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    Mary Lou Munroe Rey - She's Hosting LIVE!

    in Spirituality

    Brisbane's Beauty - Mary Lou Munroe Rey returns to talk about spirituality, intuitive questions, energies and so much more!

    If you've enjoyed Mary Lou's recent guest appearances, Mary Lou does a TAKE OVER of the show!  She's running the show today!  

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask her a question or comment

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    Mary Lou Munroe Rey: Brisbane Australia Update!

    in Spirituality

    Time to head back down under and warm up with Brisbane, Australia's Mary Lou Munroe Rey!  It's summer time and everything is hot hot hot - includuing an update on how the Evolve Expo event went for her on Sunday!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask a question!

    Mary Lou will also speak on her upcoming writing projects, essential oils and healing she uses in her practice.


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    Margo Rey returns with a message of Hope and Darelicous!

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    Margo Rey joined us earlier this year to share her incredible music and charitable work with Brides Against Breast Cancer, as well as her own journey through the disease as a two time "cancer warrior." Margo Rey's music has captured audiences worldwide with unforgettable melodies and connection to life's greatest struggles. Her biggest hit, "Let the Rain" — co-written with the legendary John Oates — remained on the charts for 21 weeks. She then generated more than 2 million dollars with the song to benefit the non-profit Brides Against Breast Cancer (BABC).

    Margo Rey began performing at just 11 years of age. A native of Mexico, she's fluent in English and Spanish, and possesses conversational skills in French and Italian. It's no wonder she's been able to deliver her alternative pop songs in eight languages! Now, Margo isn't only promoting the "I Do!" campaign for BABC, she's also teamed up with her husband Ron White on a Darelicious challenge to raise $10K!

    Margo says, "education and personal support are just as critical as prompt medical treatment." She volunteered her time to be the national ambassador for "Brides Against Breast Cancer" while undergoing chemotherapy and planning her own wedding to the famous comedian and actor Ron "Tater Salad" White. Margo is also about to re-release her holiday EP, This Holiday Night just in time for the holiday season featuring the original title track, “Silent Night,” and “Toyland” and just recorded  a Spanish version of “This Holiday Night.” We'll share some of Margo Rey's latest music and hear about Ron White's hilarious dare campaign in support of BABC, as well as get his take on being a caregiver.


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    Mary Lou Munroe Rey: Live from Brisbane, Australia!

    in Spirituality

    Join Rated G Radio LIVE Monday night 10pE/7pW (and Tuesday afternoon in Brisbane, Australia) when we welcome Mary Lou Munroe Rey to the show!

    Mary Lou is a Natural Therapist and Soul Healer, as well as an author, writer, singer, entertainer and so much more!

    Tune in and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the fun banter we'll have and how quickly the hour will pass!

    Contact Mary Lou via email:   earthtouchwholistichealing@gmail.com

    Call in @ 323 657-1493 to ask a question, too!

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    Political T&T With Travis Pope and Oklahoma Tomcat

    in Politics Conservative

    Discussing todays issues

    Trucker's news on heat dangers because of no idle laws. talked about Nukes coming up missing under Bush, 11 Comercial Jetliners missing, Discussed Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's new legislation to keep people who have U.S. Passports that fought with ISIS from returning to the States. Talked about  Article 3 Section 3 of the US Constitution. talked about 6000 missing visa holders. ISIS Laptop found to have interestging information on biological warfare and videos from Osama Bin Laden.

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    Singer/ Actress Margo Rey

    in Indie Music

    Born Margarita Reymundo Jurado, in Acapulco, Mexico, the youngest of five children, Margo Rey had entertainment in her blood. Her mother, Juana-Amparo Jurado, was a flamenco dancer, and her father, Alejandro Reymundo, was a cliff diver of the famous La Quebrada cliffs. When Margo was two, the couple moved to Ft. Worth, Texas to raise their family. She is the great niece of the smoldering, Oscar-winning, Hollywood actress, Katy Jurado. Her parents raised onecomedian, Alex Reymundo, one writer, Ana Cristina Reymundo, two chef/restaurateurs, Antonio Reymundo and Gabriela (Reymundo) Pataro, and one singer/songwriter, musician and actress Margo Rey. 

    In Texas, Margo laid her professional foundation with over a decade of classical music training under the exclusive tutelage of classical voice professor, Dr. Luther Stripling.  At 16 years of age, she sang arias by day, and by night she fronted an all original,allfemale rock band, Debutante (The Debs).  Margo moved to Los Angeles to pursue and create music on her own terms while supporting herself as a voice over and on screen actress.

