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    "Plan B Distracts From Plan A" - Sean Chessman, SYTYCD Judge & Choreographer

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    Sean Chessman is internationally renowned and has worked with some of the world's top entertainers, including Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Vanessa Williams, Carmen Electra, Tina Turner, Queen Latifah, and Britney Spears.

    Most recently Sean was one of the producers, creative directors and choreographers for Andrew Lloyd Webber's search for a Dorothy on the TV show Over The Rainbow (airing in Canada). Choreographer and Head Judge on the reality show/dance competition Dirty Dancing: Time of Your Life. One of the only choreographers to have judged and choreographed for #SYTYCD in the USA, Canada and UK. Choreographer and Mentor for the T4 show Musicool.

    Sean studied at the Alvin Ailey Dance Center in New York. He toured with Janet Jackson as a choreographer and dancer. He subsequently choreographed the Diamonds and Pearls tour for Prince, as well as tours for Faith Hill, No Angels, and is currently working on ad campaigns for Nike and Bacardi.

    Sean appeared in and choreographed for the movie The Bodyguard. Television works include Guys Next Door, Soul Train Awards and Janet Jackson's Saturday Night Live performance.

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    Working Non-Stop After #sytycd - Ricky Palomino

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    Ricky Palomino is today's #Life101 guest. Watch him tonight on Abby's Ultimate Dance Challenge. Listen now to how this #SYTYCD artist stays encouraged, works w/ Mia Michaels & knows that hard work & initiative trump #dance technique.
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    Sexual Favors for More Pay and Camera Time - DWTS, Chelsie Hightower

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    She does not have a natural sense of confidence, but her steady foundation and ability to tactfully say, NO, landed Chelsie Hightower at the top of her game on #DWTS. This fan fav from #SYTYCD, shares details about how to gain self worth, and what it means when a late night text from a man she’d just met says, “I HAVE A PROPOSITION FOR YOU.” 

    Chelsie says, “They’ll treat you the way you treat yourself.” #Life101 #asklaurie #talkradioforsmartdancers #talkradio4smartdancers

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    Chelsie Hightower

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    Chelsie Hightower joined the cast of ABC's DANCING WITH THE STARS in its 8th season and wowed audiences with her dancing skills as a profesional dancer for 7 seasons. Still a fan favorite from SYTYCD, she occasionally makes a guest appearance as an all-star. In 2010 she received her first Creative Emmy nomination for Outstanding Choreogrpahy for the DANCING WITH THE STARS routine, Paso Doble/Malaquena which she co-choreographed with fellow DWTS pro Derek Hough. Chelsie began dancing and competing at a young age, winning her first national title at age 11. She competed with Team USA in 2005 in Latin Style and helped Team USA place 3rd. During that same year she represented the USA at the Worlds for the Standard style of ballroom held in Lavita.

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    Today is Nothing But Great; Evolving as a Dancer - Chris Koehl #sytycd 8

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    In high school, Chris Koehl decided to make dancing his career. He auditioned for #sytycd 3 times: 1st time, nothing. 2nd time, green mile. 3rd time, top 20. 

    Chris explains what he did to evolve not just as dancer, but as human being. He says if you don't address life's critical questions, you're missing out on life itself. 

    Chris discusses why young people are distracted from their dreams & shares steps they can take to move forward. He's passionate about the connection between life & dance.  

    "Pride can keep you from growing." ~ @d8ChrisK

    Chris's TV credits include #Glee, #Bunheads & Disney's Shake It Up. He danced in Jermaine Jackson's Blame It On The Boogie & Alyson Stoners, Boyfriend videos. On stage in LA, Chris performed in Premios Billboard de la Musica Mexicana. 

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    Instagram Questions Answered & Why The Haters Came For Her - Clarice Ordaz

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    Clarice Ordaz answers questions from dancers on Instagram, and talks candidly about dealing with the "haters" who tweeted nasty things about her during her #sytycd, season 8 appearance. 

