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    #251 Dave the Mystic Discussing the Spiritual Plane

    in Spirituality

    Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, November 23, at 8 PM Denver time for discussion of what the spiritual plane is like. There have been many books written about this experience from different angles and they will discuss these sense in some cases it’s based on regression, near-death experiences, channeling from those who have passed, or channeling from those who are higher spiritual beings. Some of the concepts might surprise you.

    The following books are suggested based on your interest for learning more about this wonderful topic.

    Walking In The Garden Of Souls    George Anderson and Andrew Barone

    Journey Of Souls – Case Studies Of Life Between Lives    Michael Newton, PhD

    Life In The World Unseen    Anthony Borgia

    Life on the Other Side    Sylvia Browne

    Dying to be Me    Anita Moorjani

    Life after life     Raymond Moody, MD

    Saved by the Light     Dannion Brinkley


    I will be taking calls during the show if you have questions about this topic.

    More information can be found out about Dave the Mystic at www.DavetheMystic.com .  Dave can be emailed at dbarnett@holisticbeliefs.com .

    Thanks for listening!


    Dave the Mystic

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    TRUE BLOOD's Dale Raoul talks HO HO HOUSING WORKS Xmas Event

    in Entertainment

    Dale Raoul (from True Blood and Under the Dome) talks about her upcoming appearance in the reading of Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory, also starring veteran actor Michael Kearns and Raymond Thompson -- Lighting Director for The Young & Restless as well as Dale's husband.  It  takes place on 11/22/15 at the Huffington Center at St. Sophia Cathedral.

    For more information about the 11/22 HO HO HOUSING WORKS Christmas event, see the following link:  

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    Real Estate Matters: Property Investing Nuts & Bolts with J.J. Pawlowski

    in Real Estate

    JJ Pawlowski with Uncommon Real Estate joins the two real estate powerhouses, hosts Tameka Bryant, and Kristi Porter to discuss property investing done right. Learn how to get started and learn as a realtor the different ways to make more money working with investors.

    To hear past episodes visit https://www.facebook.com/REMatters/?fref=ts

    To contact guest J.J. Pawlowski visit his website http://uncommonrealestate.com

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    Betty Andreasson Luca & Bob Luca on their true UFO-alien Abduction Experiences

    in Paranormal

    Of all the UFO and alien abduction stories investigaged and written about through the years, the one that stands out is Betty Andreasson Luca's and Bob Luca's encounters. Their story has withstood the test of time and ridicule as one of the best documented ufology cases of unearthly beings. In 1967, Betty Andreasson Luca was told by Alien Beings that much time would pass before her generation would believe her. Forty years later, Raymond E. Fowler investigated and authored the first series of books on Betty and Bob's case, The Andreasson Affair, followed by The Watchers and The Watchers II.

    Since their stories were made pubic, the United States Government felt it necessary to put Bob and Betty under FBI surveillance, tapping their telephone, harassing them with yearly IRS audits, and having low flights by unmarked black Military Helicopters over their home, They have been followed in cars with unissued license plates. The question is why? 

    Betty and her husband Bob discuss their story on Rainbow Vision, the urgent messages given to them by the aliens, and the possible reason for their abductions. Currently, they are working on their next book.

    Visit their website: www.andreassonaffair.com



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    TONIGHT-LIVE 9P ET: Lauren Herington, USA Today Golf Reporter Steve DiMeglio

    in Sports

    Guests are former NBA Cheerleader Lauren Herington and her attorney Scott Andresen (discussing her wage theft lawsuit against the Milwaukee Bucks), and USA Today’s golf reporter, Steve DiMeglio.  They will discuss the Steve Williams’ book Out of the Rough and his relationship with Tiger Woods.  Mr. DiMeglio has reported from the White House and the House that Ruth Built. Now follows setting sun and Tiger, Rory, Sergio, Ai, Beatriz, Suzann and others on the PGA and LPGA Tours for USA TODAY.

    Read Steve DiMeglio’s latest article here: Caddie Steve Williams defends using 'slave' to describe working for Tiger

    Steve Williams: Out of the Rough

    Out of the Rough is a candid reflection on his years caddying for Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Raymond Floyd, Terry Gale, Ian Baker-Finch and Adam Scott, and in it Williams shares the highs and lows of their careers, explains the critical role of a caddy and offers a rare insider’s view of the professional golfing world.

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    Jahari's F.L.Y. & Fit Magazine Debute With Writers

    in Women

    Hello Goddess, I " Jahari" am blessed and proud to debute Jahari's F.L.Y. & Fit Magazine and the I F.L.Y. Foundation; is an 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Goddesses I'm proof that you can be triumph over unfortunate aspects of adolescence; feelings of ineptness, unattractiveness and insignificance with "Goddesshood,""Goddessology", and an unequivocal promise to YOURSELF to invest and commit to your journey!

    Jahari's F.L.Y.& Fit Magazine provides amazing life changing tips from world renowned Coaches, Fitness Experts, Make Up Artist, and more. Our first online issues will be released November 18,2015. T h e  m a g a z i n e  i s complimentary,            d o n a t i o n  p r o c e e d s  w i l l  b e n e f i t  t h e I F .L .Y .  Foundation. Jahari's F.L.Y.& Fit Magazine has a target circulation of over 1,500 potential readers and growing daily.  Join Jahari and the writers of the Magzine; Inez Bracy, Pamela Burks, Tameka Calloway, Jenna Workman, Capt. Marty Ward, Pator Elect Jathy Riggins at 5:00pm EST.

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    Desire Is a Key to Wealth

    in Self Help

    (To hear the show in its entirety, go to, http://blog.designingyourlifetoday.com/blog or I-Tunes) Listen to Pat Council share why desire is one of the keys to achieving wealth and direct your life in the direction you believe you should be going in, and get the lifestyle you have been dreaming of and listen as Mario J. Payne of Raymond James Financial Services share tips on some of the retirement risks to avoid, so you can have a smooth transition toward your next phase in life.

    Register free for, "You Are a Powerful Masterpiece". Click here.

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    SID-Late Night-Live From Met-Life-Rex Hex Jets Lose/Rangers Win/*TRUST*IN*GOD**

    in Sports

     Well here it is again that late night,early morning fan favorite,informative and enlighting late night,early morning segement,'SID-Late Night'.
     ''Where you get it Last,First and Right''.And tonight and this morning,''Live'',from Met-Life Stadium in East Ruherford,New Jersey comes the,''Wingman'',Cedric''C-Wings'' Raymond. ''Wings'',joins the,good''Docthah'' and gives us all the 411 on the Jets 22-17 loss to their former head coach,Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills.Both teams are now 5-4 and Buffalo leads the season series,1-0.
    And Buffalo is now in sole possesion of second place in the division and the Jets have now lost three of their last four games.
     On the hockey front,the Rangers won their seventh straight game with a 6-3 win at MadisonSquare Garden against St.Louis.
    And for the second time in a week the Devils beat the world champion Chicago Black Hawks,3-2 and this time in Chi-Town.
    An unofficial report finds baseball immortal and hall of famer,Lou Brock losing a leg due to diabetes.


    ''Sometimes the Face of  GOD is not what people expect or think it should be.''

    ''You can be looking and still don't see.''

    ''You have to stop trying and start doing.''

    ''Your beauty is surpassed by vanity''

    ''You ain't a lot of things and not being my friend is at the top of the list.''

    Doc Stanley's Words Of Wit And Wisdom




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