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    Lessons Learned on Teacher Evaluations

    in Education

    The way we evaluate teachers in New Jersey is going to change, and it started this year with 11 school districts piloting a new teacher-evaluation process. What were the lessons learned in these districts? What were the positive experiences, and what were the challenges? Please join host Ray Pinney as he interviews two superintendents from these pilot districts, Dr. Mathew Jennings from the Alexandria Township School District in Hunterdon County and Dr. Michael Kuchar from the Bergenfield Borough School District.  Their insights can help local school officials be better prepared when the teacher-evaluation process goes statewide.

  • PSMLIVE Prophetic Perspectives: Fire on Friday!!

    in Religion

    We will be engaging in discussion about the intricate aspects of the prophetic which will include interactive prayer, praise and worship. Time will be allotted to take prayer requests and to hear testimonials. Question and answer will also take place.

  • Mindshifter's Radio With Host Dr. Michael and Jeanie Ryce

    in Spirituality

    The Forgiveness Dr., dr. michael and jeanie ryce are the founder and director of HeartLand, a self-healing center in the Ozark mountains. He is a world renowned lecturer and teacher on health and healing, with doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine and in Holistic Philosophy. The focus of his studies has combined bodymind principles, physics and ancient Aramaic studies into a unique body of pioneering work in the fields of self-healing, healing through relationships, anger and grief resolution, world peace and the inner process of Forgiveness. For more information visit www.whyagain.org

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    Great Mothers

    in Spirituality

    Tune in tonight 9PM EDT/6PM EDT as we honor the Great Mother and ALL mothers Every human on this planet gained entry through the womb of their mother. We owe our lives to our mothers. The Great Mother. Our Birth Mother. Our Spiritual Mothers. Our Ancestral Mothers. Our Earth Mother. We salute you! It is our intention dedicate this show to honor all of our Mothers who come in various forms. We are sharing our stories and various experiences, lessons, challenges, and gifts as a result of our connection to our mothers.  We are grateful. 

    "Mother is second only to God" - Senegalese Proverb

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    Attica Lundy Cooper PResents BOOK NOOK with Best Selling Author Larry Wilson, Jr

    in Books


    Hosted by The Boss Lady @AtticaLundy Cooper and her little brother from another mother, Award winning Best Selling Author Larry Wilson, Jr.

     We will be Introducing new on the rise talent's music as well as indie authors/writers/poets to interview and review. This is a great time to give out shout-outs and to promote projects!

    Featured Author Thursday May 5, 2016 is our very own co-host, Best Selling Author Larry Wilson, Jr., who will once again be in the building. King Of Erotica and DaPharoah69 fans will be thrilled to get "the real".  New York Times Bestselling author E. Lynn Harris selected The King of Erotica's books for his Literary Café in support of the Basketball Jones and served as Wilson's personal teacher and mentor. Larry honor's him with the controversal long awaited sequal, " Karma's A Basketball Bitch". No regrets. Emerging from the Tune in to hear this in debth Book Nook segment. 

    For advertising opportunities pay for your advertising slot via tickets https://www.eventbrite.com/e/book-nook-indie-author-review-broadcast-registration-tickets-25067268876  and then send the ad info to OnTheRiseMag.Submit@gmail.com Subject BOOK NOOK ADS. Each ad runs up to 4minutes.  For questions, send an email with the same subject BOOK NOOK ADS.  Thanks and enjoy the show!

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    LIVE! 347 884 8245 Free Intuitive Readings&Soul Coaching! Sumaiya Wood &Michael!

    in Spirituality

    Web Site: http://sumaiyawood.com/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SumaiyaWoodSpiritualLifeCoach/?fref=ts

    Sumaiya Wood is a spiritual life coach and spiritual teacher who works with clients to unleash their awesome! She is passionately committed to helping clients get clarity on their goals and vision, and move through conscious and unconscious blocks to realizing them, so they live their purpose, share their gifts with the world, and expand all forms of their prosperity. Sumaiya helps clients uncover the root causes of what has been holding them back so they can heal at all levels of their being — body, mind and soul — and say yes to what Life is calling them to do.

    As a spiritual teacher, Sumaiya focuses on the practical application of metaphysical concepts. Her mission is to help clients move from an intellectual knowledge of spiritual principles to understanding and applying those principles in their day-to-day living.

    Listen in every Thursday at 5pm Pacific Time/8pm Eastern Time for new insights and inspiration. 

