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    Let's Talk with Our Freedom Coach

    in Women

    Passionate about serving God and His people, Evangelist Sheletta Matthews Fisher is a mother, grandmother, author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur.  She yearns to relate to women, aspiring them to tap into their God-given gifts and talents to fulfill purpose. 

    Mrs. Fisher was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel in 2007 and in the year 2010 she was ordained an Evangelist.  Evangelist Fisher is a member of Jericho International Ministries under the tutelage of Bishop Michael L. Smith, Sr. and Lady Dionne Smith. 

    Evangelist Fisher has made appearances on radio shows and several Women’s Conferences.  She serves as an advocate for Women and Youth in her community and volunteers her services in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System.   

    Please join Evangelist Fisher, a Life-Coach and Your Personal Freedom Coach LIVE as we discuss her book, "P.I.M.P.E.D. - Pushed Into My Purpose Every Day", her upcoming events and how she can motivate you into GREATNESS!!! Join us LIVE!!!

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    Beyond Survival to Revival: Interview with Tami Kiser

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    Moms today work so hard to get everything done. We feed everyone spiritually, as well as physically.  We try to make sure everyone is in the right place. . . spiritually, as well as physically. We want to make sure everyone's needs are met.

    Is it a tough job? Is it hard enough just to survive? 

    YOU BET.

    This episode's guest helps you find God in this hustle and bustle. She shows the way how not to get lost, but rather bask his presence. 

    Tami Kiser is a mother of 10 and grandmother to 5. She is the founder of Smart Martha Ministries that helps women in their domestic vocation of wife and mother by presenting seminars, speaking, and writing.  Her book is called, "Smart Martha's Catholic Guide for Busy Moms." OSV.  She also teaches dance part-time, and serves on her parish board.

    Tami is the founder of CatholicConference4Moms.com, a virtual conference that will be held on March 6-9, 2015. Learn more about Tami and Conference 4 Moms in this interview.  

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    Armchair Apologist

    in The Bible

       Kristina Rake is a deacon of the United States Old Catholic Church. She received her Master’s Degree in Theology from the prestigious Andover Newton Theological Seminary near Boston and has been teaching scripture, theology, and apologetics to adults for over 15 years. In her own search for the Christianity taught by the Apostles, she found the Catholic Church and converted in 1999 after attending seminary for one year. She became Director of Adult Formation for a Suburban Chicago Parish of over 15,000 people. Deacon was in charge of all adult programming at the church, from adult education series to retreats and community events. 

         One of Deacon’s responsibilities was the R.C.I.A. program in which adults seek to convert to Catholicism. Here, Deacon Rake worked with people from all religious backgrounds: from Jewish converts to atheists to evangelicals to Mainline Protestantism to no religious background at all. Her experiences teaching Catholic Theology to people from such diverse religious backgrounds grounded her firmly in Catholic Apologetics. Deacon Rake was asked by groups all over her diocese to speak on a variety of apologetics topics and, for 15 years, she taught theology, scripture, and apologetics in area parishes. 

         In 2014, Deacon Rake entered the United States Old Catholic Church under Archbishop James Long. She was ordained a Deacon on November 8th, 2014, and continues her studies and formation for the Old Catholic Priesthood. She lives in Chicago with her husband of 15 years, Mark, her two human children and her two furry Chihuahua boys

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    KKK, Donuts, LGBTQ white privileged, teacher benefits too many.

    in Politics

    Hr1   Oops! A Krispy Kreme donut store in the U.K. launched the KKK club (Krispy Kreme Klub). They say it was an innocent mistake and the corporate office quickly scrubbed the event and all promotional materials.

    An article for the University of Houston Daily Cougar’s sex week issue argues that the LGBTQ community focuses too much on white gay men. Here we go again .....

    Hr2   Liberal radio host Bob Kincaid says that the CSX freight-rail company is a bigger threat to Americans than ISIS is. Are you kidding? 

    Kyle Olson with EAG News talks about teacher benefits, days off, and how much is enough... or too much? Banking sick days until retirement hits school budgets hard with liability they aren't always prepared for. Sometimes as much as $30,000...

    A Shreveport, LA "Little Free Library" receives a "cease and desist" letter. Because shutting down "commercial enterprises" like this in neighborhoods that are not "zoned" for libraries...

    Hr3    Author Jay Cost talks about corruption in BOTH parties and his new book "A Republic No More: Big Government and the Rise of American Political Corruption." He says the biggest difference between the 2 parties is in the grassroots.

    North Carolina is trying to train its educators to be more effective and “equitable” in the classroom by helping them “rank their societal privilege.” We can't label kids as boys and girls, but we can label them as privileged or not. No wonder we're ranked so low in language and math skills worldwide!

