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  • 01:12

    Personal Empowerment with Tarot Dactyl

    in Spirituality

    Jean Maurie and Maggie Lukowski will be talking with Tarot Dactyl about her life interviewing Hollywood stars.  Tarot Dactyl is a Tarot Guild Endorsed Reader and Crystal Consultant. She has been certified by Doreen Virtue as a Certified Angel Card Reader(TM) and Certified Realm Reader(TM). Tarot Dactyl is the host of the popular weekly internet radio show "There's a Rock For That!"-- a show about crystals and their many uses airing Thursdays at 4PM EST on the Lifescape Radio Network on blogtalkradio.com. Before following her dream to become a full-time metaphysician, she spent 11 years interviewing the biggest names in Hollywood as an entertainment journalist. But, prior to chatting up the stars, she served in the US Army for 8 years as an Intelligence Analyst and Reporter, attaining the rank of Sergeant and receiving several awards, including the Army Commendation Medal for her reporting during Desert Storm. Amazingly the fundamental skills she learned about leadership and teamwork in the military served her well in navigating the tough terrain of Hollywood and gave her the additional tools needed to help others to be leaders as well as team-players in their own lives. She feels a deep kinship for her fellow vets, and offers discounts on her reading services on Veteran's Day and the 4th of July to veterans. As a media coach for metaphysicians, she gives seminars and basic media classes, as well as private 1 on 1 coaching sessions. She can be reached through her websites: www.tarotdactyl.net and www.theresarockforthat.com.

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    personal empowerment With Tarot Dactyl

    in Spirituality

    Today Jean Maurie and Maggie Lukowski are excited to have Tarot Dactyl (Mary B) as our guest.  She will be talking to us about crystals, runes, angels and other neat subjects.   Tarot Dactyl is a Certified Angel Card Reader(TM), Tarot Guild Endorsed Tarot Reader and Co-Host of The Angels Monday Show on BlogTalkRadio.com. She can be reached through her website www.tarotdactyl.net

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    There's A Rock For That! Holey Stones, Pendulums, and More with Jason Spilman

    in Spirituality

    Host Tarot Dactyl kicks off Autumnal Spirit Season on Rocktober 1st with guest Jason Spilman!

    Jason is the host of Walking In The Myst radio show on Attune Magazine Radio Network.  Jason will share his experience and knowledge of "holey stones" aka "hag stones... aka "Odin's Stones"... aka "Crone Stones."  Known by many names these fascinating stones can be used in various ways.  

    Tarot Dactyl has declared this fall "Autumnal Spirit Season."  She and Jason will talk about why this is such a spiritual time of year and discuss many other interesting topics like pendulums, divination and Halloween.  They also contemplate the possibility that a reading might influence an outcome.  Which comes first -- the reading or the result??? The conversation gets a little wild -- so you don't want to miss it!

    Tune in Thursday, October 1st, 2015 at 4PM EDT/3PM CT/2PM MT/1PM PT 


  • 01:19

    There's A Rock For That! Crystals, Divine Contact and Turquoise

    in Spirituality

    Host Tarot Dactyl discusses the various ways in which crystals may be used to connect with divine beings.  Whether you wish to communicate or contact angels, ascended masters, gods, goddesses, or spirit guides...There's A Rock For That!  We'll discuss the concept of "contact stones."

    In the second half of the show we will explore the folklore, history, metaphysical properties and healing applications of this week's featured stone, Turquoise.

    Tune in 4PM EDT/3PM CT/2PM MT/1PM PT on Thursday, September 24, 2015 for this fascinating episode.


  • 01:34

    There's A Rock For That! Cedar Branches and Jaspers

    in Spirituality

    Host Tarot Dactyl is excited to welcome back a much beloved There's A Rock For That! guest, modern mystic Cedar Branches.  Cedar will talk about many things on this episode including the results he has witnessed from the practice of manifestation techniques and why he has made "Applied Karmic Magic" available for public view on Facebook,  In addition, he will share his insights from a recent trip to Teotihuacan as well other magical places he has visited this year. 

    Cedar Branches is a modern day mystic and magi. A free spirit who lives a life dedicated to selfless devotional service, he teaches manifestation and self mastery techniques. Cedar has independently produced four books and is currently working on a fifth, a guide to Applied Karmic Magic.
    Cedar has a rich background in the use and interpretation of symbols, studying many religious and non-religious traditions. Reading tarot for over twenty years, he is also uniquely well-versed in magical practices of just about every imaginable type.
    After studying shamanic techniques in the Lakota tradition, he has traveled far and wide at the beckon of Spirit, continually working with nature spirits of all sorts.
    Considered a representative of the Elohim energies, he is dedicated to serving as a reminder to the Divine Power that flows through each of us. He serves as an image of truth and of courage so that a harmonious experience and the Highest Good may come forward for all.

    Later in the show, Tarot Dactyl will explore the folklore and metaphysical properties of this week's featured stone, Jasper.

    Tune in Thursday, September 3rd at 4PM EDT/3PM CT/2PM MT/1PM PT for this exciting episode!

