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  • 02:34

    Hitchikers Guide to a Halloween Hurricane

    in Paranormal

    Halloween has tricked and treated us to some dandy candy , Hurricane is now literally .....gone with the wind , goodbye Sandy!! SPS is back to spike your thirsty thursday with our stiff mix of music , insights and conversation cocktail. Listen in and allow DJ Smellykat to Saturate your minds and hearts with his fine winelike wisdom , Mr slambumptious will dazzle you with diabolical dialogue , and the lovely DJ Tamilicious will tighten up your insights on the world with her infamous Top Ten , and the crew of SPS are so excited to introduce the newest member of the crew , so tune in to be tuned in onto our new DJ!! Brand new contests and segments are in store for your listening pleasure along with your good ole favorites. If you must do the walk of shame do it with SPS because we....stride with pride. Welcome to the fundamental optimism that is....Stoned Poets Society!!

  • 01:57

    Halloween Hallucination Havoc...Preshow

    in Goals

    Get your campfire tales ready and dandy , slap on your good ole dominatrix oufits and keep the candy handy, because SPS is back with another thirsty thursday installment!! Halloween is less than a week away and SPS is all hyped and set to unmask your favorite superheroes and villians and provide you with some TRICKS that sure to be a...TREAT!!! Prepare to be Intoxicated with the Informative Insights with some Intimate conversation by the Infamous DJ Smellykat!! Sit back and Slip away into the Sillyness yet Superb and Somber quotes of Smellykats zany Sidekick Mr Slambumptious!! The Top Ten Things of the week will be elevating to Terrifying new heights with SPSs' lovable darling vixen Ms DJ Tamilicious!! Enjoy all the new offerings that SPS has in store this week along with your favorite ole tricks from the Platinum Trio , from the fundamental optimism that is....SPS!! and remember....if you must do the walk of shame....stride with pride!! Welcome to the show and tell your friends... the boys are back in town!!

  • 01:55

    Great Moustache Conclusion

    in Family

    A stache will come and go but.....A great Moustache is forever!! Tonight SPS will introduce to you the contestants for the Great Moustache Challenge!! Enough said!! Welcome to the Show!!

  • 01:54

    In The Wake Of Heart Ache SPS Is Calling For An Armistice

    in Current Events

    The sleeping giant that is SPS has awaken!! Upon the actions given and the words the innocent foresaken. We are here reunited Dj Smelly Kat The Great Slambumptious The Vulumptious Tamilicious are back are back the flame of hope has been ignited. So sit back throw your hairpiece back and give us a listen.We'll keep it on point clear the air of the backbiting and the dissin.  You are welcome to speak your peace get things of your chest get back at ease put your mind at rest. Give us a call send us a message a smoke signal a phone call. We got Tammys Top Ten Chi Rod Sightings news weather and sports, boobiish updates we got it all. So tune in tell a friend put that stagger back in yo swagger it's been to long.  SPS will Convalesce your distress so untill then keep yo head up Wikwemikong .

  • 01:49

    Harper is a Hoe: An SPS Broadcast

    in Politics

    Only when the last river is destroyed , when the last fish is caught and when the final deer is killed will people realize that we cannot eat money!! SPS is back with another Hot Thirsty Thursday episode to quench not only your thirst but your opinions as well!!So much happening in the lives of Aboriginal people due to Stephen Harper and there is alot at stake for the future of the culture and for the lives of the youth. DJ Smellykat alongside Mr Slambumptious and DJ Big D and DJ Tamilicious are in the studio this week to give anyone and everyone a chance to voice their concerns , whether you are able to come by the studio or call into the radio station your views can and will be heard courtesy of The Stoned Poets Society!! Welcome to the show

  • 02:21

    March Break Madness and Mayhem Kick Off

    in Health

    Don't ask why, ask why not, because we got da show so hot, that we need a forest fire just to bring it down a Notch!!! Stoned Poets Society is gon be by your side to start off March Break and they have the Swagger in their Stagger, they get moves from Jagr and not Jagger!!! So slip into your thirstay thursday routine with the Seductive and Savvy DJ Smellykat,who's bringing the noise with his cohort the Terrible Tyrant Mr Slambumptious, who's deranged ear for language is only matched by the sweettalk of the Dizzying and Desirable DJ Tamilicious!!!! Humility doesn't play in this game and these Juggernauts of Blogtalk are ready to take ya to the Moon and back, because your now tuned into the Hottest show in Da Universe, No shirts or shoes required for service!!! We gonna be at the stars tonight, meet us there at 9PM!!!