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    In the Stream: Archaeology

    in Electronic Music

    Join "In the Stream" producer and host Jessica Dylan Winter as she welcomes the crew of Archaeology to the show.

    Archaeology is a collective of artists spreading the art of dj'ing through turntablism. Deejays Depth (Alex Gerhardt), D/Cypher (Landon Yerby), Bownce (Kevin Kocak), Reazin (Rene Aguiar) and Rok is Dead (Bradley Brown) make up the crew of Archaeology. They play many varieties of music, but their collective heart is in DNB (drum and bass) and jungle. The deejays have been in the scene for at least 15 years. Together, they hand pick from their libraries, tracks of old and new, to form one unified body of sound.

    Listen to the crew talk about their journey to come together to bring underground electronic music to the people of South Florida and how they're bringing vinyl back to the forefront of their genre mixing.

    Dive into the stream to hear what Archaeology has to say!

    See Archaeology live at Respectable Street Club, 518 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, on Wednesday, Feb. 25, 9 p.m.-3 a.m. when they present "The Art of Hip Hop & Jungle" featuring George the Infinite + Somejerk and more!

    The show will close with a short, guided meditation.

    Follow Archaeology here:


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    Candace Fleming, award-winning author of "The Family Romanov", whose books have won multiple literary awards, and most recently ALA selected "The Family Romanov" as a finalist for the YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults, is our guest. Candace will be joined by Amy Irace, one of Follett's Academic Consultants, who holds a master's degree in reading. Amy will share strategies for avoiding summer reading loss.


    Presented by FOLLETT LEARNING

    www.follettlearning  @follettlearning

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    Sunday Worship with Bishop Deb from Holy Angels Parish

    in Christianity

    Join us for our Sunday worship Service from Holy Angel Parish in Niagara on the Lake Ontario.

    Holy Angel's is a parish with the Community Catholic Church of Canada.  We are an inclusive, progressive and affirming church in the Anglican/Catholic tradition.  Please send along any prayer requests to bishopdeb@communitycatholicchurch.com

    Follow along with today's service


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    Author Shirley Harris-Slaughter stops by Good Deeds w/ Dr. Renee Sunday

    in Motivation

    Shirley Harris-Slaughter is a Michigan native, baptized into the Catholic faith with her 

    family while attending Our Lady of Victory School.  She lived the history growing up in 

    the West Eight Mile Community and is uniquely qualified to write about it. Shirley 

    watched helplessly as her parish lost its legacy. This propelled her to write about it, and 

    correct its omission from the pages of history. 

    She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.B.A. from Cleary University in Howell. She is 

    married to Langston and lives in Oak Park.

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    Love Talk Show: It's A Love Filled Weekend!!! (Live Broadcast)

    in Relationships

    What are you doing this Valentine Weekend??? 

    If you're in the Twin Cities, get yourself to our Talk Shows on LOVE this Friday at 7pm. We have 2 locations: 

    Single/Unmarried Folks:

    RCCG STRONG TOWER PARISH MN, 697 Ave, NE Minneapolis, Mn 55413

    Married Folks:

    Hilton Minneapolis Bloomington, 3900 American Blvd West, Bloomington, Mn 55437

    Both venues have free entry so no worries or excuses folks ????

    We will be having REAL TALK on living Fun& Fulfilled Lives either Single or Married so be sure to join us.

    We will be having a live Recording of the Moby Sugar's Croonings that day too so this should be fun ????????

    See y'all on Friday! Let's swap tales....

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    Bermuda Day and Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

    in Travel

    World Footprints seeks to connect you to the great places in this world.  Today, we travel to a destination that is near and dear ot our hearts--Bermuda.  We will celebrate the national holiday of Bermuda Day, the music, history and traditions with our island brothers and sisters. 

    Then, we'll travel to Paget parish on Bermuda and introduce you to a fantastic new property--Newstead Belmont Hills, a golf and spa resort.  This property blends a boutique hotel with the leisure of a luxury resort.

    Finally, we'll hop back across the pond to Birmingham, Alabama where we'll visit the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum--home to one of the world's largest motorcyle collections.  We'll hear what inspired the museum's founder, George Barber, to preserve America's motorcycle heritage.

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    21st Century Libraries

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    For centuries, the defining role of the library has been as a repository of books. Now, in the 21st century, the library faces perhaps its most momentous challenge: Americans are moving away increasingly from the printed page to digital screens for information and communication.

    Library leaders nationwide are adapting to this shift by reimagining the library as an engaged community center. The role of librarians is being re-branded to reflect their expertise as content curators and trusted navigators in an ever-expanding ocean of information — in whatever format it may exist.

    Join us as we chat with Audrey Barbakoff from Kitsap Regional Library and other stakeholders about their vision and upcoming efforts.

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