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    Teen Sex Trafficking and Atlanta, Georgia

    in Motivation

    Atlanta, Georgia is considered the primary hub for teen sex trafficking. Most of these kids come from broken homes but surprisingly a great number of them come from afflulent areas of Atlanta. This criminal industry is the fastest growing crime in the 21st century. 

    We have to protect our children. Save Our Girls. Tune in for a heart-breaking, eye-opening, and gut-wrenching discussion on this subject. 

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    Christina Tipton - Freedom For Those In Sex Trafficking - BHTE

    in Christianity

    God has given Christina Tipton a passion, a passion to help those entrapped in sex trafficking. So much so that she has actually gone into strip clubs to pray for women and show them the love of Jesus. Some say she was even influential in getting a strip club closed down. She is the manifestation of taking light into dark places. You will be inspired and encouraged by what God has called Christina and her husband do. Shedding light in dark places. Here is a news story...http://www.mlive.com/news/flint/index.ssf/2015/01/strip_club_little_darlings_in.html

    Find out more here as to how to be involved.....https://www.facebook.com/tiptonministry/?fref=ts





  • Sex Trafficking: A Discussion with Lucia Mann

    in Women

    Activist, Journalist and Author Lucia Mann joins us in our final episode of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Lucia shares her personal experience with human and sex-trafficking, an epidemic that recieves little to no attention. Lucia's history of sex-trafficking in her family inspired her role today as an activist in helping women break out of the vicious cycle and live healthier lives. Lucia has written books on the topic, including her most recent book, Rented Silence. Lucia has recieved numerous awards for her work, including the 2011 Bronze Award by “Character Building Counts Book Awards". She has also delivered her message on many platforms, nationally and globally. Read more about Lucia and her work on http://www.luciamann.com/. 

    Book Titles:
    Rented Silence - amazon
    The Sicilian Veil of Shame - to be release next month
    Africa's Unfinished Symphony - amazon
    A Veil Of Blood Hangs Over Africa - amaozon
    Main Website:
    Social Media:
    Facebook - Lucia Mann author
    Best way for contact: EMail
    Book Availability;
    All internet sites: amazon etc - also available personally from me.

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    Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Re-Air Interview with D'Wynter Cold!

    in Entertainment

    Born in Nashville, Tennessee, D’Wynter Cold began singing at the tender age of two years old. Coming from a family with a music background, she quickly adapted a passion and unique talent for writing and performing, and at twelve years old, blew away a crowd to get to the final round at “The Apollo.” In 2010, D’Wynter took her talents to Music Row, the heart of Nashville’s entertainment scene, to work with a recording label and head collaborations with artists from all over the country.

    D’Wynter’s unique and sultry vocal tones and glamorous style put her in a lane of her own as she began to emerge on the music scene. Singles "Shoulda Waited" and "Slow To Bleed” broke musical barriers in her hometown, which lead to her nominations for "Best R&B Artist, "Best Music Video" and "Best Performance" at the Southern Entertainment Awards. Her gifts landed her in the top 300 during “American Idol” Season 11 in 2011 and deemed her a fan-favorite on “The Voice” in 2013. Her budding career has continued to grow into 2015. She has shared concert stages with artists like Crissy Collins, infamous background vocalist for Beyonce, and more recently collaborated with Rick Ross and Won-G to introduce a radio smash single, “Rich Together,”. 

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    LUV & Life

    in Entertainment

    We are here to discuss love, life, relationships, and everyday situations that we go through no matter if you are straight, gay, or anything in between! We're looking for real talk, not just sex talk! ! !

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    in Entertainment

    Weeeeeee're Baaaaaaack! Join the Morning Sex Radio crew as we disucss the world's biggest relationship creater/destroyer: Social Media!! It all started from a like, now we're here! We also have CELEBRITY guest Murphy Lee, formerly of thr St. Lunatics! Tune in as we chat it up with him, discuss love on the Gram, Snap, and whatever platform we can think of. We have Shay's 2 Cents in 2 Mins, and Mycki's Motivation. All jam packed in 1 super stimulating episode of Morning Sex Radio!!

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    Anonymous Radio, Episode 10: The Bullshitting Episode III

    in Entertainment

    On tonight's episode of Anonymous Radio, we will be having a open forum episode because I have no ideas for this week.

    Possible topics on our bullshit episode:

    Can weed help destroy the fucking zika virus and ebola?

    A moron gives his employees a bonus in the form of meth.

    Alabama preacher says sex is a threat to society? What the fuck?

    And other bullshit we will come up with during the episode.

    Join in on the fun folks!!

    This and other stuff in 30 minutes or more give or take

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    Let's Talk Love, Sex and Nutrition talk about Loving in a Holistic Way

    in Self Help

    Join Let's Talk Love, Sex, and Nutriton as we get into what it means to love holistically.  We explore the importance of optimizing our energy sources and how to draw on all our energy resource and not simply drain our physical capacity.  

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    Why you should NEVER hire a lawyer....

    in Legal

    This show is dedicated to many of us, who feel NAKED when we stand before a judge. Would it surprise you to know that you should actually be able to resolve many court issues on your own and that you're actually WORSE OFF for hiring an attorney to represent you? Tonight we'll tell you many surprising reasons why the legal system is actually designed to FLEECE people who walk into Court feeling insecure.

    In addition to facilitating tremendous unnecessary delays, when we put money into a corrupt system, we endanger the lives of innocent people who may NOT EVEN KNOW they're involved. Here is an example of innocent bystanders killed during a corrupt father's attempt to buy his son's love and loyalty in a protracted custody battle where the goal was to destroy Mom:


    The goal of a family court procedure should NEVER be to destroy Mom. Yet, children are intentionally removed from stay-at-home Moms already struggling financially, with the sole intention of reducing or eliminating her benefits! Who was it that gave up her career to raise the kids? Not Dad! Let the gender wars begin.

    The horror stories you will hear tonight are surprisingly common all over the United States, and three people I already KNOW will be calling in reflect Americans from far and wide, who have been through corruption in family courts, preventing them from obtaining their Due Process.

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    Do Women Sale Pussy like Hoes or Na

    in Comedy

    Do men spoil women on the first date,is it a pattern or are you a invested gentleman or simp?

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    Late Night With Joeygiggles and The Vulcan presents:TEEN SUPERNATURAL ROUNDTABLE

    in Paranormal

    We're proud to announce our partnership with the Brain Injury Radio Team on Blogtalkradio. Late Night with Joeygiggles and The Vulcan will air every Saturday night from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am EST featuring The Vulcan, Miss Kimmy Simonsen.

    Please join us for great guests, loads of jokes and fun, and of course the great information you get from BIRN Internet Radio.

    Blogtalkradio Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/braininjuryradio

    Call in number: 1-424-243-9540

    Call in anytime for questions and comments... Invite your friends, it's always a good time!