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    Competitors Hate When You Syndicate More Content Than They Do! Tom Rozof & Charles Heflin on Synnd

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    Competitors hate when you do this simple thing... Produce more content than they do. If you’re new to Internet marketing you might not know what that means. If you’ve been around the online marketing world for some time you know that content is king but you also know you could produce more of it. Thomas Rozof and Charles Heflin explain how their content syndication tool called Synnd, drives traffic to websites. Content is defined as everything you produce and put online such as: articles, videos, blog posts, Tweets, status updates, PDFs, photos, and Podcasts. The search engines love this stuff and if you can produce more than your competitor, you win at the search game!

    Simple Yes, Easy? Well…
    That sounds pretty simple but it’s really a lot of work. That’s why Rozof and Heflin have been developing and polishing this automated marketing gem called Synnd for the past couple of years. Synnd is a content syndication network that uses automation and content distribution to multiply your marketing efforts tenfold.

    When you produce an article and put it online in hopes that people will find it in their search results; that’s good online marketing. But what if that same article was converted into ten different versions and then talked about, blogged about, voted on, and bookmarked by hundreds of other people? Which article would bring you more traffic? Which article would bring a better ROI? When an article is leveraged like that and distributed beyond the typical, that’s called a syndicated article and THAT’S GREAT online marketing!

    In this show, Charles Heflin and Tom Rozof explain how their marketing tool does the hard work for you. Synnd will take any and every piece of quality content you produce and multiply it, leverage it, bump it up in the eyes of the search engines and the social networks. With every piece of content you produce, you have an army of members behind you telling the world they like your video, your post, your Tweet or any content!

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    How to Win Political Campaigns Using Social Media

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    Social media expert, Dan Gronsbell of Social Media Science, shares his expertise for anyone with political aspirations. His company, Political Web Science provides strategy and tactics for those seeking to garner votes, raise money, and change public opinion on an issue via social media. Dan shares dos and don'ts of social media for politicians in this lively interview with host, Steve Dahl. Dahl grills Dan on issues such as Donald Trump, issues marketing, and everything from winning local political races to federal races. Dan gives a list of social media marketing tips for anyone running for office to consider. Social media is a huge factor in political races and if you don't know how to use it, your chances of victory are slim. If you are thinking of running for office or you have a politcal story to tell, don't miss this conversation! Learn more at Political Web Science dot com. Social Media Science and SYNND are part of the Political Web Science family social media marketing tools.

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    Social Media Press Releases - How Do They Work?

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    SMPR. Social Media Press Releases – Do You Know Where Your Press Release is Going?

    Finding new ways to reach the media people to garner quality news coverage is more than an art, it’s a science. That’s why Social Media Science has taken up the challenge of maximizing the benefits of press releases. You can call them news releases, press releases or media alerts. It doesn’t matter what they’re called, what matters is where they end up.

    Dan Gronsbell, CFO and VP of Strategy for Social Media Science explains how new technology and new rules are changing the news release distribution process. Social Media Press Releases or SMPR goes way beyond the traditional news release approach. Learn how technology and good old fashioned news reporting are coming together in this ten minute interview with host, Steve Dahl.

    Visit SocialMediaScience.com to learn more about SMPR.

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    Content Syndication - Good for Small Business, Great for Big

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    Content Syndication – Good for Small Business, Great for Big Business. Distributing your content around the planet takes time, money and energy. Yet, there is a secret weapon being offered by Social Media Science to simplify that process. Syndicating your articles, blog posts, videos, and any other content is a powerful way to build credibility and social buzz on the Internet.

    Most companies, large and small struggle with finding ways invest the time in creating a social buzz without breaking the bank. Getting caught up in social media administration can be a time killer but Social Media Science’s CFO and VP of Strategy, Dan Gronsbell shares some innovative tactics one can use to squeeze more Return on Investment out of your social media efforts. You already have the content but by learning how to leverage it through syndication you can multiply it thousand fold.

