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    Episode 2 - Tai Chi Generations

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    In this episode we will be interviewing Stephen McLaughlin of White Cloud Kung Fu Academy as we discuss the practice of lineage succession. Located in Blackburn, Lancashire of the United Kingdom. White Cloud Kung Fu Academy was founded by Sifu Derek Gordon in 1962 and is today guided by 2 of his students, Dave Cowell & Head Coach Bill Keith, both with more than 40 years of Martial Arts experience. Steven McLaughlin is one of 2 senior instructors both with nearly 2 decades of continuous Martial Arts experience under their belt. He currently teaches Long Boxing(Chang Chuan), Wing Chun, Hsing-I , Bagua Zhang and Yang style Taiji Chuan. He began his training in Chinese Gong Fu at the age of 6 and at age 20 he received his 3rd rank of black belt in 2010. 

    Lineage succession is the practice of grooming specific students to act as a vessel of transmission for a particular martial style. Tai Chi Chuan is one style in particular that uses lineage documentation much like a family tree to trace its roots and origination. These lineage holders are then entrusted to become caretakers of a particular style ensuring their art continues to thrive in its entirety. Lineage succession is predominantly practiced throughout Asia but we are finding that this method of knowledge preservation is also surfacing in the Asian martial arts in the western world. 

    Although White Cloud Kung Fu Academy does not officially use Lineage succession the principles of personal growth, self-realization, and lifetime cultivation, are carefully fostered and guided. Steven Mclaughlin is now the 3rd generation of instructors at White Cloud Kung Fu academy.

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    The Healing Powers of Tai Chi

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    In this show we will expand on our topic from last time (June 7) with our returning guest, Aliya.  We'll talk more in depth on her roots and her decision to turn to Tai Chi as a healing source of energy.  If you caught our last program, you'll want to tune into this one too and find out more about the healing powers of Tai Chi!
    Please visit these sites - www.taichifusion.com, www.taichilee.com and www.tennistaichi.com

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    A Long Tai Chi Friendship

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    I have found as a Tai Chi teacher and player that I have made many lasting friendships over the years and my guest in this episode of Tai Chi Inspiration is no exception.  Donna is a long-time friend and teacher and she'll share with you her roots and philosophy and will probably have a good story or two for us as well!  Don't miss it!
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    Tai Chi as a group fitness class

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    Greetings Group Fitness Instructor peeps!

    As I finished my tai chi practice this morning, I was inspired to record this show. 

    What's MindBody fitness? What does that even mean? I describe how I interpret MindBody fitness and why it is important that GFIs pay attention to this essential healing practice.

    Questions explored include:

    How do we adapt a tai chi class successfully to a group fitness format?

    How do instructors create a standard format for teaching tai chi to students

    Is tai chi for fighting or healing in the group fitness arena?

    Can fitness instructors learn to mimic martial arts forms effectively?

    Do instructors need to know the martial (fighting) aspects of tai chi to teach it?

    How long will it take before you can start teaching a tai chi class?

    How is a tai chi class structured for a 30-minute session?

    And more....

    You can connect to me on my Facebook page as MindBody Group Fitness Arts Foundation.




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    From The Heart of Yoga & Tai Chi Center with Rick Powell and Behnje Masson

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    From The Heart was envisioned as an educational center rooted in traditional practices, with the understanding that they are continually changing and evolving art forms. We provide an atmosphere of serenity and support in which to cultivate health, well-being and to focus on the inner self.

    Behnje is an E-RYT 500 Certified Hatha Yoga teacher with over over 15 years teaching experience. She began her study of Anusara Yoga with John Friend in 1997. She received her certification in 2004 and served on the National Certification Board for Anusara Yoga for 8+ years.

    Rick has studied Tai-Chi Jeung and Tai Chi Praying Mantis Kung Fu with Lee Hoa Yen since 1984. In 1987 Rick was accepted as an "In door" Disciple of Sifu Lee Hoa Yen. In 1990 Sifu Lee granted Rick 1 of the 5 teaching certifications he has given out since moving to America.

    Visit online http://www.fromtheheartyoga.com

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    Episode 8 - Combat Tai Chi with Richard Clear

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    Richard Clear is an Internationally Known Si Gung  and Guru Tiga. He began his study of the Internal Arts, Kung Fu, Silat and Tibetan Arts in 1976. He is the inheritor of a family lineage of Kung Fu including the Internal Arts of Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Hsing-I and PaKua (Ba Gua) as well as Fukien Shaolin Methods including  such styles as Monkey, Drunken Style, Five Animal Kung Fu (Tiger, Snake, Crane, Leopard and Dragon), Wing Chun, Praying Mantis, Dim Mak/Dim Hsueh and many others. He is a senior student and lineage holder in Kun Tao Silat under Martial Arts Living Legend Si Tai Gung (Great Grand Master) and Guru Besar Willem de Thouars. Si Gung Clear is also a qualified instructor in Systema Russian Martial Arts.