    Margo    Rey    is    a    breast    cancer    survivor,    but    as    she    prefers    to    call    it    –    a    breast    cancer    warrior. In     the     midst     of     battling     breast     cancer,     Margo     hasn’t     stopped     pursuing     her     music.

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    SWAG Radio Presents: Authoress Miz T

    in Books

    This evening we will be talking with Authoress Miz T. 

    About the Author

    Teresa Mason Browning is a woman of true insight and a lively spirit.  She is the author of two bestselling novels, “Why I Kept My Past A Secret” and “Now That The Secrets Are Out” and has traveled many places as a motivational speaker. Her latest releases, “Living Free of the Secrets” and “A Black Man’s Pain”, are soon to become national best sellers as well.  Teresa was born in Oklahoma, but was raised in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. She now resides in South Carolina with her significant other that helps keep her the jovial woman she is today.

    From the Author

    What I enjoy most as a writer is the joy that others receive from reading my novels.

    I had to learn the business of becoming a writer from the ground up.  I have gone through some scrapes and bruises but found that if you keep God first you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. The words “No” or “Can't” have never been an option for me.

    I first discovered my passion for writing at the early age of 13.  I would sit alone and write for hours about my thoughts, dreams and the people around me.  I wrote in my private journal every day.  After many years had passed I decided to take my journals and put my thoughts in book form.

    As a self-published author, I actually didn't start putting my work together for a novel until my children were in there last few years of high school, so it was very easy to find time to capture my thoughts.  My children were very supportive in my goal of becoming a writer.




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    Unlimited Life - Rey Viquez - Mission Street Grants

    in Youth

    Join Host Nicole Brandon for 90 minutes at 4 PM Eastern.

    Host Nicole Brandon is one of the most sought after speakers in the world today. From Health, and Wellness to Wealth and Ultimate Success her seemingly unlimited well of information is simply mind boggling.

    Please visit Nicole's website:


    Nicole's Guest:

    Rey Viquez


    M. Arch. I - Master of Architecture, UCLA Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning

    BIA - Bachelor of Interior Architecture, The School Of The Art Institute of Chicago, SAIC

    BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts, The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, SAIC

    25+ years of experience in Integrated Architecture and Interiors


    The Rey3 Design Collaborative is an architectural and design company that places a premium on creativity and customer satisfaction. We provide comprehensive architectural and interior design services for residential, commercial and hospitality properties. By placing absolute importance on understanding the particular needs and wishes of our clients, we deliver an uncompromisingly high standard of personal services, creativity, and a one-of-a-kind experience.?


  • Chowan Discovery Group, Marvin T. Jones

    in Education

    Author & Historian Marvin T. Jones, Excutive Director & owner of Marvin T. Jones and Associates, specilizing in corporate communications photography and photographicdesign. His love of the community of his birth led him to create the now defunct Rowan-Chowan.com website, a personal website of stories and photo essays. jones is a native of Cofield, North Carolina; he attended the Winton Triangle's C.S. Brown School and graduated from Ahoskie High School.

    Marvin also wrote a chapter in Carolina Genesis, Beyond The Color Line and presents the first history of the Winton Triangle. Marvin's essay "The Leading Edge of Edges-The Tri-Racial People of the Winton Triangle", tells the story of a people who emerge from the meeting of the New and Old Worlds and how they created success from century to century in northeastern North Carolina. Highlights of the essay include: Origins of the Winton Triangle and the Triangle's contrbution to the Civil War in expanding freedom in the United States, Founding of Pleasant Plains Baptist Church & the C.S. Brown & Robert L. Vann Schools, and the achievements of their members & graduates. Leadership in worship, education, business & government.

    Associates; Laverne Jones, Director & Dr. Harold Mitchell, Director.

    Mission of the Chowan Discovery Group is to Collect, Preserve & present materials that describe & illustrate the Winton Triangle history. Dating back to the 1740's, North Carolina's Winton Triangle is one of the oldest communities if land-owning people of color in America. The Triangle originally encompassing the towns of Winton, Cofield & Union. In the late 19th century the Triangle expanded toward the newly incorporated town of Ahoskie.

    Read Full Discription of Edpisode Here


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    The Rory T. Edwards show with Sheila Robinson

    in Entertainment

    The Rory T Edwards show with Sheila Robinson will elevate your attitude to increase your altitude, through the process of communication, wisdom, vision, experience, structures & actions which will empower you to take responsibility for the outcomes of your most precision possession, YOU !! 

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