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    Your Metabolism Synthetic Chemicals and Better Health

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    It is a fact that we are all biochemically unique. Yes, just as each and everyone of us has a unique finger print, so do we have unique cell prints—which generally can tell us which types of foods we individually thrive on as well as which foods are a detriment to our systems. This is called Metabolic Typing and today’s guest has spent over 24 years perfecting this approach to better health. Not only will we be discussing the benefits of metabolic typing, we will also be discussing the importance of cellular detoxification. Say what? LOL… With the ever increasing levels of commercial pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, nitrates combined with steroids, antibiotics, and growth hormones in beef, poultry and other commercial farm animals it is important to know just what our bodies are up against on a daily basis and what you can do starting today to protect yourself from these harmful substances. In fact, research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine showed that the drastic rise in the use of synthetic chemicals over the years closely matches the rise in the number of overweight and obese adults throughout North America

    Guest Bio Information:

    After receiving his B.S. degree in Psychology in 1982, Dr. Curtis Kuhn went on to receive his M.S. degree in Metabolic Science in 1986, followed by his Ph.D. in Metabolic Science and Psychology in 2008. Not only has Dr. Kuhn experienced 25 years of counseling, he was also awarded with the “I Believe I Can Achieve” award from the Governor of Kansas. A well rounded guest, he served in the US Marine Corps for three years, was a local Star Search winner and was also awarded with the “Outstanding Young Men of America” award back in 1984. Please visit:www.TheMetabolicInstitute.com


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    Dope Chic Manifesto (Black Woman is God)

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    "DopeChic is in the Mind"

    The ancient world knew it was the mother that kept them in her womb for 9 months, birthed them and nurtured them during their earliest stages of life. They recognized her divine responsibility and they believed the woman was identical to the universe. Therefore, they created female deities, worshiped her and held her in high esteem.

    " It is the Return of the God "Wombyn" the original "Hueman" being of Ancient Goddess worship and lore remembered by the Sacred imbibing or Smoking of Feminized Cannabis also referred toeuphemistically as "Dope" not to be confused with "Opium based Heroin or synthetics i.e Codeine or Syrup nor Barbiturate i.e Vicodin".

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    If Drugs are so Good Where are All The Well People

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    Illegal drugs or legal drugs, it is getting harder to tell which is more dangerous, legal drugs kill 100,000 yearly. The drug users of the United States have embraced a new type of manufactured drug as well as a new form of an existing drug. Synthetics, marijuana and bath salt, have been introduced into the drug market and the drug testing companies are doing their best to keep up with the derivations.   Dangerous manufactured drugs like synthetic marijuana can cause death but real marijuana does not cause death (taken alone); synthetic opiates, most popular; easily purchased or stolen from prescribed users.  The new MDMA “Ecstasy” pill called “Molly” has recently hit the streets.   

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    Synthetic Vs. Food-based Vitamins

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    This week I interview Tracy Coe, of Coe-Dynamics.com, a Whole Health Wellness and Quantum Nutrition Educator. We debate the health implications of choosing the right vitamin: Synthetics or Natural Food-based Vitamins. Learn which are right for you.
    In this episode:
    Are vitamins needed? Pros and cons of synthetic vitamins Pros and cons of food-based vitamins  Which ones should you be taking Which vitamins absorb best Recommended brands Tracy combines the technique of Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA ) with Whole Health and nutrition education and works with individuals and offers group wellness seminars.   She invites you to be empowered with education to learn how you and your loved ones can too experience how your bodies and minds when properly nourished and functioning, has its own innate ability to experience LIFE to its fullest and be void of chronic aches, pains, “itis’s”, depression, low energy, symptoms of indigestion, menopausal symptoms, illness, disease, sleepless nights, and instead have LIFE of vitality, a sense of youth, a glow to your skin, a pep in your step with flexibility in your body, and a mental sharpness.
    Tracy is a certified Pilates instructor and owner of Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics Pilates Studio in Manhattan Beach.

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    Ryan's Car Care Hour

    in Automotive

    Discussing ways to help with your vehicle maintenance.  Money saving tips.  What to watch out for.  How you can save money when changing your engine lubricants.  Talking about companies who are in business to help the consumer, and companies that do not seem to cut it.  Join me for an informative hour.  Might discuss some racing news if we have time.

