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    We've all heard that our words and thoughts have power, but how many of us actually use and apply this power? This Thursday on 2RAW4TV we will discuss how we can use our words to transform our lives and therefore the world. Joining us will be a man who knows a lot about that—Individual World Poetry Slam (iWPS) finalist and Southern Fried Poetry Slam Champion, TAVIS BRUNSON AKA da MINISTA! Join us at 11PM on blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV or call in at (323) 410-0036

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    Epiphany's House Feat Tavis Brunson!!!!!!!!!

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    Beautiful ones...I have been waiting a hot minute to have him come to my house. I assure you it shall be a learning experience..WHAAT? u didn't know? Now ya do...He is the shyt...
    Tavis Brunson, a Touch One Productions & Concrete Generation poet, is a native of Columbia, SC.

    He's a 3 time member of the nationally ranked Columbia Poetry Slam Team, 2006 Southern Fried Champions & the 2006 Columbia Grand Slam Champion.

    He was a 2007 member of 2 time National Poetry Slam Champions & 2 time Southern Fried Poetry Slam Champions , SlamCharlotte.

    He is a two time world finalist, ranking 12th & 5th in the 2005 & 2006 Individual World Poetry Slam (iWPS).

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    Tavis Brunson CD "Sanctuary" HLT Listening Party

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    You would be hard press not to miss the lyrical flows of Tavis Brunson from Charlotte, NC. This poet, this man speak words identifying with many. His true to life words keep everyone's head bobbin even when there is no music in the background. His words bring two or three or more to agree. He leaves some with their mouth open,... thinking, "...no, he didn't just say that". His CD "Sanctuary" has been around for a while and in 2009, it need to be resurfaced. HLT is featuring Tavis Brunson for the entire 90 minutes. The Crewsaderz are really getting into "Sanctuary" and the man who wrote the lyrics.

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    How does a man begin to heal from heartbreak?

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    Tonight we are talking to Cheyenne Bostock who is a Life & Relationship Expert, Author and Father. Like many young African American males, he lacked a father/positive male role model in his life. The book Break Every Chain is a guide to help our men overcome the vicious cycle of fatherless homes, unemployment and incarceration that plague our communities. 

    A social media campaign called #BreakEveryChain consisting of video interviews of public figures such as Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, NY State Senator Kevin Parker, NY State Assemblymen Walter T. Mosley, Artist Danny Simmons, Modern Day Match Maker Paul C. Brunson, Pastor Jamal Bryant and many others was launched on December 18, 2014. Bostock is a regular on The Bill Cunningham Show, writes for the Huffington Post, and has been featured on Fox News, Chasing NJ, News 12 BK, Arise TV, and Fusion TV. For more info, follow @AskCheyB and visit www.askcheyb.com.

    Cheyenne Bostock’s #BreakEveryChain Testimonial:  Bostock’s father passed away when he was only 1 year old. He recently went to visit his burial plot for the first time in his life at 30 years old. He was joined by two of his older brothers as they shared stories about their father. They laughed, cried and began a healing process for their open wounds.

    Join the conversation on 3479457556 or comment in the chatroom



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    Tonite discussion Sovereignty and Indigenous People Myths and Facts

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    Sovereignty or Autonomy? Which is correct for the Indigenous peoples.

    Tavis Sanders discusses  various  terms being used to manipulate the people.


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    The Yvette W. Jones Show Welcomes Riskie Forever & Tavis "Big Boss" Hunter

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    Yvette W. Jones talks to Riskie Forever and Tavis "Big Boss" Hunter about their success in the entertainment industry.  Tune in as Riskie Forever discusses how his gift of artistry opened the door to Tha Ink Well. Also, Tavis "Big Boss" Hunter shares his music and latest projects, including being the successful camera man behind YouTube Sensation, Cooking with Auntie Fee. Tune in Sunday, December 14th at 6pm EST and empower your mind to live well!




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    The Weekly Read, Will It Go Around in Circles?

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    New York is the greatest city in the world, so how come they can't get it right?  We will discuss the travesty that has become a world wide disgrace.  Eric Garner is dead today because NYPD THUGS choked the man and crushed his wind pipe ON FILM.  People all over the world are in unison in their endorsement of the "I can't breathe" slogan.  We will discuss this matter at length tonight.

    Last week we were not able to delve deeply into the insanity circularity that is now the saga of Bill Cosby.  Believe me when I tell you, tonight Kamal and Yale will climb all up in and around that issue.

    And oh by the way, report today says the United States tortured detainees during the years after 9/11 under the Dubya administration.  Did the CIA go to far?  Was Bush justified?  Can Bush SPELL justified?

    Oh yeah, did Don Lemon go "HAM" on Tavis Smiley?

