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    Author Willie L. Stewart's Novel 'taRNished'

    in Caregiving

    On this Episode we will interview Author Willie L. Stewart, we will discuss his book and other Projects as well.  You do not want to miss this show

    Highly acclaimed new author and critical care Registered Nurse Willie L. Stewart and his debut novel "taRNished" have captured healthcare's newest diabolical mind and his name is Dale, a Registered Nurse serial killer.Based on an expanded reality resulting from new healthcare laws, "taRNished" explores the myriad levels of underlying issues which allow for pathological individuals to thrive and hide in the environment created by the soon to be even further overburdened healthcare system which our country so depends on.


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    So Real With Madelyn ~ You so Gifted!

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    Whatcha Doin with the things GOD has given you? (Talent, Children, Ministry, Business, Adventure or Health!) Just to name a few! There are many things we take for granted in LIFE that we should be appreciating, many times it is the simple things!

    Do you stand out in a crowd or do you hide when help is asked for!

    Keep it Real Daily is coming to you 5:30pm Wed and Saturdays Central 347 326 9924

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    Getting out of the hospital alive

    in Lifestyle

    Registered Nurse and Mystery Thriller Writer has put together a book called "taRNished".

    taRNished - an Amazon Best Selling medical thriller (Killing patients in the ICU became a thrill for Dale, RN until his equally prolific murdering mother, Isabel, started feeling threatened by his new girlfriend while working in the same hospital. Will mothers love trump the new love in his life?

    Dale, a young male Registered Nurse accidentally kills a patient in the Intensive Care Unit. When he suffers no consequence he soon finds that he is falling in love with killing patients. As his confidence develops he begins to develop a relationship with the new Respiratory Therapist on the unit. His mother, Isabel feels threatened with losing her boy and Dale finds he must now contend with the equally prolific killing abilities of his over protective mother who works right alongside him. )
    Buy now on Amazon!


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    The Weekend Review w/ Vixen J (Comics, Cosplay, Video Games, & More)

    in Hobbies

    Vixen J gives you a indept look at the world from the people.

    Whether its Cosplay, Comics, and Conventions we give you the full details of all the new Conventions coming up.

    Movies: Want to know what was the movie we saw this weekend, what was the hottest club, or hottest event coming up. Plus a Review of Comic Con The Movie. We also speak about Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer.

    Holiday Deals: Whats going on for Cyber Monday and which stores are having the best Deals for Video Games.

    Wrestling: Brock Lesnar has been missing. Will he be back for TLC PPV or will the WWE run another PPV without the Champ.  Has the Title been tarnished and what is up with the Raw General Manager. Plus, Ronin Pro Wrestling will be a couple of days away. Will Shawn Prime be there. What will be the outcome. Vixen J gives you her points and what she thinks the results will be. CM Punk finally speaks out on why he left the WWE and who is the superstar who is ranting about it.

    Did You Know Segment is back Weekly.  Got to tune in to see what its about! We got some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in here.

    TV: With Gotham over til January, We talk the Walking Dead Season Finale and some episodes of the Flash and Anime that is out there.

    Video Gaming: Whats the hottest game out there right now and hear from real players on how it is it play games online with others, and what Vixen J expects with E3 coming in June of next year.

    Comics: Dj Phaze comes back as a Co-Host and gives you his look at how they handled The Death of Wolverine in the Final Issue of the Comic.

    Comic Con: Bill Goldberg will be back listen to here when.

    Make sure to Follow Vixen J on Twitter @jllorens17 and on Instagram @VixenJ0601

    And Follow the Network on Twitter & Instagram @eon_network

    We are always looking for new people on the show to be guests. So make sure to hit us up on our social networks

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    Bill Cosby And The Rape Allegations

    in Entertainment

    America's favorite TV dad Bill Cosby has been accused by multiple women of rape. The women state these alleged events happened more than 30+ years ago. No charges were filed or any arrest made yet the media and public are treating Bill Cosby as if he did this. The women present no evidence yet their word is all people need to tarnish Bill Cosby. This issue is something that any man fears. Women can ruin your life on lies and have you in prison,reputation tarnished and financially ruined. This is very disturbing on all levels

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    Hot After Dusk Monday - Author/RN Willie L Stewart

    in Radio

    Ceddy J starts your week off with Hot After Dusk Mondays as they talk hot news, hot mess, and hot music. This week Author/Registered Nurse/Entrepreneur Willie L. Stewart stops by to talk about his debut novel "taRNished", which promises to be great read all while shaking up the foundation of the healthcare system. He also shares some health tips in regards to Breast Cancer and Ebola. No Monday is complete without our Recap of Scores for another week in the NFL. You are welcome to call-in or leave your comments below the show.

