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    Global decor trends with HGTV's Taniya Nayak and AphroChic

    in Design

    We're breaking down the hot design trend of global decor with experts, Taniya Nayak and creators of AphroChic, to find out how we can create global style in our homes.

    On this episode of MyFixitUpLife.Our trek starts with HGTV and Food Network designer Taniya Nayak. From House Hunters on Vacation to Restaurant: Impossible to the Billion Dollar Block, Taniya Nayak is never at rest unless she is on the move.

    Known for her sunny smile and sharp eye, Taniya Nayak’s knack for bringing rich textures and unexpected finishes together with practical, real-life functionality has made her a go-to expert. She is currently a part of the HGTV series 'House Hunters on Vacation' and as a featured designer on Food Network's 'Restaurant: Impossible.'

    And we change planes and go ship-to-shore and more with AphroChic’s ever-eclectic Jeanine Hays and husband Bryan Mason. Taking her inspiration from the world over, Jeanine sends us postcards from the edge of design.

    Offering home decor products inspired by cultures around the globe, AphroChic sets out to prove that ethnic heritage and culture can go hand in hand with the luxurious and the modern. To embody their personal vision of a new kind of design the two coined the phrase, “Modern.Soulful.Style.” – design that embraces culture and the unique admixture of the traditional and the contemporary that helps to define us all. Jeanine and Bryan are the authors of REMIX: Decorating with Culture, Objects and Soul.

    Our passports are stamped. It’s time to fly. We’re going global to bring you the biggest, brightest and best designs that are trending around the world.

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    Vacation House Hunters w/ Taniya Nayak

    in Entertainment

    Camo-up! We've got our scope on, and we're on the hunt for vacation with HGTV's Taniya Nayak, host of the new House Hunters on Vacation.And for a retreat from the regularity of responsibility, our Destination is the Deck w/ Real Outdoor Living's The Dream Deck Series. We talk with Brad Staggs, spokesperson for Real Outdoor Living, and author of Spend-A-Little Save-A-Lot. And Theresa shares the scoop on a cool door designer on Therma-Tru's website. So leave your Sunday Best in the closet, slather on some sunscreen and get ready to stop, drop, and roll right out of the regular day-to-day. It's time to out-do your week of Work Hard with some good old fashioned Play Harder. Check the MyFixitUpLife show schedule to find out who is talking with MyFixitUpLife’s Mark and Theresa this week. If you have a question about your home improvement projects, send us an email at info@MyFixitUpLife.com.

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    Let's talk holiday parties! ...fun drinks included

    in Design

    We're getting our host skills geared up to serve up the ultimate holiday parties...drinks included.

    We love holiday parties, especially when we're surprised and delighted by little special touches created by the hosts. From custom-designed cocktails to gorgeous decor, as guests it's always fun to have something unique to discuss with the other guests (especially if we don't know each other). And honestly, it makes us feel more special as guests that the hosts took time out of their busy lives to make their event a little more special.

    Designer Taniya Nayak might be best known as an HGTV host and designer on Food Network's Restaurant Impossible. She's also a successful, Boston-based interior design firm, Taniya Nayak Design LLC., where she adds a fresh, clean look to both commercial and residential spaces.

    Entertaining designer Lulu Powers fresh approach to hassle-free entertaining – from food to flowers – has made her a sought-after talent, inspiring mentor, and credible entertaining lifestyle expert. Mindful of her client’s resources and at times, fear of entertaining, she imparts her wisdom with spirit and panache to transform the simple into sublime. Lulu is a best-selling author of "Food to Flowers."

    Food and wine blogger/writer Maggie Unzueta is a recipe developer who shares her creations on her blog Mama Maggie.

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    DIY Projects for Kids: Art that heals and inspires

    in Design

    From crafts to repairs to gardening, DIY projects for kids is all about making cool stuff and building memories. It's about fun, too. Small activities, choosing colors, and helping plants grow through the seasons shows kids the connections between dreaming and doing and gives them skills they'll use when they're all grown up.
    HGTV and Food Network's 'Restaurant Impossible' designer Taniya Nayak checks in with some fun DIY projects for kids, and talks about her early DIY days.
    Meg Bourne, Chief Inspiration Officer of Art Feeds, paints us into a cozy corner and talks art with a heart, how Art Feeds helps kids through art projects, and how she's building beauty from nature's wrath. Art Feeds strives to live by the lessons the children teach us, these are: Love Naively. Give Generously. Be Foolishly Compassionate.
    Kid DIY is all about fun fixes, awesome activities, and finding the beauty within. Let's make memories happen.

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    DIY or hire a contractor

    in Design

    Should you DIY or hire a contractor? We talk to pros who know. When it comes to deciding on DIY home projects, there are so many factors to consider: skills, tools, time, budget, and willingness to get dirty. So how much can you do yourself, and how much should you do? We're talking DIY or hire a contractor on this episode of MyFixitUpLife.
    From demo to decorating, we're breaking down the DIY dilemma with a few of our favorite experts.
    DIY Network's Mike Holmes tells us how he tools up Holmes Makes it Right sites to keep them safe and movin' at full-tilt boogie speed.
    Restaurant Impossible designer Taniya Nayak dials us in on when it's best to DIY or hire a pro.
    And 'Roger That!' hosts and designers Roger Stout-Hazard and Chris Stout-Hazard give get-it-done advice for going all-in or subbing it out.
    Design, build, decorate, renovate: It's an all-pro DIY show.

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    Taniya Takeover! inside "Restaurant: Impossible"

    in Entertainment

    Taniya Nayak, host of HGTV’s 'House Hunters on Vacation' and designer for Food Network’s 'Restaurant: Impossible' turns the tables on Mark & Theresa to interview them on set. Mark and Theresa also talk with the show’s general contractor Tom Bury about the show and his company Division9 – Design + Construction. And it’s all hands on deck when we’re joined by Restaurant mission leader, task-master, tough-guy, chef and sharp businessman Robert Irvine.

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    MyFixitUpLife Rewind: On set of Restaurant Impossible

    in Entertainment

    This mission is makeover takeover!
    Restaurant: Impossible designer and part-time ninja Taniya Nayak turns the tables on us and takes over the show. It’s all hands on deck when we’re joined by Restaurant mission leader, taskmaster, tough guy, chef and sharp business man Robert Irvine.
    And, because no makeover takes shape without tools, tear-down and terrific work, contractor Tom Bury of Division9 – Design takes a break from his round-the-clock makeover run to talk construction.
    And, one marital issue is resolved, when we both agree that we should finally replace the front door to our 100+ year old American Foursquare. This brings up a new issue of deciding on the type/ kind/features we want for the door. The solution? Well, we’ve been using a program on Therma-Tru’s website called My Saved Doors, which helps us share our door ideas with each other. Also, we’re trying  to stay young without finding The Fountain Of Youth by stocking up on a new antioxident-rich drink, Modjo Life.
    This message will NOT destruct in 30 seconds. It’s all happening on this week’s MyFixitUpLife.

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    Ayoo Random

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    Thee Random Ish We do Lol 2hav Funn

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    Ayoo Wildin

    in Entertainment

    This the Clearlii Clownin

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    Decorating on a Dime

    in Family

    Learn how to redecorate your home or living room for less! Jean Nayar will talk to two designers and popular HGTV personalities, Lisa LaPorta, host of HGTV’s Designed to Sell, and Boston-based designer Taniya Nayak, to get their tips on how to give a room a lift—or even a dramatic makeover—in as little as half a day and often for just a few dollars.

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    Just a Random

    in Youth

    Omg itz like Malaika and Taniya just a random show

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