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    Creating Altered Boxes

    in Entertainment

    Ideas in using recycle materials to make shadow boxes and art pieces.

    Materials: Cereal boxes, other food boxes such as pasta, boxed food items, broken toys, computer parts, jewelry pieces, silverware, wood pieces, plastic eating tools, old cookie cutters, pages from old phone books, pages from magazines, wires, broken clocks, screws, broken metal pieces, and anything one may find interesting.

    Tools: Hammer, tweezers, jewelry glue, tacky glue, 600 glue, glue gun, screws, wire, inks, paint, brushes, and sponges.

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    In the language of the Ojibwe/Anishinaabe people, there is no word for Goodbye

    in Relationships

    Last night's episode only proves that somebody is threatened.  However, to plant an uneducated, street person in our casino episode was menacing and tacky.  That is why our station was forced to delete the episode and start over tonight.  Tonight we are discussing how one should break ties with the New Year 2016 and handpick their friends more carefully.    Don't be fooled by the title.  The Sasquatch society may invade the show as they have before.  Listener beware:  All guest callers will be screened.

    In Anishinaabemowin, the language of the Ojibwe/Anishinaabe people, there is no word for “goodbye.” The Ojibwe/Anishinaabe view life and all relationships therein (inanimate and animate worlds) as being interrelated forming a circle—once something or someone enters our life circle they continue to exert an influence throughout the remainder of our lives even if we do not encounter or see that thing or person again in any direct way. Accordingly, as an expression of this life view, the Ojibwe/Anishinaabe do not say goodbye when we part ways with one another, but rather, we say Giga-wabamin Menawah—“see you again.”   

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    Be Tacky!

    in Family

    Are you afraid of being tacky? Do you try your hardest to fit in and be like everyone else? Are you trying so hard to fit in that you have forgotten what makes you special and unique? Tonight we'll talk about how it's good to be different. And more importantly, how it's to your advantage to be authentically YOU!

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    JCHC Slam and Dance Show - Christmas show with Tacky Little Hatshop

    in Religion

    Welcome to the last episode of The JCHC Slam and Dance Show for 2013. Tonight we will be playing Christmas songs that you might not always hear on radio as well as the usual format of JCHC sweat treats of musical fun.

    This episodes guests are Tacky Little Hatshop. The two main members that I interview are sisters, Annie and Enya Preston. Tacky Little Hat Shop which is primarly a Christian Indie band was formed by Annie Preston and Enya Preston in the summer of 2008. The sister duo consisted of acoustic guitar, banjo, keyboard, and accordion.
    Things from retro video games to antique novels to modern anime influence their experimental folk/indie music.
    In their spare time, Annie and Enya enjoy hiking, making short films, photography and sewing. From time to time you will see some of their hand-sewn items for sale at their merch table!

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    in Current Events

    Another TOTR is on the way with me and Steve Baxley tonight. The InTown Suites CallLine is (347)850-8891.

    Some of what we will talk about includes:

    *Is Matt Stafford still on a bye weeek?

    *For the second time in 7 years, the Detroit Lions is staring 0-16 staring them in the face...what gives?]

    *In spite of Coach Sark's leave of absence from USC..."FIGHT ON!!!"

    *Last week, a news director here in Norfolk was fired the morning of her birthday...how tacky.

    *MLB and Raw recaps.

    *Brett Bielema has an $18 Million dollar buyout if he gets fired from Arkansas...I wonder how much is Lions head coach Jim Caldwell's buyout?

    *Why is Chase Utley playing baseball tonight?

    *And there is more in store!

    Join us!!!

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    Florence SC schools facing violence threats early in school year; Trump vs GOP

    in Politics Conservative


    The Florence County Sheriff's Office is aware of an apparent Facebook threat to public schools in the heart of Pee Dee Region of SC currently being circulated on the Internet. Although there is no solid evidence of the threat being real, Investigator Chad Collins of the Florence County Sheriff's Office will be joining us "In the Pickle Barrel" to discuss the threat. We will also be discussing school safety, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse and other Major Crime issues. 

    Perhaps we can convince Investigator Collins to put some handcuffs through Donald Trump's lips so he can resist saying tacky things about women and fellow candidates. Some say The Don may have crossed the line. Opponents are beginning to say enough is enough. It appears the the ignored candidates are ready to take the fight to Trump. Hey, at least they will get a little attention.  

    Join in the conversations in the real time Chat Room or by calling (toll free) 855-236-2486 to share your thoughts live on air.

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    Shark Dropper Episode 75 (Trash)

    in Comedy

    Robert, John, and Kyle, are joined by Nick. Kyle shows off his new and improved improv skills to the rest of the guys. They talk about Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. Kyle talks about The Monkeys, and Robert tells a joke. They move on to E3 annoucements and games they are excited. The guys talk about the subtle nuances behind the character of Micheal Myers. Kyle brings up Spielberg directing Poltergeist and tacky movie-making, which leads into horror movie re-makes. Robert takes on the problem with the world's trash. Robert, John, and Kyle all react after having watched Lifetime's A Deadly Adoption, and talk salesmen fails. 

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    Bryant Park - film Festival

    in Parents


    Welcome to A theory of parenting on blogtalkradio.com 

    my name is tammi joyner

    I am your host for the show

    today we are live from bryant park nyc

    we are here to enjoy the film festival

    the film on the calendar is entitled, "I Am NO Angel"

    5:00pm | Lawn

    presented by Bank of America

    Mae West plays a platinum blonde lion tamer in a tacky carnival and becomes the toast of NYC. One of cinema's greatest comedy/musicals, written by Mae West, co-starring a young Cary Grant, and featuring some of the most enduring lines in film. When she’s good, she's VERY good. (1933) 87 min. (NR) Universal

    HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival
    presented by Bank of America
    Classic films under the stars on the big screen. Bring a blanket and sit on the lawn to enjoy great food, friends, plus a classic Warner Brothers cartoon before each film.

    The lawn opens at 5:00pm for blankets and picnicking. Films begin at sunset (typically between 8pm and 9pm).

    All packages, bags, briefcases, backpacks, etc. subject to inspection.


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    The danger of too many...DISTRACTIONS!!!!

    in Christianity

    We all have them. These are clever, and sometimes not so clever, tactics of the enemy to get you off your square, your grind, your PURPOSE. We are going to expose these tacky attempts to divert us, and come out VICTORIOUS!!! Join me and my co-host Tyrone Tyson as we go in on DISTRACTIONS!!!!

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    Its tacky Thursday!

    in Comedy

    Thats right tacky Thursday! What was so tacky that had you shaking your head!

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    Size doesn't matter. Tips to make a small room seem bigger. Let's talk.

    in Design

    Does size matter when it comes to achieving amazing design? Kelly Edwards says no, size doesn't matter. Let's talk tips to making a small room seem bigger.

    It seems like the shelter world of design and construction is becoming more obsessed with size. And, we're all talking about small spaces and tiny houses these days for sustainability, lower expenses, and for a less stressful lifestyle.

    But, can you achieve stunning, comfortable spaces in a small footprint? We're talking tips with expert designer Kelly Edwards. Author of the 'Design Cookbook,' Kelly was the co-host and design coordinator for HGTV's 'Design on a Dime' as well as STYLE Network's 'Tacky House.' She's also shared home decorating tips for Shelter Pop.