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    PMP: MZB, Sex Abuse, a tarnished legend

    in Spirituality

    TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains discussion of topics that may be uncomfortable for sensitive listeners. The topic pertains to child molestation, abuse, and other related issues. This episode is rated R, listener discretion is advised.

    With the recent "news" of Marion Zimmer Bradley's connection to multiple count sof child molestation, KilaSara nd RevKess have decided that it is time to again address abuse in the Pagan world, and elsewhere. MZB was the author of several books including the Darkover series and the Mists of Avalon series.  Fifteen years after her death, the "revelation" that she was involved in sex abuse still strikes the Pagan community in a hard way.

    Walter Breen, the husband of MZB, was a known pedophile and child abuser. You can read sections of her deposition against Breen here. Her daughter Moira Greyland has spoken openly about the abuse she witnessed and experienced.

    Please refer to the Wild Hunt for more information on the topic.You can view the show notes on PMPChannel.com.

    The originally scheduled topic of Gem and Crystal Magick has been postponed to Aguust.

    TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains discussion of topics that may be uncomfortable for sensitive listeners. The topic pertains to child molestation, abuse, and other related issues. This episode is rated R, listener discretion is advised.

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    Honor Thy Author Spotlight: “The Power of The Pen…”

    in Books

    Guest Authors:Willie Stewart

                          Marilyn Brown “Slyce”

                          JT Travel and Entertainment Tickets

    Willie L. Stewart is a critical care Registered Nurse, author, novelist, entrepreneur, member of the Tampa Writers Alliance, and the Florida Writers Association.  His debut novel taRNished promises to entertain while shaking the very foundation of healthcare and the public’s confidence in that system in order to spur on debate for proper reforms.

    Marilyn Brown aka "SLYCE" developed herlove for writing as a young child.  She used writing  to tame her vivid imagination. She published her first book DREAM KILLERS in 2010.  One year later she started her webpage SLYCE THE BOOK CLUB because she was a new author and knew nothing about the LIT GAME. Marilyn thought SLYCE BOOK CLUB would be a good way to gain information and network with other others.Here is where she conducts  THE INTERROGATION ROOM.  This is where new and veteran authors alike have the opportunity answer questions regarding their material and publishing experiences.  This also gives the reader an opportunity to get to know their favorite author a little better

    Justin is a business owner whodreamt of being his own boss. JT Travel and Entertainment  is a business where he sells cheaper airfare tickets, hotel deals, vacation packages, and entertainment tickets


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    Harsh Words with Friends: Tarnished Sterling

    in Comedy

    Dante does a recap of what you missed while you were out having fun this weekend.

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    Demos turn on Obama; SCOTUS vs States' Voter ID Laws; Trip revisited

    in Politics Conservative

    No matter how you look at it President Obama is facing hard times. The reality of being "The Man", President, His Highness or the one in charge is starting to slap Obama hard. No longer is he looked at as the Savior of the "people". His abilities to walk on water, hold his nose in the air when speaking and woo the dreamers have been tarnished; many say vanished. What has caused the fall of Obama?

    Voter's Rights. aka Voter ID, have been making the news again; coincidence it is two weeks before the mid-term elections...don't think so!

    Some interesteing things happened this weekend as I was on the road...indeed politics is on the mind of many. Also, some businesses still believe in customer service and treating their customers like people.

    These topics and more will be addressed this morning at 8AM-10AM "In the Pickle Barrel".


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    The ORACLE Speaks With .... YOU!

    in Spirituality

    Dynamic, exciting, and on fire for life Denise L. Cook, known as The ORACLE, brings insight to the internet. Her new show, The ORACLE Speaks, is a call in radio show. Inspired by the ORACLE's writing and motivated by your input. Whatever the subject, The ORACLE brings knowledge and a personal understanding to the table and leaves you feeling as if you have been hugged from the inside out.


    The Los Angeles Taste of Soul and YOU! 


    This Week's Theme: FIND


    Find a G-D to know, find your true self, find the real friend and family to call your own. Find in your G-D the truth that is yours. Be careful, you might find your truth isn't what you thought it was and may be more than you thought it could be.


    Find a place in your heart, room for the sous who seek to be found. You may be the haven they need to find themselves.


    Find the silver lining in the tarnished and tatooed tapestry of life. It may be worn and frayed, but it's your cloak of honor to be worn with pride and the knowledge that each tear is a mark of your triumph over the inevitabilities of life.

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