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  • 01:05

    Darnerian McCants Workout Tips - Why Wait?

    in Women

    This week, the Game Ready Mom show continues its Why Wait? Series with NFL alum Darnerian McCants. After his NFL career, Darnerian put his experience to use. He is now a personal trainer and coach with some hard core ideas about staying fit.

    With wit and a firm hand, Darnerian makes sure that his clients understand what's necessary to succesfully reach your fitness goals. Tune in and listen to his very specific ideas about weight loss, training and how we need to develop positive habits that last for life.

    Also, Mia's TechTips focus on two available tools that can help you stay on target while Deb's Encouraging Words help us finish out the year.

    Enjoy the show and be sure to follow us on facebook and Twitter.


  • 00:14

    What's up with Windows 7 Environment

    in Computers

    Talk about transitioning from normal Windows XP environnent to Windows 7. We are going to talk about Pinning, Jump List, Libraries, task bars, User Control and all new tidbits of Windows 7. Now that I have got your technical panties in a bunch lets get into this Show. I hope you enjoy.

  • 00:15

    What to Consider when buying your new laptop

    in Computers

    I know it is college time and back to school time so lately I have been asked the age old question what kind of laptop do I need to buy my son or daughter..better yet myself.
    My first question is How much money are you wanting to spend?  Depending on how much you are willing to invest tells me how serious you are.  Now I am not saying lets spend $1500 on a laptop or computer like I did 15 years ago on an IBM.