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    History Repeats Itself! "The Glass Teat"

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    History Repeats Itself--Especially on TV We will discuss Harlan Ellison's classic essays "The Glass Teat", connecting those reviews from the 1960's to the dreck that is current television. The book is a compilation of Mr. Ellison's reviews published in the Free Press. If you can find the book, get it!

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    Sanity And Insanity

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    The difference between sanity and insanity

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    Sunday on Monday

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    Jack Simons "The famous plaque at the Statue of Liberty reading, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” is not the call for every degenerate, miscreant and slacker to come suckle the government teat as liberals would have you believe. In fact, the whole poem is a beacon of hope saying anyone can come here and make of their life what they will. Recap of the Sunday news programs and some other musings and mayby some talk about Gunnison Colordo..Progressive/Socialism and their realitism vs. personal responsiblity and rule of law are the difference between Africa's quality of life/ human condition and American's quality of life/human condidtion 

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    Feb. 11, 2013 -- The Evil That Men Do

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    The man once known as The Liberal Grouch has been summoned to the Hall of Justice, where the Voice of American Justice commissions him to watch over and expose the small time, right wing hoodlums who steal from their own flocks. Citing the need for a mean uncle, not like Uncle Sam whose image has been co-opted by corporate interests, but a mean, bastard of an uncle who will tell you what's wrong with you -- and what's right.
    Starting Feb. 11, 2013 at noon Eastern, there's a new Uncle in town. And his name ain't Sammy. It's your Mean Old Uncle Bastard, and he's here to kick some right wing, lying butt!
    Starting with disgraced, fired, lying lawyer Aaron Walker. How does one get away with filing as a pauper in Virginia while being able to file a hefty filing fee across the river in Maryland.
    Then, your old Uncle will show you how Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Patrick Frey has just completely and thoroughly screwed himself with his own words. He may not be nuzzling at the taxpayer teat much longer.

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    Testing Skype

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    Inside the Bandits 1.1

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    Steve Bermel is back to discuss the second week of Buffalo Bandits training camp, and he will be talking to the new defensive coordinator Dan Teat about being aboard with the Bandits.

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    New Years Revolution: Weaning Ourselves off of the Ugly Teat of Government

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    We are starting a movement, and it may be the most important one in this country since the Civil Rights Movement. Starr urges listeners to "just say no" to government bailouts, entitlement programs, and other sneaky power grabs. 2010 is the year we reclaim our liberty by remembering our forefathers' ways of self reliance. Tune in to find out why it's time to cut the apron strings, and hear tips on how to quit the nanny state!

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    JUPITER – Financial Independence thru Uplifting Others

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    Charles Bordner states that the U. S. Constitution is the most Aquarian document in the world concerning how to form and run a government. The ARCHETYPE of our nation is the spiritual, mental and emotional MENTAL IMAGE PICTURE our founding fathers had of our nation, and therefore will survive against all enemies, both FOREIGN enemies and DOMESTIC enemies. Anyone who attempts to dismantle the Constitution is considered by the archetype itself as an enemy, and they self destruct. But our founders had NO CONCEPT of ANY kind that our government would be some kind of giant teat that we would all suck off of. Nor did they imagine that huge corporations would be able to dictate our lives. By doing this, they effectively take CONTROL of our lives AWAY from us. Instead, our founding fathers and mothers steadfastly maintained that the BEST way for you as a citizen to prosper is by OWNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS. This is why Charles continually calls you to examine your own chart and to use your own natural energies to start, manage and prosper YOUR OWN BUSINESS. The Archangels from Jupiter are constantly trying to wake each of us up individually to our own potential for SELF-RELIANCE. If we don’t use our muscles daily they wither away and die through the law of ATROPHY. Likewise, if we don’t use our material possessions in this life to uplift others who are trying to become self-reliant, we WILL lose those blessings in the next life. So, the way to prosper is by looking for people who are using whatever money, talents, skills, products, abilities they have and are investing them into others. Position yourself as an ally with them by investing your money and talents with THEM. You'll find them at our Dec 17-19 Seminar in Carlsbad, CA. Info: 760-405-7383

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