    Clarice trained at West Coast School of the Arts in Orange and was a contestant of “So You Think You Can Dance” season 8, making it to the top 10. She has danced on episodes of “Blunt Talk”, “Shake It Up”, “The X Factor ” season 2 and in a special flash mob for the season premiere of “Hell’s Kitchen” season 11. Clarice has worked with Ariana Grande and Olivia Holt in the Lythgoe Family Production of “A Snow White Christmas” and “Sleeping Beauty and Her Winter Knight”. She has also performed on BET Awards with Trey Songz, ALMA Awards, Grammys, Brit Awards, CMT Awards, Billboard Awards, and  performed in the Summertime Ball in London. In 2013, she was selected to be 1 of 6 girls on Taylor Swift’s RED World Tour. 


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    Wrong Turns, 6 Months in Wheelchair & Overcoming Self-Doubt - Stacey Tookey

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    Your dance career really gets started when you bouce back from being knocked down a few times. 

    Stacey Tookey is a multitalented, director, choreographer and dancer who has worked with Celine Dion, Bette Midler, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Buble. She performed with Mia Michaels' dance company R.A.W., New York's Parsons Dance Project, Ballet British Columbia, ChuThis and the Houston Grand Opera's Carmen. Assistant choreographer for Broadway's A Few Good Men Dancin' and original cast member for the entire five-year run of Celine Dion's record-breaking show A New Day at Caesar's Palace.  She has received three Emmy nominations for her work on #SYTYCD, and she choreographs for Dancing With the Stars. Her dance company, Still Motion debuted in June 2014 to sold out audiences.  Stacey is board member of Nigel Lithgoe's Dizzy Feet Foundation. 

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    Success as a Dancer & Why LIKES Are Not Important - Benji Schwimmer

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    At the end of this short interview, I said to Benji Schwimmer, "So you're intelligent and smart!"  Listen now as we discuss dealing with audition nerves, planning a dance career and developing "MENTAL CHOPS." Benji Schwimmer, winner of #SYTYCD, 2, has worked on Idol, MTV, VH1, AGT, & DWTS. 

    He is artistic director and choreographer for some of the worlds biggest pop stars. He has won nine US Open Titles, and has choreographed more winning US Open routines than any other person.



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    Pushing Past Fear Techniques - Lauren Gottlieb #sytycd 3

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    Lauren Gottlieb is a contemporary, jazz funk, and hip-hop dancer from Scottsdale, Arizona. She's been dancing since age 7 & moved to LA to begin her dance career in 2006.

    After appearing on season 3 of #SYTYCD, Lauren has been a featured dancer on Glee, Bring in On: Fight to the Finish, Disaster Movie, Hannah Montana & a host of other shows & films. She is now testing her skills as a director. 

    Tell me what questions you have for Lauren. I will interview her again very soon. 




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    #sytycd Runner Up Says, "Never Give Up" - Tiffany Mahar

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    She's on #SYTYCD & was in @rockofages & @stepuprevolution. Listen to @Dance9Tiffany as she shares insights on remaining humble, getting an agent & never giving up on your dreams. Her fav quote is from Cinderella Story: "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."
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    How Acting Class Helps You Get Lost Dance - Amelia Lowe #sytycd 9

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    Amelia Lowe was one of the top 20 dancers on #SYTYCD, season 9.
    A contemporary dancer from New Jersey, she auditioned for the show while completing her senior year of high school.
    Because of the auditions, she was unable to participate in her graduation ceremony from the Morris County Vocational School - Academy for Visual and Performing Arts.
    Amelia has trained with Jacob’s Pillow, Complexions Intensive, Joffrey Summer Intensive, & Amber Perkins School of the Arts Intensive.
    Nigel Lythgoe, one of the judges & the producer of the show, picked up on Lowe’s retro appearance right away: “We should do your audition in black and white?
    Amelia credits her look, style of dance, and the clothes she wears to the 1920′s and silent films.
    She likens the silent movies of the 20′s to dancing, where a message must be conveyed without the use of words.
    “I just am so fascinated by that whole flapper era and I love watching silent films. The heroines, damsels in distress, the melodrama. But most of all, they’re so much like dancers. They aren’t allowed to talk, but they still have to get a message across.”
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