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    SWAG Radio Presents: The "Shan Presents Take Over"

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    Authoress Lexxi born and raised in Chicago, IL is a 25 year old mother of three. She has been writing since elementary starting out with poetry before moving on to short stories and eventually pursuing her dream of publishing her first urban fiction love story.She is currently signed to Shan Presents where she released her best selling series A Scandalust Love.

    Natavia Stewart is twenty-six years old and from Annapolis, Maryland born and raised. She has been writing since the age of twelve. It started out in her journal and as years went by the stories became longer. She is the mother of one child, Logan, whom is her heart and because of him it made Natavia want to pursue her dreams. She gave up writing for five years. Natavia has set out to make a change in how plus-size women feel about themselves. Her writing is to inspire them to be comfortable with who they are. Also, with her being plus-size, it encourages her more to continue to write and encourage others.

    Syrius was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. She has been an avid reader since before the age of 5. She self-published her first novel in 2005 and her first stage production in 2007. Syrius loves reading works such as Machiavelli, Socrates, Plato, Langston Hughes and various other great works.Syrius loves the outdoors and embraces her “me” moments and also enjoys spending time with her children Coco and Tre. She is signed to Shan Presents where she released Sex, Lies, and Murder: House of Croix 1 &2.


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    The Notebook: Are you syrius?

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    Tonight we focus on Syria.. Miricles do happen!!

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    The Big Faith Show #5 (King Syrius)

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    Dj Big Faith will be interviewing KING SYRIUS. Another young Soilder for the Kingdom of God. 10pm Right here! On KBLS 100 

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    ET Intervention Created Earth's Lifeforms Including Us

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    The comprehensive Prime Creator, say Horn and Royal, emerged as differentiated energies through a white-hole prism into the Lyran Ring Nebula.  The Founders, who supervise the intentions of the Prime Creator, developed intelligent homonoids in the Lyran Ring and these people settled the planets of the Syrius star system, 8.7 lightyears from our Sun.

    Civilizations that warred, dominated and controlled fought incessantly in the Lyran system. Some of them moved on from Syrius to the Orion stars, 1,344 lightyears from our Sun. Others rocketed to the Pleiades 440 lightyears from Earth.  60 million years ago, Pleiadians rocketed to Earth to escape war.

    But soon other Lyrans and Pleiadians came to Earth” and created wars on Earth too.  So the first Pleiadians on Earth, whom Royal calls "Earth-Lyrans,"  fled back to the Pleiades.

    Back in the Lyra group, “Directors of the Earth Inception Project needed some extraterrestrial genes” that could mix with the genes of the most advanced primate species they’d already introduced to Earth.  Project directors “induced the Pleiadians whose ancestors had been the Earth-Lyrans to become involved with the developing Earth species so the Pleiadians could face their own service to self, conquest and domination, which they had suppressed for generations in the Pleiades. The ancient Pleiadians interacted with nearly every primitive culture on Earth and gave most of the ET genes that made modern man, combining...  

    More at http://enkispeaks.com/2014/01/01/et-intervention-not-yahweh-creationism-or-darwinian-evolutionism-made-us-earths-lifeforms/

  • The Kingdom Voices Gospel Program w/ King Syrius

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    Live @ 9pm EST. We going in Kingdom Lyricisim Lounging with GodWon Ent. Artist King Syrius we are going to be talking music ,ministry and the Movement that has the Mid West buzzing aboout being GOD Proof.call in @ 347-945-5416 press 1 to talk to host. and for your shout outs!

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    Takeover Intro

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    Just introducing the show to potential listeners.

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    The Official Takeover

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    Taking over internet radio like never before. Come check out the official first show and give feedback so we can make it a better experience for you. Open discussion to current events, entertainment news and so on.

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