerk he never even foned to find out if the baby was alive ... my baby is a condom baby and ever since I have been pregnant and given birth I have been treated like a stastic I have never done anything bad to anyone and am really feeling horribly alone I have a great support system which for many girls my age is hard to come by my son is so beautiful and is a month old . but I feel that I cant provide for him the way I should I want to study and have a career . I dont have many friends and am loosing my self where does a person start to find themselves again ? please can anyone help me.

    I am a single teenage mom i had my daughter when i was 15 years old and her father told me he was to young to be a dad and he was 18. I know what its like im 19 now and my daughter is fixin to be 4 and im still single but that dont matter I am doin the best I can for her she has everything she needs and everybody told me that I was never going to make it and I proved to them I can and will it does get easier I promise that you will have your ups and downs even if u wasnt single but u dont need to worrie about being alone just do the best u can for your child u cant make his dad be in his life but u can do it with out him!




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    Wickedness – Unmarried Teenage Pregnancy!

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    Teen pregnancy is on the rise. Why? Are these girls intentionally becoming pregnant or do these pregnancies result from a lack of caution and common sense. Who's at fault? Does the Bible speak on teen pregnancy?
    The Story: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18563_162-4197525.html
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    Down & Dirty After Dark

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    Down & Dirty After Dar airs every Monday and Thursday from 9:30-11:30pm.  347-838-8809 earkandyradio.com

    We talk about love, sex and relationships from all walks of life.  No topic is off limits here at Down & Dirty After Dark.

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