    Si Gung Clear and his highly successful schools and Martial Art Systems have been featured on Fox National News, Millionaire Magazine, Inside Kung Fu Magazine, The St. Pete Times, Florida Sports Magazine, as well as other local Tampa, Florida television and media.

    Si Gung Clear currently travels nationally and internationally teaching corporate seminars, and provides private coaching for teachers and clients at his home near the Tennessee Smoky Mountains. 

    Si Gung Clear also has published a book called Chi Energy - Activation, Cultivation and Flow. Though he is most notable for his Combat tai chi system; a system that conveys health cultivation, internal power, and self-defense through a very effective practical learning method.  

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    Rebroadcast of "The Spirituality of Tai Chi"

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    This is a rebroadcast of a show that aired in July.
    In this episode of Tai Chi Inspiration, we welcome back our special guest from last time, Donna, with more stories to share among great friends.  This time we'll focus more on what Donna is up to now with her Christian Shaolin Academy and what she plans for the future.  You won't want to miss this one as we share stories, laughter and reminisce!

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    Tai Chi as an aid in Recovery

    in Spirituality

    In this episode of Tai Chi Inspiration we will speak to our special guest, Richie V. about how he has used the meditative aspect of tai chi to help in his recovery process.  Rich exercises a twelve step program through AA and regularly practices tai chi and other mind/body, meditative disciplines.

    In addition, Rich is a Vietnam veteran who may be suffering the affects of PTSD.  His tai chi practice helps him to calm his mind and opens muscles and joints to the flow of internal energy - chi.

    Find out why Rich chose to practice tai chi and what benefits he has experienced as a result.  Let's also take this time to honor our veterans.
    Please visit:
    follow me on Twitter @LeeTaiChi

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    Tai Chi for Better Balance

    in Spirituality

    In this episode of Tai Chi Inspiration we will discuss some of the many benefits of practicing tai chi. Research has proven that continual practice can improve hand-eye coordination and can significanly improve balance to prevent falls.
    Our special guest this week is Carrie, a realtively new tai chi player but dedicated to gaining the benefits of practice.  Tune in to find out how Carrie came to tai chi and why she continues her practice.
    Please visit these other resources:
    Tai Chi Lee on examiner.com
    Tai Chi Lee
    Tai Chi Fusion

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    Simple Tai Chi For Life Whether You Are 9 or 90! with Caroline Welkin

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    Barry Danser, member of the Tai Chi union of Great Britain, talks about how tai chi can energise, enervate and preserve quality of life in just a few minutes a day whether you are 9 or 90.

    Barry has been doing tai chi for 35 years. The changes it brought into his life, changed to a passion for sharing these profound and simple techniques with all age groups.

    In this programme he shares some of his favourite techniques, and the results he has seen, from his workshops in the UK with you.

    Join us in this podcast to learn and practise this simple exercise form and experience its benefits.

    You can read more about Barry at http://www.wakeupandbreathe.com/go

    Angel Heart Radio is feel good-in-your-soul radio brimming with inspiring, insightful, supportive programs hosted by wonderful, passionate 'ordinary' people from Australia, the U.S.A & N.Z. Our intention always, is to help make a positive, empowering difference in your daily life, reminding you of just how important you are. Why? Because you matter in the world. 

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    Tai Chi and professional group fitness instructors

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    Attention hard-core Professional Group Fitness Instructors (PGFI)

    There may come a time in your fitness life when you have to slow down. Yes, YOU! Even Jack LaLanne eventually slowed down and he was a persistant and dedicated exerciser. Perhaps, for many of you, it is a challenge to slow down and the idea even makes you uncomfortable. 

    Tai Chi changed my life

    My personal journey, as first a professional group fitness instructor (someone whose primary source of income is teaching group fitness classes), then, evenutally, becoming a tai chi instructor, has inspired me to share my story with other GFPI.

    The take-away here is that PGFIs who begin to study and practice this internal martial arts will benefit tremedously. It can also be another source of income targeting the expanding demand in the fitness industry for elder-friendly exercise. 


    What is tai chi
    Tai Chi in the fitness world
    Story of my personal journey as a PGFI who started practicing tai chi
    Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan
    Tune in to next week's show when we interview Sifu Ahmad Ptah El

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