    Focusing on the major and sometimes overlooked topics affecting us in America today, the Nitelifer Circle of Sanity examines what is going on in Baltimore MD, Seattle WA, and all parts of the country in between.  The “Media” is or isn't talking about it, but regardless, The Nitelifer Circle of Sanity is! We hope to enlighten and educate while delivering the seriousness of the issues with sarcasm and humor.  Whether it is politics or social issues, The Nitelifer Circle of Sanity will be there.

    Call in to join us (347) 205-9763 or just click the link to listen in

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    American Vernacular (Cornel West: Enemy of the People)

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    Today’s show:
    Cornel West: Enemy of the People. AV explores the real reason he hates President Obama and what Americans can do about it.  

    American Vernacular is a 60-minute, public affairs problem that discusses the political, economic, social and cultures issues facing our nation from an urban and secular perspective. Tune in a join the conversation as we present a variety of personalities from the world of politics, literature, arts and music and much, much more with the return of Music Spoken Here and Life On Stage. Visit our website for more details. www.americanvernacular.org

    Musician-turned-journalist Sandra Booker, and affectionately known as "America's favorite angry, black woman" hosts this hard-hitting and no holds barred show. Tune in and join the conversation with the nation at 3:00PM PT, Monday - Friday.

    American Vernacular is urban radio for urban people, progressive radio for progressive people and radio for we the people. 
    American Vernacular is produced for the Booker Group. © 2014 All Rights Reserved. 

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    Sunday, November 23, 8 pm ET, The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds brings you A Conversation with Tavis Smiley, celebrated talk show host, author, philanthropist and Dancing With The Stars Contestant.

    Tavis Smiley is the host of the late-night television talk show Tavis Smiley on PBS, as well as The Tavis Smiley Show from Public Radio International. He has authored or coauthored sixteen books, including WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE: MY STORY OF GROWING UP IN AMERICAN and THE RICH AND THE REST OF US: A POVERTY MANIFESTO, both of which were New York Times bestsellers.

    Smiley is the founder of the nonprofit Tavis Smiley Foundation, which recently announced a #3 million, four-year campaign called “ENDING POVERTY: AMERICA’S SILENT SPACES. In 2009, Time magazine named Smiley to its list of “The World’s 100 Most Influential People.” In April 2014, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honored him with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    In his new book DEATH OF KING, THE REAL STORY OF DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.’S FINAL YEAR, Smiley paints a powerful portrait of a leader and a visionary, casting an exceptional glimpse into King’s life, adding a new, nuanced view of Dr. King’s legacy as an American hero.

    A CONVERSATION with Tavis Smiley on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Sunday, November 23, 8 pm ET. Listen online at Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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    Larry Elder's white polished slant on his Black & White jaded world/Ferguson

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    I will go into fine detail of my casual friendship with Larry Elder that promalgated this broadcast.  I lived in Los Angeles from 1999-2012 and also 1987-1991.  I became a listener of Larry's show on KABC.  I didin't agree with him on all levels.  I was stuck on the AM dial due to my car and listened to his rants & jokes.  He once criticized Viola Davis after the Oscars in which the Help was nominated by playing the song "Who Let the Dogs out."  He then glorified Meryl Streep.  Larry has dichotomously insulted the Black race over and over by duking it out with Tavis Smiley, criticizing Al Sharpton's tax evasion while failing to mention the fact that his ex prostitute girlfriend scammed the government with unpaid taxes.  I am holding Larry to the same standards he impresses on the Black race by blaming them fastidiously for most of American crime, lack of educational achievement, being lazy ass workers when he systematically exploits his personal take on social problems without uncovering the multi dimensional aspects of growing up in underclass America.  I will also make forgiving remarks toward his girlfriend for the broadcast we aired last night in which yes she was somewhat a naieve woman who fell into high end prostitution, but no, she was not a sexual trafficking victim.  She got paid and paid well.  If a Black woman had fallen into prostitution then claimed to be a sexually trafficked victim, would Larry embrace her story?  Well, now he is engaged to a white woman with a dark past which he managed to forgive of past sins but he won't forgive the perceived sins of his own race. 

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    SERIOUSIDE: GOP Rules, Unpopular POTUS, Modern Day Uncle Toms

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    Welcome to the Seriouside of the jril show.  This morning, we will be discussing the following topics:


    November 4 was a good night for the GOP, not only did they retain control of the House, they are now in control of the Senate.  Is this really a good thing for America?


    With his approval rating at an all-time low (44%), President Obama was pretty much on the sidelines during the 2014 mid terms campaign season.  The economy continues to improve and with unemployment less than 7% the question is, why is the POTUS so unpopular?


    Don Lemon, Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson…what do all of these black men have in common?  Most African Americans consider these men as modern day Uncle Toms, we will discuss.

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