  • There's A Rock For That! Forgetting About Forgiveness and Exploring Sugilite

    in Spirituality

    In his Essay on Criticism Alexander Pope wrote: "To err is human, to forgive divine."  There's A Rock For That! host Tarot Dactyl asks whether or not the concept of forgiveness sets the bar too high for us mere mortals.  What does it mean exactly to forgive?  Is it really that important?  Is it even in our power to forgive?  What can we do when we are unable to forgive?  Tarot Dactyl will tackle these questions and present some healthy alternatives to the lofty goal of forgiveness.

    The featured crystal on this episode is Sugilite.  We'll explore the folklore, metaphysical properties and healing applications of this wonderful stone.

    Tune in August 20, 2015 at 4PM EDT/3PM CT/2PM MT/1PM PT!



  • 01:19

    There's A Rock For That! Relationship Grids and Rhodonite

    in Spirituality

    "Summer Gridding Season" continues on There's A Rock For That! radio show.  On this episode Host Tarot Dactyl shares an easy to create crystal grid to support the relationships in your life using a variety of inexpensive stones.  Various approaches from the simple to the complex can be used to create a crystal grid.  The most important thing is your personal connection to it.  Every relationship is unique to the people involved and every relationship grid should be too.

    The featured stone on this episode is Rhodonite.  We will explore the folklore, metaphysical properties and healing applications of this gorgeous rock.

    Tune in Thursday, August 13 2015 at 4PM EDT/3PM CT/2PM MT/ 1PM PT

  • 01:11

    There's A Rock For That! Bubbles, Dragon Stones, and Open Lines/Open Minds

    in Spirituality

    Host Tarot Dactyl is delighted to talk to guest, Inez Wyrick (aka "Bubbles") about her Dragon Stones which will be on display August 30th 2pm CT at the Hilton Homewood Suites in Amarillo, TX and October 10th 2pm ET at Mountain Mystic Trading Store in Front Royal, VA.  She will share the fascinating journey that she has had with these beautiful stones.

    Inez Wyrick (aka “Bubbles”) has been an intuitive counselor for people worldwide for over 40 years. An expert in “bringing together the right rock to the right person,” she brings together several spiritual traditions in the rigorous blessing ceremony which she performs on each rock in her collection. She is the sole student of Stormy Winter Hawk (aka Doris Twadell), the granddaughter of Comanche Chief Quannah Parker and great-granddaughter of Kiowa Owl Chief/Prophet Mamanti.

    For information regarding future rock showing or long distance peronal consultations, leave your message at (540)550-4297. For TX appointments, contact Rose at (806)731-3100. Appointments may also be made by emailing: appointments4bubbles@gmail.com

    During the 2nd half of the show Tarot Dactyl will be taking your calls during our monthly Open Lines/Open Minds segment -- call in to share your crystal journey, ask a questions about stones, or get a free crystal reading.  The call in number is 347-989-0744.

    Tune in August 27, 2015 at 4PM EDT/3PM CT/2PM MT/1PM PT.


  • 01:22

    There's A Rock For That! Open Lines and Aquamarine

    in Spirituality

    On this episode of "There's A Rock For That!" Host Tarot Dactyl will be taking calls from fellow Stone Guardians and Crystal Keepers. Call in with your questions and comments. Share your Crystal Journey. Free mini crystal readings too!

    Tarot Dactyl will be looking back at July 2015 and ahead to August. This week's "Crystal Guest" is Aquamarine!  We will explore the history, metaphysical properties and healing applications of this beautiful gem.

    Tune in July 30th 2015 at 4PM EDT/3PM CT/2PM MT/1PM PT! Call in number is (347) 989-0744

  • 01:17

    There's A Rock For That! Crystals and the Triangle of Dis-empowerment

    in Spirituality

    Do you often find yourself in the role of "Victim" "Rescuer" or "Persecutor" in your inter-personal relationships?  Are you tired of playing the same old part?  Well, there just may be "a rock for that" which could help you to make some positive changes. Host Tarot Dactyl will be discussing the "Triangle of Dis-empowerment" aka "the Dreaded Drama Triangle" and the ways in which crystals may help one to escape it.  

    The "Crystal Guest" for this episode is Topaz. We will explore the folklore, metaphysical properties and healing applications of this beautiful gem.

    Tune in August 6 2015 at 4PM EDT/3PM CT/2PM MT/1PM PT for this fascinating episode.

  • 01:08

    There's A Rock For That! Protection Grids and Tourmalinated Quartz

    in Spirituality

    This is the final installment of our "Crystal Gridding Season" on There's A Rock For That! radio show.  Host Tarot Dactyl will share some ideas for creating a protection grid.  She will recommend some inexpensive stones which can be easily obtained as well as discuss various examples of how this type of grid can benefit you.

    The "Crystal Guest on this episode is Tourmalinated Quartz.  We'll explore the folklore, metaphysical properties and healing applications of this fascinating rock.

    Tune in Thursday September 10th at 4PM EDT/3PM CT/2PM MT/1PM PT