  • 02:07

    The Doo Wop Cut Your Mop Barbershop Special

    in Fitness

    Ladies and Gentlemen,Thirsty Thursday is back in full effect to put the Swagger back in your Stagger and grace ya with the moves like Jagger!!! A day as thirsty as today wouldn't be complete without The Stoned Poets Society!!! We blew in with the wind,to get at it again,once again, we're full time SPS and not part-time and time again!!! Like always SPS gon be doing something real big tonight,cus that's what we do!! We're the mystical energy that magically bounces around the universe thru the airwaves to randomly bestow Listeners with Luck and Joy, and only we can do what we do,that's why we're doing what we do, and we do it so flamboyant, you may be tuning in from afar but SPS will make you feel so near and so close to the mojo,to the spirit and heart of Uncut and Uncensored radio!!! So don't be nervous cus we at your service, we gon put paint where it ain't!! We will give ya what ya want,what ya need, we gon tell ya like it is,not like it was!!! Enjoy 2 hours of easy sexuality and relaxed morality, Welcome to another Edition of SPS!!

  • 02:00

    La bienvenida al barrio, Johnny Cash Birthday Bash Routine

    in Fun

    80 years ago we were blessed with greatness....an outlaw was born and to him he bared the birth of sloppy sundays. So here we are kickin of the week in the best way so come have a few with the SPS crew join the bash as we celebrate the birth of Johnny Cash.  A special gosple hour of power take a drink if you ain't makin the rent hell  take another pop off and repent just don't  give up the SPS for Lent. We the best Dj's on the planet DJ Smelly Kat Mr Slambumptious Himself and the ever so lovely DJ Tamilicious all your favourite segments. 
    Doug will be our house band providing you with all your JC needs as well as a few  special guestsheck perhaps it  may be the master of ceremonies Chi-Rod himself who knows how the story may go.....until then ....keep yo head up Wikwemikong...

  • 02:02

    Often Imitated but Never Duplicated but Always Reciprocated

    in Radio

    Hey we go with another Thirsty Thursday Show from the Rez to the LCBO to the Ghetto ... and if you don't know .. now you know. Comin at you back on the boogie with bad ass beats hip Dj's phatter than Snookies Cookie.  We are here at your service winding and grinding that mojo you come to know and love so well we are flippin heaven from hell. 
    We got all your favourite segments slammin em beers you gave up for lent We will give you a taste of heaven with a glass filled to the brim from hellDj Smelly Kat is in the house bac on the grind with The Infamous Mr Slambumptious and the ever so lovely the vicious DJ Tamilicious rippin that shit up unrhearsed and unkut. So go ahead and put that swagger back in your stagger cause we be puttin the grooves back in you moves you know what screw Jagger.
    Go ahead and tune in turn it up let us turn you out it's another thirsty thursday so you know what thats about keep your snuggle tickets handy we got love thats sweeter than candy  .....so until then keep yo head up Wikwemikong. 

  • 02:00

    Thank Goodness It's Thirsty Thursday Boot Ceremony special E

    in Lifestyle

    The biggest sensation to uniting concrete Ndn's with a temoltulous taste of the top talent on the Rezervation. We are reaking havoc on the airwaves comin at you live as awlways on thirsty thursdays. So turn yo speekers up we tryna get you evicted this shyt is raw half kut uncut and unscrpited go ahead and give us a listen we're firin this  joint on all six pistons whatta sweet disposition.
    We got a special ceremony untiing the boots chi rod sightings and special news to kick off Wikys own Winter carnival.We have all your beloved segments with Your hosts DJ SmellyKat Mr Slambumptious and the very lovely DJ Tamilicious
    So tune in tonight get your cold ones chillied  and chilax with the Stoned Poets Society....till then keep you head up Wikwemikong .. 

  • 02:14

    Thank God It's ThirstyThursday Dipsomania Remission Edition

    in Entertainment

    If you're losing your soul and you know it, then you've still got a soul left to lose. So sit back chilax kick yo feet up and enjoy yourself a booze cruise. It's a short walk to the edge but quiet the long fall SPS is again in the house so come one come all. It's that time of the week again folks time for everyone's favourite broadcast hour with your favourite host's Mr Slambumpshisht DJ Smelly Kat and the wonderful DJ Tamilicious who concockted just the right amount of the sacred and the profane with pleasure and pain. So chill off some cold one's wash away the bitterness of yesterday with a big warm glass of you can go ahead and kiss my ass. The weekend is here so throw up pint of beer and get down with the hippest cats around the SPS crew is always comin at you with something new. We have all your favourite segments to cure all your ailments It`s the Thank God It`s Thirsty Thursday Dipsomania Remission Edition so go ahead and imbibe comw along for the ride cause anything worth doing is worth doing with a special swagger in your stagger. Get yourself a snuggle ticket and warm up to that special someone. Until then keep your head up Wikwemikong...