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    LIVE! with Cathi-"Are you Teachable?"

    in Fitness


    DESIRE, DETERMINATION, PERSEVERANCE  and the burning desire of achievement to reach the top of the mountain!

    OLYMPIANS from the get-go are teachable.  Their desire to transcend all obstacles set them apart from the non-achievers.  They have that fire-in-the-belly persistant ache to make it to the top.  THERE'S NO STOPPING THEM NOW!


    Are you teachable...etc.

    Did you know we teach...etc.

    Can you accept yourself NOW...etc.

    Rate your self-esteem...etc.

    Do you live by comparison...etc.

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    042: The Teachable Minutes with Dr. Connie Hebert

    in Moms and Family

    Are you a parent or grandparent who desires to raise smart and appreciative children?  Dr. Connie Hebert shares the secret in this inspiring conversation.  Learn how to catch millions of teachable moments on the fly by implementing SAT, her easy to remember 3-part way to keep this top of mind and turning everywhere we go into a "school"  Don't miss this! Click HERE >> http://bit.ly/1DTmm6n

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    Are You Teachable? - Growing From Life's Everyday Moments

    in Moms and Family

    Have you ever been given unsolicited judgmental advice and just blown it off because you felt defensive?  Have you had really hard challenges and thought, "why me"?  In every uncomfortable moment and time of strife, there is a hidden opportunity to learn a lesson or simply grow in how we handle the situation.  The hard part is being teachable by putting our pride aside to learn something new.  Listen in as we share our thoughts on this subject and some examples of our own.  You'll know you are not alone in these challenges of motherhood.  

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    Teachable Money Moments for Kids

    in Finance

    In this episode, I'll discuss how you can use everyday situations to teach your children about responsible money management in age appropriate ways.  You can educate your kids about budgeting, prices, and sales tax at the grocery store.  You can explain mortages, interest rates, student loans and credit cards to your teenagers. Paying your children commissions for doing their chores will help them make the connection between work and money at an early age. Teaching your kids about money can be a fun, hands-on experience for both of you!

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    The Open Door Wed Gathering... DREAMS & Being Teachable

    in Christianity

    Join us as we Study The Living Word of Our Heavenly Father

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    Domestic Violence--A Teachable Moment

    in Politics

    With the Ray Rice incident, we are missing a teachable moment for domestic violence.

    We keep sending the same message, which is that men shouldn't hit women, but we need to deliver the message that women should also keep their hands to themselves.

    To blindly claim that dealing with the victim's side is "blaming the victim" is also harming the victim. By focusing on shutting down ALL violence, the actual abusive behavior can be reduced. How? By truly understanding domestic violence, instead of pretending that every man who hits a woman is a one dimensional ape.

    Domestic Violence is a horrible crime against the institution of family. It is most often perpetuated against women, but is also perpetrated against men and children. This show will discuss the co-dependent relational behaviors that help to sustain an abusive relationship, which include behaviors of both men and women that feed into the need to abuse and be pabused. Special Guest Dr. Donald Grant, Jr., a practicing psychologist will help to identify behaviors and define abuse. Co-hosts, Tracy Powell, Dr. John Hamilton, Marcus D. LeGall, III and DJ Gates


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    in Religion

    2Cor.3:4  But their minds remain blinded.  Till THIS day the SAME VEIL is NOT taken away when men read the former testimony.  Which VEIL would have been taken away IF men's OATHS had been TRUE to the ANOINTING!
    An IMPORTANT EXPECTATION in the LAW and PROPHETS that a WORLD has long ignored has rendered mankind CAGED after FALLEN CONSCIENCE.  ALL mankind hears to BELIEVE established upon FAULTY FOUNDATIONS has left the REASONING of MEN yet borh SKEWED and TAINTED far from ancient RIGHTEOUSNESS necessary NOT to OFFEND the MOST HIGH.  Far from what is needed not to  PROFANE HIS NAME nor LIE against HIM!!   EARLY Church knew this PIVOTAL FOUNDATION that preserves steadfast FAITH. THIS latter-day generation must discern it AGAIN unto a RENEWED HOPE for SALVATION.  Without it, ALL that men's thoughts remain vulnerably gullible to TAINT and ERROR!   WHO will HEED what should NEVER have been FORGOTTEN; that there be RESTORATION unto FORMER GLORY?  ALL are in BONDAGE to RULERS if NOT having discerned this PRECIOUS TRUTH!   Due to MURDEROUS SCHEMES till NOW the TRUTH is to all but a few, HID!   No soul strives FULLY ENOUGH unto  COMPLETION if unaware of this VERY CRITICAL prophetically foretold SCENARIO! O how much grievously DAMNING ERROR could have been avoided, if man's FIRST PRIORITY had NOT SELFISHLY been pleas for "PERSONAL SALVATION"; but simply that MIND and HEART be GOVERNED so NOT to LIE against the HOLY and EVERLASTING WILL and COVENANT of the MOST HIGH for HIS PEOPLE!   Because men have plead the Most High FIRST regarding THEMSELVES, even the preservation of their own will; the VEIL of DECEIT the HOLY SPIRIT would have REMOVED remains UNlifted from the    the EYES! (Mat.7:13-28, 5:14-24)

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    Doing God’s Good Pleasure – A Teachable Spirit

    in Spirituality

    How can you tell if you have a teachable attitude or spirit. Many people desire to be trained and educated by few people have a teachable spirit or attitude. Listen in as we share evidences of being teachable.
    “So that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God.” (Colossians 3:10) 

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    Thanksgiving Holiday? or Teachable Moment

    in Religion

    Thanksgiving Holiday? or Teachable Moment. Tonight we will discuss the origin of "Thanksgiving." We will also discuss the importance of returning the Church and Christianity, in addittion to putting Moorish History in proper perspective. Call us at 646-478-4713 at 6:30pm EST.

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    in Religion

    "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life;and man became a living soul (Genesis 2:7). And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam,and he slept:and he took one of his ribs,and closed up the flesh instead thereof;And the rib which God had taken from man,made he a woman,and brought her unto the man.And Adam said,This is now bone of my bones,and flesh of my flesh:she shall be called Woman,because she was taken out of Man (Genesis 2:21,22,23)." This miracle performed by the Lord God shows humanity His unlimited ability to create humanity in His image,His likeness. Each gender continues to be of great value in His sight for He is mindful of males and females alike for one is not overvalued above the other;each has been given a specific role. In this discourse concerning Christians it is important for us to note the instructions outlined in Titus chapter 2.Aged men are to be soberminded,grave,temperate,sound in faith,in charity,in patience. The Aged women LIKEWISE....Young men,young women,servants each classification is addressed in order that as humans we may know and continue learning how to behave. Ladies I address You today! Welcome, I do not believe that you will be offended by this Message that is designed to help you advance in your status as God's Lady that is easily entreated;teachable and who is preparing to see His face, the One who cares,understands our emotions, stays near when the-storms-of-life-are-raging! "...FOR HE HAS SAID, I WILL NEVER LEAVE THEE, NOR FORSAKE THEE. SO THAT WE MAY BOLDLY SAY,THE LORD IS MY HELPER,AND I WILL NOT FEAR WHAT MAN SHALL DO UNTO ME (Hebrews 13:5,6,)"