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    Full Moon in Taurus; The Big Picture

    in Spirituality

    Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will be discussing the upcoming full moon in Taurus. They will be connecting this transit with the Solar Eclipse on May 9, 2013 to show how the full moon phase of a Solar Eclipse brings the intentions into full visibility. They will explain the 2 year, 2 month, and 28 day cycle of a Solar Eclipse as the gestation period for the rebirthing of a new consciousness. We all have an innate drive to be whole and complete people-- Kriya Yoga is a scientific system to actualize this experience. Join Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance week 19 and initiate your process to wholeness.

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    2014 April 28: Taurus New Moon

    in Motivation

    Taurus New Moon!!!! 

    Tune in to today's broadcast to hear what Astrological movements are happening today. Aimeé, your personal astrologer, will be discussing the Grand Cross we experienced on April 23-24. We will also be discussing the current planetary placements. Don't miss out on how to effectively use this Taurus New Moon energy to take yourself to the next level!

    Aimeé will also be sharing horoscopes for each Zodiac Sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. 


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    Weekly Astro-Forecast--Taurus Full Moon

    in Spirituality

    Rev. Shellie Enteen, Astrologer, Author, Educator talks about what astrology reveals for the coming week. Plan your time wisely by knowing what to expect on each day!

    Other topics may be discussed on different episodes and occasionally a guest will drop by, too. Be sure to check the Esoterically Speaking Network for what's coming up...

    This week's show will focus on the energies of the Taurus Full Moon.

    Caller questions welcome if time allows.646 478 3193

    Shellie is an Interfaith Reverend who has practiced astrology as spiritual and life counseling for over 35 years. She has been published in The Mountain Astrologer and has been a guest speaker at organizations such as the South Florida Astrological Assocation and Asheville Friends of Astrology.

    Check out the popular daily forecasts on her Astralessence Facebook Learn more about Shellie and sign up for a free montly e-newsletter through her website www.astralessence.com.

    She can be reached at shellie@astralessence.com for information on how to schedule astrology and card readings.


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    What really matters? and the Full Moon in Taurus with Janice King

    in Spirituality

    Full moons represent some very powerful energy for us all.  Are you feeling cluttered by so much in your life?  What really matters?  Janice King will share with you how the full moon entering Taurus will affect you and what you can do to make your life manageable.

    Janice King, M.Ed, MscD, is a Reiki Master/Teacher, 
    Intuitive/Astrology and Spiritual Counselor.  Read her blog at http://www.janais.wordpress.com.
    You can reach her at heart120janais@hotmail.com.

    Welcome to "Unseen World", focusing on all aspects of the spiritual, psychic, metaphysical, supernatural, extraterrestrial & paranormal. Here you can share your experiences, ask questions, and we will assist you with your journey.  You can join Saundra, Linda & others of like mind on our Facebook Group “Unseen World”.

    Saundra Greene is a Spiritual Intuitive well versed in numerology, as well as the meaning & uses of different stones & herbs, but does readings from the heart. You can see more of her beautiful photography at http://www.wix.com/wyosammy/saundra-portfolio or she can be reached for in depth person email or phone readings at Wyosammy@GMail.com.

    Linda Irwin is an intuitive paranormal/metaphysical specialist at "Continuum X Headquarters" on Facebook and on http://cntnuumx.wix.com/lindairwin.



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    Mastering Your Zodiac: Taurus

    in Spirituality

    Nothing says quality to you more than a little rest and relaxation. Add a gourmet meal and a massage and you’ll be in true Taurus heaven. Let's get to know you a little better.

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    Full Moon in Taurus will oppose Venus and the Sun in Scorpio! Tune in!

    in Spirituality

    This Sunday night, Jacqueline and I will be discussing some of the exciting planetary changes inthe Heavens! Venus will still be kissing the Sun in Scorpio as they oppose the Full Moon in Taurus!!Tune in!

    We will be doing live readings on the air! Please have your birth date, year, time of birth and place of birth ready when you call in! Have ONE unique question ready for us so that we may be able to help you navigate your path!

    We are happy to serve you! We have so much fun on this show!

