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    WTF 2

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    Midnight Madness

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    WE will discuss the ongoing feuds with celebs 

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    This Week's News and Wine Industry Topics for Wine Lovers w/Ron!

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    Tonight, tune in to All About Wine.  Show host, Ron, will discuss news and topics related to the wine industry and more.  Perfect for wine lovers, industry representatives and fellow wine drinkers.  Tune in!


    Hosted by Ron, VP and General Manager of Florida Estates Winery in Land O' Lakes, Florida.  Ron is a wine maker, cellar master, vineyardist and tasting expert.


    We also invite you to call our guest line and join the discussion by dialing (646) 727-3235 during the LIVE show.  You can also email the show with your questions and comments at allaboutwine101@gmail.com


    The show is always informative and entertaining....and All About Wine

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    Tracy and Malika: The Pilot

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    This is the first session of Tracy and Malika's live chat. The listeners will get an idea of who we are: our personalites, our interests, and wonderful quirks. Hopefully, within thirty mintues we can give everyone a sample of our thought provoking (yet silly) conversations. So grab your tea or your wine and join the conversation that never ends.

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    Morning Tea Season 1 Episode 7

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    Join us as comedian and social activist Sampson McCormick is on the air LIVE on Morning Tea!!!

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    Under A Shady Tree With Terry and Robin

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    Under A Shady Tree with Terry and Robin --  Ginger Doss


    Terry and Robin, along with their guests, hang out under the shady tree and chat. So, grab a glass of sweet iced tea and sit right down.  And listen every week to great conversation with interesting people in our communities.


    Accumbere Facerent – Clausos Carcere – Extremos Audire


    Spiritual Unity Radio Network is dedicated to the concept that “All Manifestations of the Divine are equally valid.”  We are committed to bringing you quality programming each week.  Our vision is to provide nightly shows covering a wide range of spiritual topics spanning multiple Expressions of Faith. We wish to see programming developed to fill a niche of broadcast for all people who understand that all Manifestations of the Divine are sacred.

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    Barry Littleton~Talks Melanin and Accessing Genetic Racial Memory and Much More!

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    Please join the Goddess Suite tonight as we welcome back Barry Littleton melinated contactee and experiencer. Tune in 9pm for Think About It Thursday's show, sip a cup of Goddess Blend Tea and get ready for the most Conscious  2 HOURS of your life! Call in 516-453-9075. If you have questions or comments press# 1    Are you a person of color having extraterrestrial contact or unexplainable experiences? Have a feeling that all is not what it seems to be?  Well, call in tonight and SHARE or ASK questions about experiences you are having!!!! People of color are having experiences and there is nothing to be ashamed about, JOIN US in discussion tonight!!!!  Tonight Barry will be talking about various topics from Alien Implants, Crop Circles, UFO Technology, Reincarnation, Prison Planet, why soul memory is erased and much more!  We will also be discussing,how boredom plays a big role in our existance, Dreamers & Gatherers, what happens during Scrying, and Melanin and how to access genetic racial memory.

    Barry Littleton an "Aware Experiencer." Barry was born awake, which included rather vivid past life memories. Extraterrestrial contact begin in childhood that were mostly physical & persisted into adult years. Barry encountered many different beings & has had a variety of paranormal/metaphysical experiences, some that led him to find literature to support it. It is an honor to have Barry on the show, bringing this type of knowledge to our community.  Barry also has knowledge on vast subjects concerning ET's and holds degrees in psychology, sociology & ethnic studies.

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    T.E.A Time - Transmission King

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    Transmission King Inc.is an experienced transmission and auto repair franchise operation based out of the Greater Atlanta area. With over 25 years of leadership and expertise support from Mr. Derrick Gibson a master transission technican and founder of Transmission King Inc. making the choice to become a part of the Transmission King Franchise today. For more info visit them online at http://transmissionkinginc.com or on Facebook at Transmission King 404-549-7166 


    T.E.A Time- A acronym for The Entrepreneurial Academy -slogan "Thrist For Enrichment & Achievement For Your Small Business Development is a interactive project developed by LouddMouth Radio Producer Sabrina Sonny Jones-Smith to provide tools & resources to new & existing entrepreneurs throughout the world through the LouddMouth Media Brand. LouddMouthradio.com reaches listeners online on http://stitcher.com & http://tunein.com two dynamic podcasts platforms reaching over 50 million+ active monthly listeners & 5+ million in car dashboards. 

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    Intuitive Tea Guest - Yvonne Walker - Astrologer, Life Coach

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    Yvonne Walker will be returning to the show!  Yvonne is an astrologer, tarot card reader, meditation teacher and life coach. She writes a monthly Astrology blog about the changes coming our way and the big changes the Universe us bringing to this world. She likes to inspire people to change, to find their higher purpose and to focus on what is important, not what the media tells us is important.

    Calls are welcome!  If you get through, please do the following:

    State your first name;
    Ask your question or share your story in the theme of the program
    Ask one question please;
    Follow-up questions can be handled off line, please contact Angel via her webpage if you need more insights ~ www.igniteandevolvecoaching.com
    Calls to be kept to approximately 3 minutes to allow as many callers the ability to get through.  Please remember, if you're looking for an in depth reading, you can contact Angel and work with her through her ignite and evolve programming.
    If you would like to submit your name or suggest a guest for future shows please contact Angel on her website at ~ www.igniteandevolvecoaching.com

    Call in at (917) 932-1778 - Angel Media Kit

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    "Fact or Fiction"

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    We dive the truths myths and fiction posted on the internet.

    we will also have the fragenogal person of the day.

    We also will play two new joints and also have another edition of funny titles.

    we will also give you an update on the political race for President 2016

    join us with your host Genuene Collington, Pretty Carter & Switchblade Carter