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    Get free reading from renowned mystic visionary, Athena Star

    in Spirituality

    Rev. Athena Star, MAHR, is a reknowned Visionary, Mystic, Reiki Master, Teacher and Motivational Speaker.   She has assisted thousands worldwide (including dignitaries and world teachers) in life-transformational sessions & conferences (both live and telephone) for personal and career success, relationships & prosperity. She is also a frequent Guest on national TV/Radio.  Available for guest speaking, workshops, sessions media 

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    Tarot Talk

    in Spirituality

    You're headed to the psychic or the tarot card reader with a list of questions You sit down, the reading starts, and your mind goes blank. What did you need to ask?  Did the reader already cover some information that you were looking for?  Joan discusses how to get the most from your reading.

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    Golf Talk Live - Coaches Corner plus Golf Historian,Writer - Claudia Mazzucco

    in Golf

    Welcome to Golf Talk Live! 

    Joining me for a special Coaches Corner Panel:

    Tim N. Kremer - President and Founder of Spirit of Golf, LLC. He's a visionary peak performance coach and consultant based in Stuart, FL. His program utilizes innovative and pioneering mind/body coaching techniques that help participants (both athletes and non-athletes) access peak mind states for greater success and joy in both golf and life.

    Later in the broadcast: Claudia Mazzucco - Golf Historian, Writer and Researcher.

    More about Claudia: Born September 24, 1966 in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. She is a golf historian, writer and researcher. She has savant skills and has been diagnosed with classic autism. Claudia went to a school of journalism in Buenos Aires (Institute Grafotecnico) and graduated in 1988. One year later, at the age of 22, she began working as a teacher of Golfing History for the PGA of Argentina, starting thus a 15 year investigation into the history of Golf in Argentina: from the very beginnings in 1870 – when a group of English gentlemen came to construct the rail road – and from the first golf course in 1885 to the present time. Since 1989 she has been teaching History of Golf at the PGA of Argentina. 

    Join us LIVE - Thursdays 6:00-8:00 PM Central on Golf Talk Live!

    Golf Talk Live is available at itunes.com and Stitcher.com

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    GANO GRILLS, Angels, Gods, and Altars

    in Self Help

    Tonght's featured guest is the reknown multifaceted Healer, workshop facilitator, and spiritual guide, Gano Grills.

    Gano Grills is a world-class spiritual advisor who has traveled the globe. He is also an accomplished actor who has lent his abilities to the Silver Screen Theater and many television shows as well as many of the multi-platinum rap groups in the 90s and early 2000s, with over 60 videos to his credit.
    Wutang,Fugees, Jayz,Mobbdeep have all employed Ganos skills as an actor.

    In 2012 Gano was asked by the spiritual world to become a teacher and help others evolve as well as walk on the path of obtaining Enlightenment.

    Galighticus is the movement of raising the legendary 144,000 souls from the 3rd dimension into Ascension.

    GANO works extensively with the Gods and the Angelic Kingdom of Light.
     He also is a high priest in hyper naturaNTR-EL magic as well as ritual.
     He liberates others from their financial hardships as well as their karmic blocks.

    You may order a Spiritual consultation from Gano Grills at Galighticus.com call 212-604-4446

    June 11th and 12th the final ANGELS GODS & ALTARS seminar will be in Atlanta ,Georgia where the Gods have seen a great need for its presence.

    secure tix here www.galighticus.com

    All through the ages, there have been many teachers sent to awaken the children of the Gods and Angels from their slumber.
    Some of these teachers where actually Gods in human form.

    The DIVINEWORLD has interceded and blocked the destruction of Earths population, which was scheduled for 2012.

    Be many of the few chosen to reach Ascension.
    4+4+4+4+4=20 4+4+4+4=16 will be the year of the Angelic power.
    It will assist people waking up from this illusion, if they choose to have the courage to do so.






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    Women Celebrating Covenant Connections: Models, Mentors, Midwives, and Mothers

    in Christianity

    Full Title: "Women Celebrating Covenant Connections:  Spiritual Models, Mentors, Midwives, and Mothers" to be a new series.

    As Christian women, we should all desire to grow closer in our relationship with the Lord, day by day.  One of the ways we cultivate our relationship with God is through the covenant relationships he allows us to experience with other Christian women.  It is such an encouragement when we are able to connect with those who are older, wiser, and perhaps have journeyed through some of the situations we are currently facing.  We can gleam from their experiences as saved women, wives, unmarried women, mothers, career women, and even women in ministry.  For these reasons and so much more, we should celebrate when God places these kinds of godly women along our path.  Join us throughout the month of May as we share in a time of special  ministry just for women.  Our theme for the month is,"  Women Celebrating Covenant Connections:  Spiritual Midwives, Mothers, Mentors, and Models". Join our host for May Minister Patrice Burrell as she welcomes our teacher for the evening, Mother Barbara Moore, First Lady of Savannah Deliverance Center, Savannah, GA. Talk with you then!