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    The Tatum Talks Welcomes DICK GREGORY!

    in Current Events

    The Entertainer.  The Civil Rights Activist.  The Legend.  

    The Tatum Talks is honored to have a sit down with Dick Gregory.  Tune in as we discuss the issues closest to his heart and how Blacks are progressing through his eyes. We'll focus specifically on Black Hollywood, current events with regards to Ferguson, MO, and his legacy. 

    This discussion is made possible by The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers who are hosting a fundraiser event Friday, November 21st, 2014 at 8p featuring Mr. Gregory.  

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    The Best of The Tatum Talks: Spotlighting Black Men and Suicide

    in Current Events

    Chris Lighty.  Don Cornelius.  Lee Thompson Young.  These are just a few well known names of black men that have recently committed suicide.  They are not alone.  

    The CDC reported in 2010, suicide among young black males ages 15-24 was the 3rd leading cause of death, and black men are five times more likely to take their lives than black women.  

    Join us on this upcoming episode as welcome the producing and directing team of "Face of Darkness", a documentary focused on raising the awareness of depression in black males.  Squeaky Moore and K.T. Nelson will discuss what inspired them to create this film, as well as how we can bring help to the hopeless.

    Right here, on The Tatum Talks.  

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    The Tatum Talks: Married At First Sight's Monet Bell

    in Current Events

    Tune in for this new episode of "The Tatum Talks" as we are joined by Monet Bell from the addictive "Married at First Sight"!  We'll chat with her about her journey being involved with the groundbreaking experiment, the lessons she learned and any regret she may have after deciding to end her 5 week marriage with Vaughn.  We will also be joined by certified relationship coach, Sadie E. Sharp.

    Here's your chance to ask her the questions you've always wanted to know.  And if you don't, I will.

    This is an exciting one, y'all.


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    The Tatum Talks: News You Can Use!

    in Current Events

    Tonight, on The Tatum Talks, join us as we discuss headlines from the week that everyone is talking about.  

    The L.A. woman that was punched in the face repeatedly by an officer of the law.
    Apollo Nida's 8 year sentence, and whether or not it was a just penalty.
    The controversial "N*gga in the White House" newspaper article.
    Joan Rivers calls Michelle Obama a "tranny"

    And plenty more...

    We promise it will be a good time.  Tune in and chime in!

    Sponsored by Rodan and Fields Independent Owner Stephanie Goode Kelley (stephaniekelly.myrandf.com)

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    The Best of The Tatum Talks: The Lupita Effect

    in Current Events

    Tune in to hear this insightful debate between 3 talented women as we discuss colorism among Black sistas and how Lupita's success can impact our progress in both a positive and negative fashion!



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    The Tatum Talks: Playing the Race Card

    in Current Events

    There are far too many stories in recent headlines that have us pulling out our deck of race cards.  Rightfully so?  You be the judge.

    Tune into this episode as we discuss the death of Eric Garner, NWA's racist casting call and the firing of sportscaster Pam Oliver.  We'll consider how much race played a role in the outcome of these headline-making stories.

    We'll be joined by CEO of TMI Consulting, a firm with a focus on diversity, as she weighs in with her heavy-hitting opinions.

    It's a trump tight show.  Don't miss it!

    This episode is sponsored by Stephanie Goode Kelly, an independent owner of Rodan + Fields.  They are changing skin and changing lives!

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    Best of The Tatum Talks: The Man Cave

    in Current Events

    Tune in tonight to hear one of the best shows we've ever done.  I pulled three men from different walks of life to get their insight on the top headlines at the time!  Their opinions will make you laugh and think at the same time!



    Sponsored by Rodan and Fields' Independent Owner, Stephanie Goode Kelly

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    The Best of The Tatum Talks: When Your Spouse is Famous

    in Current Events

    Check out this wonderful discussion with Chris Morgan, wife of Kim Fields from "Facts of Life" and "Living Single" fame.  Chris gave us a glimpse into life in the spotlight as a famous spouse.

    Tune in next week when we return with brand new episodes!



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    The Best of The Tatum Talks: The State of Black Hollywood

    in Entertainment

    With such hits as ABC’s “Scandal”, the vastly successful “The Butler” and the highly anticipated “12 Year A Slave”, African-Americans are making their mark and causing a stir in Hollywood more now, than ever.  Although Tinseltown is featuring a greater emphasis on our stories and talent, what stereotypes are these projects leaving in their wake?   As a result of our increasing presence in film, TV and stage, what positive and negative aspects are being enhanced about the African-American community?  Tune in Wednesday, October 30 at 9p EST, as we discuss how recent successes in Black Hollywood have affected the overall image of Black America. 

    The multi-talented author, photographer and director, Teresa Dowell-Vest, as well as award-winning actor and singer, Corey Reynolds, will be weighing in as we debate “The State of Black Hollywood.


    Sponsored by Stephanie Goode Kelly, an independent owner of Rodan and Fields.  Check out her journey and why she has such pride in her business and its products.  http://stephaniekelly.myrandf.biz/


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    The Best of The Tatum Talks: Mark & Gloria from Marriage Bootcamp

    in Entertainment

    Relive this hilarious and insightful interview with Mark & Gloria from WE TV's Marriage Bootcamp!

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    The Best of The Tatum Talks: Going to Jail Gave Me Freedom!

    in Current Events

    Tune in to one of my favorite episodes of 3T.

    This interview with Liller Freeman, a former drug addict, prostitute and convict will leave you speechless and inspired!

    Her journey from the crack house to the big house and life after is a testament of the human spirit.