    Need more time? need us sooner? Give us a call!

    Jacqueline   772.286.2720

    Aphrodette   540.400.0110

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    Alpha Star Radio - Taurus Forecast

    in Spirituality

    Next week on May 8th it's all about Taurus. Full forecast for 2014 and I will be doing mini tarot and astrology reading. New time slot but same day, 6 PM PST. See everyone then.

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    2014 April 30: Taurus VOC Gemini Moon

    in Motivation

    Did you know we are still experiencing the Grand Cross? It may not be exact, but it is still there… If you feel like you are going through it, you are. It is to make you better, stronger, wiser, and ready for all that you desire. Its okay to go through, its actually a wonderful wonderful thing. Choose to look all of those challenges in the face, choose what you want, and go for it. Whether it is a business concept, relationship stuff, or internal dialogue that gets to be checked… do it! 

    This Grand Cross energy is going to be with us for sometime. It may appear that some people are not going through what you are going through… that may be true, so what?! The Most High (TMH) has something in store for you… so hang in there. Express yourself. Laugh more. Have some fun. Put in the work. By the time it is all said and done you may have more going for you than you previously thought was possible given these challenges.

    Pilot shows continue until the official releasing date. Thank you for your support and patience!

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    Esoterically Speaking- the Taurus Solar Eclipse

    in Spirituality

    Join astrologer, aromatherapist, educator and author Rev. Shellie Enteen each Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time for the week's astrological weather forecast and a discussion of interesting topics related to metaphyics and spirituality  that will help us navigate these changing times. Shellie is frequently joined by special guests who talk about their specific areas of focus.
    What is a Solar Eclipse? How does it affect us personally and planetarily? What is the importance of the visibility path?  What is the meaning of the Taurus Solar Eclipse on May 9th and who will be affected most? Have a personal question about the affect on your life?  Callers will be taken as time allows after those important general questions are discussed.
    These and other questions are the topic of today's show with astrologer, author, educator Rev. Shellie Enteen. 
    More about Shellie at www.astralessence.com where you can sign up for a free e-newsletter. Daily forecasts on the Astralessence facebook page. And while the website undergoes changes, email shellie@astralessence.com for information and to order readings and other spiritual services.

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    Dogon Constellations: Taurus & Triangulum Constellations - Bro. Kaba Kamene

    in Culture

    TONIGHT: Listen to "The Per Ankh Hour Show Q & A" with Bro. Kaba Hiawatha Kamene (aka Booker T. Coleman) of “Hidden Colors 3” and Michael Imhotep on The African History Network, Wednesday, July 9th, 2014, 10:00pm-11:30pm EST for " “Dogon Constellations: Taurus and Triangulum Constellations, The Torso and Head of The Serpent in the Sky”.


    Call in with your questions at (914) 338-1375.  Archived episodes are also available for you to listen to as well.


    You can download the Dogon Study Notes from www.PantherPrince.com. 

    #TheAHNShow FB: IG: Twitter: Michael Imhotep


    Sign up for our email newsletter by texting the work “Kemet” to 22828.

    Bro. Kaba Kamene will broadcast his LIVE Streaming teaching session on http://www.townzonetv.com/channel/view/dr-kaba-kamene-27 from 9pm-10pm EST every Wednesday. The cost is $10 to view his LIVE Broadcast and helps to support him in what he does. We will do Questions & Answers right after his LIVE Streaming broadcast on “The Per Ankh Hour” on The African History Network and it’s FREE to listen to the Internet Radio Show. Call in at (914) 338-1375.

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    Taurus New Moon Meditation & Oracle Hour

    in Spirituality

    "Bringing togther the powers of the 3 cylces of Life." The Moon Mother is awakened and we join together for a very empowering Meditation preparing us for the Newness of the Moon, topped with an Oralce Hour from Oracle Brittany Campbell discussing the Ancient Rituals and Practices of the Moon and Root Doctor Kichawi Daktari teaching us how to dress candles to bring down power in rituals. This will be an enlightening night of wisdom, insight, guidance and inner awakening of our magical power and sacred gifts, call in early and join us! We will offer some of our first callers free readings~

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