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    Outa da Park

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    Outa da Park

    Join Jerry Chiles with special guest Caleb Yarling as they go over Major League Baseball today at 12pm ET/9am PT

    * American League

    * National League

    * Divisional races

    * Players on the horizon

    * If the season ended today

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303

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    "RYAN ROCKS IT ASBURY PARK STYLE" (live talk radio show) is going to have some FUN, FUN, FUN tomorrow night - Wednesday - 5/13 folks with my good friend JIM ARCOLEO. Jim is a member of the fabulous band "HOUND DOG'S", where the KING meets the JERSEY SHORE! And that is not all, two of the fantastic "SWEETHEARTS" will be joining "HOUND DOG'S" for a totally AWESOME opening band CELEBRATING 35 YEARS, yes, you heard it right THIRTY-FIVE YEARS of GREAT MUSIC by the much LOVED and ADMIRED BAND, "THEBSTREETBAND", a tribute to the BOSS!

    Stay tuned as I expect a call in from the one and only Sam Rooney, Founder of BIG ROONEY PRODUCTIONS for a little chat. This interview will be posted to my NANCY RYAN facebook page minutes after the interview and will be archived for your listening pleasure and convenience. If you want to listen live call 213.943.3559 at 5:30 PM. The archived show can be found at blogtalkradio.com/ryan-rocks-it-asbury-park-style
    PS Don't forget your DANCIN' SHOES. Peace, Nancy <3

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    Author2Author with Patricia Park

    in Writing

    Bill welcomes debut novelist Patricia Park to the show. Patricia's essays have been published in the New York Times, the Guardian, Slice Magazine, and many others.  Her first novel Re Jane, is a Korean-American retelling of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë set in NYC and Seoul. Don't miss it!

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    "RYAN ROCKS IT ASBURY PARK STYLE" (live talk radio show). It is my pleasure to announce my next special guest is the very special and talented mr. RAY, RAY ANDERSEN, Singer-Songwriter-Musician and anti-bullying advocate. Be sure to tune in Thursday evening May 7 TH at 5:30 PM. To listen live call 213.943.3559. This most important interview will post directly on my Nancy Ryan facebook page minutes after the interview. Should you miss the live broadcast, no worries as the interview will be archived for your listening pleasure and convenience via blogtalkradio.com/ryan-rocks-it-asbury-park-style. Peace, Nancy <3

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    Ep#95 - Baltimore Protests, GMO's, News, & Open Lines

    in Entertainment

    Tonight starting at 9:05pm EST! We will be going over the recent news and also the recent protests and riots in Baltimore. We have callers who will be calling in who attended the protests to share their perspectives. 

    Also, we're debuting our newest segment "Satanic Hollywood Update with James Robert Wright", which is purely for entertainment, so don't get the wrong idea! Lines will be open throughout the night, so if you have something you'd to talk about or just need to blow off some steam, please call in. We may even be discussing this weekend's PPV boxing scam of the century match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao if we have time!

    **We also will have activist/videographer Jeffrey McCarthy calling in to discuss a recent GMO labeling in the works. 

    So tune in, call in, and enjoy! 


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    "RYAN ROCKS IT ASBURY PARK STYLE" (live talk radio show) is happy and excited to announce my next special guest is the LOVELY, MARTA ELENA. Promoter, Event Planner, Booking Agent at "Jersey Music Live Productions, LLC. Marta has been a long time promoter of local talent especially in the ASBURY PARK area. Our Fun, Fun, Fun interview will be Wednesday, April 6 TH at 5:30 PM. The interview will go on my Nancy Ryan page minutes after the live show and archived for your listening pleasure and convenience. You can also go to blogtalkradio.com/ryan-rocks-it-asbury-park-style for a listen.

    Be sure to be at the "FRIENDS OF DANNY", A Musical Celebration to benefit the DANNYFUND for Melanoma Research. It is going to be quite the event with tons of great Music and FUN! A great benefit for a great cause.
    Event: 5/09/2015 at BAR A in Belmar, NJ Time: 1PM - 9 PM. Peace, Nancy heart emotion

    Host: Nancy Ryan also a proud member of the Hamilton Radio Family in Trenton, NJ. :-)

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    Protests, Riots, and Mother of The Year

    in Current Events

    You hear it in the news, see it on social media, different situations that involves the police arresting an individual that turns deadly. When do we as society  say ENOUGH??? With the most recent riots in Maryland what exactly is considered "mother of the year"?  How do we move forward? Tune into Icandi After Dark as we discuss this topic and share opinions.

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    A Theory of Parenting - Central Park NYC

    in Parents


    Welcome to A Theory of Parenting on Blogtalkradio.com

    My name is Tammi Joyner

    I am your Host for the Show

    Today we are doing a recap on our visit to Central Park in NYC 

    For More Info go to www.centralparknyc.org

    but before we tell more about our exploration I would like to mention the location for todays show

    we are live from the 805 Third Avenue (49th and 50th Street) - The Crystal Pavilion

    www.untappedcities.com says:  This tri-leveled lunch hotspot is best accessed at the street level via a wide, right-angled circulation corridor, which also connects the Third Avenue and East 50th Street entrances. The concourse level, reached by escalator near the Third Avenue entrance has the most amount of tables and services, and is the spot where during mid-day, when the sun comes bursting through the windows, one can look up and literally be dazzled by the space’s volume and design.

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    "Mind Riot: How Media Coverage of Public Protests Amplify Negative Behavior"

    in Politics

    "Mind Riot: How Media Coverage of Public Protests Amplify Negative Behavior" We'll be discussing coverage of the protests and riots in Baltimore in both mainstream and alternative media, with a particular focus on what I consider a dishonest claim by independent sources that the mainstream media has "deliberately covering up" peaceful protests. Why is the focus always negative? What can we do to change it? Is the mainstream media as much at fault as we like to think, and to what degree is the alternative media guilty of hypocrisy or dishonesty in their criticism of their mainstream counterparts? Joining guest host John Henry is Alex Freeman, Journalist and Editor for The Fifth Column News, as he take your calls and discusses this important issue. Who is right, who is wrong, and why? John will be looking forward to hearing from YOU live tomorrow at 3pmEST/Noon Pacific on 'Lunch with Louden!' on Coffee Party Radio.

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    Nats Nightly: Nationals drop 8-3 decision to Padres in rainy Petco Park

    in Baseball

    Doug Fister was up in the zone and the San Diego Padres hit him hard in what ended up an 8-3 loss to the San Diego Padres in Petco Park. Padres' catcher Derek Norris hit a three-run home run and a two-run triple against the team that drafted him.

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    SCFE Fantasy Baseball Podcast: 1.09 Back to the Park

    in Sports

    Tonight I'll be joined by staff writer Stefan Zonia and Joe Bond to talk all things fantasy baseball. Now that we're officially in May we'll check in on some player trends to see if we think they'll continue or fizzle out.

    Since one out of two top players seems to be on the DL we'll discuss stashing philosophy and how to go about trading for injured players.

    While that's all wel and good, I intend to pull some strategy tips out of Stefan for our second go round in a Shandler Park league. Joe got 1st, Stefan got 2nd. I got 2nd to last. We'll discuss how & who we drafted for our second (and hopefully more successful) teams as well. All that and more tonight!