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    8 Steps to Aging Younger

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    Find out how you can age younger with simple, proven steps that you can incorporate into your daily regime starting immediately. Today’s guest is the author of Collapse of Drugs due to wellness and he is going to share his 8 Steps to Aging Younger. Which include: Improving the immune system; Improving the lymphatic system; Improving your cardio vascular health; Detoxifying your body; Balancing your hormones & endocrine system; Improving your hydration level in the body; Improving your skin elasticity and lastly: Reducing your dependence of synthetics.



    David Tippie is a Nature-O-Path as well as a medical and natural to the body researcher for the past 30 years. David opened his research and development center in Tamarac Florida in 2001; his wife Stephanie joined him in 2003. David Tippie is the Author of Collapse of Drugs, due to wellness and President of the Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc. Inc. David Tippie attended the school of passion for the past 30-years and has lived his passion for equally as long, Health and wellness is not offered by any professor in some school. Because David may have sit in front of a professor in his past life, this does not give the professor the right to take a bow for David's studies, which his research and his lifetime of passion for helping people solve their health issues provided. For more information on David, please visit: www.LiveLonger123.com

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    11-19-12 Monday Night with Sherry Shriner

    in News

     Monday Night with Sherry Shriner - Fake humans dominating the world...robotoids, synthetics, androids, clones, soul-less beings...if we dont' fight back there won't be any humans left folks! It's us against them!!

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    Dr. David Jubb Why doesn't Bambi forget where the tiger is?

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    Why doesn't Bambi forget where the tiger is? Brain functioning is effected by nutrition, designer drugs, and synthetics. Dr Jubb talks about learned helplessness and how it creates the inability to respond. Does Alzheimer's and dementia effect everyone at a certain age? How are children that have been neglected effected in there adult years? How is someone triggered in their life and how does this connect with whole brain functioning?
    What about weather weapons and eugenics? Whistleblowers in our culture; are they a necessity? Bradley Manning is being injured in a physiological level due to alleged "whistle blowing". Call in to ask Dr Jubb any questions on these topics and others.
    GUEST CALL-IN (858) 815-2300
    or toll free
    GUEST CALL-IN (877) 904-1630
    Email your questions to DrJubb@DrJubbRadio.com Official Website http://DrJubbRadio.com/
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    Online broadcast at 9pm EDT. – 6pm PDT - 5am GST (following day).

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    Dead food, Designer Drugs, Synthetic programming!

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    Dr Jubb will cover the impact of designer drugs, synthetics and dead food. Synthetic drugging and schizophrenia what is the connection? Alzeheimers ever prevalent in people from nutrition: designer drugs and dead food. Forced sterilization, vaccinations. All part of the social engineering and dumbing down of the population.Awareness gives choice to change the situation.

    More information on weather control, HAARP and manipulation for advantages of the "plantation owner".

    Call in to ask Dr Jubb any qu estions on these topics and others.
    GUEST CALL-IN (858) 815-2300
    or toll free
    GUEST CALL-IN (877) 904-1630

    Email your questions to DrJubb@DrJubbRadio.com

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    Hope For Your Hormones Questions & Answers

    in Women

    This episode contains hot flashes help, what is menopause officially, weaning off synthetics, can men use progesterone, heavy periods, do I need estrogen, migraines, weight gain help, any age limits for progesterone, PMS, Can teenagers use progesterone, and hormonal acne.
    If you have a question you would like me to answer on my next show in November, please email it to me. It can be about hormones and/or weight loss. Then you can listen to the archived show and hear YOUR question answered.  I also have lots of information on other illnesses & conditions, so feel free to ask.
    Also,  let me know if you would like to be on my email list for updates and special offers.  

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    Awaken Your Healer with Connie Boucher & Marcia Friaca

    in Self Help

    "If you have ever enjoyed the gift of a rose, a walk by a field of lavender, or the smell of fresh cut mint, you have experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils."

    We are called upon daily to help our loved ones heal. Whether it is a bump on the knee, or comforting a friend in need, we give our loving energy. 

    Connie and Marcia will share simple-to-use, holistic tools to help you become an even more effective healer.

    Essential oils have been used for centuries as the original medicine. Our bodies don't need synthetics or additives, just pure, high quality oils to encourage healing.

    Learn how you can use essential oils for emotional and physical healing of yourself, and how you can offer healing to the important people in your life.

    We'll talk about several specific oils, so you will understand the healing qualities. We'll also talk about specific "challenges" that most of us face and which oils are most effective.

    You'll learn more about AromaTouch massage, and how to use oils to create balance and harmony in your life.

    For information on our upcoming event on October 13th , visit:

    Free Your Spirit and Awaken Your Healer

    For information on ordering oils, visit: http://www.doterra.myvoffice.com/tamaragerlach

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