    Listen to this ten minute show as host, Steve Dahl digs into the pros and cons of content syndication. Visit SYNND.com.

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    What is Political Web Science? Dan Gronsbell Answers the Tough Questions

    in Politics Conservative

    This lively interview with Dan Gronsbell, co-owner of Social Media Science and Political Web Science, demonstrates the amazing power of social media in political campaigns. But! Political Web Science is much more than a marketing tool for politicians. Political Web Science is a vehicle for any organization trying to build a brand,tell or story or get someone elected in a cost-effective grass roots manner. If you want to know how to get your campaign, your non-profit,or your educational program launched through the integrated world of social media, listen to this ten minute Podcast. Steve Dahl interviews Dan Gronsbell and you'll be quite surprised at the outcome of this little chat! Find out how Dan's other service called SYNND can automate your marketing process through social media channels. Learn more at Political Web Science.com.

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    Market Research- How to Make it Effective & Affordable With Local Web Science

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    In this nuts and bolts Podcast on Market Research, Thomas Rozof and Charles Heflin of Social Media Science discuss the myths and realities of market research for the small local business owner. Market research can be affordable and effective if you know where to begin. Of course, you think know your business from your point of view but what about everyone else’s point of view? One reason you should begin facing new challenges with market research is that sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know! Nobody knows what prospects and customers are thinking or doing by guessing. Yet, that’s what most business owners still do… guess! If you’re ready for a more scientific approach to growing your business, then this Podcast of Local Web Science Today may change how you do business forever. Here are some of the Research Payoffs: • Re-establishing relationships with past customers. • Reactivating dormant customers • Increasing awareness of new or forgotten products and services • Uncovering missed opportunities – right under your nose • Confirming your marketing direction • Identifying pending problems • Giving customers chance to vent • Reinforcing existing sales efforts • Providing feedback for staff that doesn’t interface with customers • Preventing costly mistakes • Identifying market trends early enough to prepare • Giving investors needed feedback In this Podcast, host, Steve Dahl gets these social media marketing experts to reveal SPECIFIC tactics for getting free market research done, SPECIFIC tools to watch and beat the competition and SPECIFIC ways to outwit and out market the competition. Tom Rozof and Charles Heflin are founders of Social Media Science, Local Web Science and Synnd Software. Learn more about them at www.SocialMediaScience.com and www.LocalWebScience.com.

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    Web Marketing No Longer a Guessing Game for Local Business Owners - Thanks to Social Media Marketing

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    The Science of Online Marketing is revealed in this Podcast. Local business marketing is tough. Internet marketing experts (as well as brick and mortar business experts) Thomas Rozof and Charles Heflin share aggressive marketing tactics using social media marketing that helps local business and small business owners compete. In this episode host, Steve Dahl grills the gurus about the Six Pillars of Online Marketing that Local Web Science teaches at their new website. Rozof and Heflin are founders of Local Web Science, Social Media Science and Synnd Software. Social media gets a ton of publicity but very few small business owners have learned how to monetize it as an effective marketing tool, until now. Local Web Science is a scientific marketing platform that takes the concept of “outsourcing” to an extremely high level at a very low cost. This highly automated, yet human-reviewed system works through a network of real people and a technologically advanced system that connects people and content to all areas of the Internet, making it seamless, worry free and cost effective for any business owner that desperately needs professional marketing but doesn’t have the time to get it all done. If a local business website is not interactive, locally listed, fully integrated into an online local business strategy, it is no longer standing still, it’s going backwards. The frightening fact is that 97% of all the websites get zero traffic, nothing at all. The competition in every business category is growing and the competitor who learns how to dominate his local market first will be very hard to beat. Time is running short for the local business that wants to stay competitive. As more and more people learn to research and shop online, more and more local businesses will disappear if they have not made their online presence known on a local level. The educational videos are available at no charge. For a free consultation, visit www.LocalWebScience.com.

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