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    NBA winning streaks and tanking; you WILL see these teams in March Madness

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    NBA winning streaks and "tanking"

    Hawks-19 game winning streak

    5 of the longest winning streaks in last 6 years ('13 Heat, '08 Rockets, '14 Spurs, '09 Celtics)

    NBA top franchises; Knicks (10-39), 76ers (11-39), Lakers (13-36)

    Different philosophies

    You WILL see these teams in March Madness

    Gonzaga (21-1)

    VCU (17-4)

    Utah (16-4)

    Northern Iowa (21-2)

    SMU (17-4)

    Wyoming (19-4)

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    Hard Hits returns for a Friday overnight into Saturday. Hosted by Derek Flex Felix, we return to discuss lots of sports stuff. Joined by cohost John "JPG" Giagnorio and other personalities Justin "JNF" Felix, Brian "Retirement" Sanborn, Dan Wheeler and Rob "Retirement" Davis, among the big topics on the table:

    1.Derek's Heat stave off elimination against Dan's Hornets

    2.Hawkay-Rangers eliminated. Islanders takeover. Plus the wild wild west. Can Sanborn's Sharks stay hot?

    3.Baseball-the Yankees again were David Ortiz' bitch. His homer off Betances gives Boston the first game. JPG's Cubs stay on fire with a 6-1 trouncing of Colin's tanking Braves to improve to 17-5. The Mets destroy Father Felix's Giants. 

    4.NFL Draft-the first 2 days are in the books. How did the Giants make out? Why does Jerry Reese have a job? Who are the big winners and losers so far? A draft dominated by Ohio State (7 players taken). 


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    Tanking In Sports, Freshman Ineligibility and More!

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    Tanking in NHL and NBA. Freshman not being able to play sports first year and more topics discussed.

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    Season 1 Week 9

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    As were getting through the season, some divisions look like theyre going to go down to the last few weeks of the season. If you have winning or losing record, I fully expect you to go out & compete for a win every game, Tanking is not an option. We have had some solid Game of the weeks recently, Most of them looked the part being with in a possession or so. Loving the competition and the environment you guys are bringing to the season and the League itself. This is a brotherhood & at the end of the day, Madden is only a game. Win or lose show integrity & respect to your opponent.

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    Hoot & Holler

    in Politics Conservative

    Hey Patriots! Join Bill from Indiana, along with his great crew..at 7 PM Eastern. I am sure the subject of the voting today will be in the forefront of the  topics.

    Trump's tax plan, along with his health care plan will be on the table too.

    The fact that Rubio's campaign is tanking, and Kasich is a traitor..may also be discussed. Be here..listening live, in the chat room, and on the phone with your host..let your voice of freedom be heard!

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    Simply Sports

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    Simply Sports: MLB topics February 29th

    Ryan Van Hofwegen discusses MLB topics at 9pm ET/6pm PT


    * Dodgers finalize deal with Yaisel Sierra

    * Bail hearing for sports agent in Cuban player smuggling case

    * Marlins require players to shave off facial hair

    * Ryan Braun shifting back to left field

    * Yamaico Navarro arrested in Japan

    * Top 100 prospects

    * Cubs enter spring training as World Series favorites

    * Ortiz and Price put past behind them

    * Harper does not feel he is a leader

    * Jimmy Rollins reaches minor league deal with White Sox

    * Does anyone want to play in DC

    * Yankees 1B Greg Bird to miss season

    * Vin Scully talks schedule for last year behind microphone

    * Royals sign Mike Moustakas

    * Tanking and the MLB

    * Rays will pay Drew Smyly $3.75M this season

    * Orioles sign Brian Matusz

    * Cubs sign Arrieta with 1-year deal

    * Puig embracing 2016 changes

    * Delmon Young charged

    * Yulieski Gourriel trying to join MLB

    * Josh Donaldson & Jays agree to 2-year deal

    * AJ Pollock & Diamondbacks agree to 2-year deal

    * JD Martinez and Tigers agree to 2-year deal

    * Yovani Gallardo signs restructured deal

    * Aroldis Chapman gets approval to attend personal matter

    * Cole Hammels sues promoter

    * Jose Bautista’s hard demands should make Blue Jays decision easier

    * Albert Pujols eyes more DH time

    * Joey Votto committed to Reds

    www.SportzAddix.com 646-378-1303


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    Simply Sports

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    Simply Sports: NBA and NCAA Basketball February 24th

    Ryan Van Hofwegen discusses NBA and NCAA Basketball topics at 4pm ET/1pm PT


    * Ranking 3-year players by future potential

    * Jimmer Fredette joins Knicks on 10-day contract

    * Pelicans’ Anthony Davis dealing with concussion-like symptoms

    * Do the Warriors and Spurs have any weaknesses

    * Durant says Kristaps Porzingis unique

    * Pistons/Magic trade

    * Hornets/Heat/Grizzlies involved in multiplayer deal

    * TJ Warren out for the season

    * Tanking and the NBA

    * Should there be changes to Hack a Player rule

    * Fisher fired by Knicks

    * Who wins the NBA Title

    NCAA Basketball

    * Ben Simmons comes off the bench against Tennessee

    * Keith Hornsby aggravate hernia injury

    * Wake Forest suspends Devin Thomas & dismisses Cornelius Hudson

    * Top 25 rankings

    * College Basketball:  Parity or bad basketball

    * MAC suspends 2 refs for failing to call foul on Ball State in 2OT win

    * Former Wyoming star dies

    * Kareem Canty leaves Auburn

    * Jibri Bryan murdered

    * Who makes the Final Four and wins who wins the NCAA Title

    www.SportzAddix.com 646-378-1303


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    Did you know that it's national Wine day

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    Dan the Man returns to join The Big Jack for the Thursday edition of Sports Time Radio. The NBA trade deadline was this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. Cst. Did your team make a move to improve their playoff chances or are they in tanking mode for a draft pick. They'll look at any deal made and see if or how if affect the playoff race. Spring training is getting up and running so you know that Dan is excited. The blog was new yesterday; sis you read it?


    On Twitter @SportsTimeRadio

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    Ron Siegel Radio Network Feb 2 2016

    in Real Estate

    Ron Siegel of Anaheim Hills, CA and Anaheim Mayor Pro-Tem Lucille Kring will discuss current events, financial markets, politics, and even poking fun at the rest of the media in a live radio broadcast from Anaheim CA.

    Ron will discuss: It’s National Groundhog Day; Which States Still Sell Gasoline Over $2.00 Per Gallon; Which State Is Selling Gasoline At The Highest Price Per Gallon; No Matter Which Groundhog You Listen To, You Should Sell Before Spring; What Is Districting; What Should You Do If Your 401(k) is Tanking; Are You Affected By Short-Term Rental Residents In Your Neighborhood; and so much more

    Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that will benefit you / your family.

    Reach Ron at               

    ·       800.306.1990 

    ·       Ron@RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·       www.RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·       www.SiegelLendingTeam.com

    ·       Twitter: @RonSiegel

    ·       www.Facebook.com/RonSiegelRadio



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    The Decoding Society

    in Politics

    Tanking in NBA, Kevin McHale's firing, and how do rich Black athletes contribute to white despair. 6:30p EST The call-in number is 347-857-1436.