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    Leader In Motion: #6 - Synergize with guest Lisa Mininni

    in Management

    As the 12 Week Inspirational Series continues on Leader In Motion, #6 of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is "Synergize".
    Hosts Christine Laperriere and Charmaine Hammond are joined by special guest Lisa Mininni, Business/Change Expert and author of "Me, Myself & Why?: The Secrets to Navigating Change".
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    State Of The Music Industry

    in Politics

    State Of The Music Industry is a frank discussion of the changes in the music industry and what can be done to do business in today's environment, specifically where technology is involved.

    Panelists include Tracy Powell, a Technologist and President and Ceo of Bigwebinc.com, He is the Executive Director of The Blackcodeproject.org, an organization that provides coding classes for children in the inner city and Brian Lassiter, a music industry consultant, who has spent more than twenty years advising and guiding artists and independent labels. The discussion will be moderated by Darryl James, who founded Rap Sheet, the second largest rap music publication in 1992.

    The Intensive Music Industry Clinic, Plus Film & Technology (IMIC+), Rap Sheet’s music conference tour.  The Date is August 16 at 10AM EASTERN TIME on www.blogtalkradio.com.

    Future Conferences will be live streaming via rapsheet.com, but due to some technical glitches, this one will be hosted via Darryl James' radio show.

    The music industry is in flux, leaving many artists with no real understanding of how to make an entrance or how to make a living. Even the major labels have no real roadmap for dealing with new and emerging technology.

    Rap Sheet, the first Hip Hop Newspaper was launched in 1992 and by 1997, became the second largest rap music publication and the only one with Black ownership. After a brief hiatus, the publication and the website have been re-launched, taking advantage of cutting-edge technology to synergize and reinvigorate the music industry.


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    The Synthesis Effect with Dr. John McGrail

    in Psychology

    Dr. John McGrail is more than a clinical hypnotherapist. He is an established self-improvement expert and a sought after spiritual teacher who has become one of our country’s leading media experts and public speakers relating to personal growth and successful life transformation.

    Quantum Synthesis, or more simply Synthesis, is the term I use for the process of creating change and personal growth. It is is an amalgam of information and technique– tapping into, and utilizing the power and potential of both the conscious, cognitive part of the mind and the unconscious, more spiritual part of the mind. It begins with building understanding at a cognitive, logical (Western-thinking) level as to how and why the human mind (conscious and unconscious) functions the way it does, and how we develop our physical, emotional and spiritual dysfunctions.

    Self-hypnosis, meditation, visualization in addition to a number of other cognitive techniques and exercises are the primary tools through which Synthesis occurs. The entire process can be described as S to the third, or S cubed™:

    Synthesize  – (knowledge and technique leveraging conscious and unconscious);

    Synergize  – (balancing and integrating physical, emotional and spiritual energies);

    Succeed  – change, grow, and evolve all the way to practical enlightenment; living life powerfully and virtually free of suffering.

    What is most important about Synthesis is this: It is simple and it works–profoundly and quickly!

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    Synergize 2

    in Business

    wrapping up the synergy topic.

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    Gift of RESPECT with Joyce Weiss and Mike Domitrz

    in Relationships

    An author, speaker and trainer, Joyce has used her extensive professional experience serving hundreds of companies and associations. Joyce has a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Oakland University, sits on the Board of Directors for the School of Education and Human Services in Rochester, Michigan, and maintains her certification as a Best Practices Company. Joyce is a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation held by less than 200 women worldwide. 

    With the motto “You Get What YOU Tolerate,” Joyce is a conflict resolution consultant showing teams how to synergize their power and bring productivity to new levels with powerful conflict negotiation skills. She helps clients understand how Communicating with Impact can positively affect every aspect of their business and life, providing lasting, meaningful results. To support her programs, Joyce also provides coaching, strategies and website resources to keep the momentum going. 

    Whether it’s conflict in the workplace, lifting the spirits of your team, or helping to increase productivity in the organization, Joyce Weiss is the expert. Through engaging keynotes and workshops, Joyce’s fully customized and interactive programs effectively benefit the bottom line by taking care of people first. 

    You can learn more about Joyce Weiss and her programs here:  http://www.joyceweiss.com/


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    ANU Asafo -African Religion Part 2

    in Spirituality

    Asafo or warrior scholar is a term coming from the Akan people of Ghana that describes the type of person who uses their intellect and scholarship to protect and provide strategies for the advancement of their community.  “Asa” -war and “fo” - people means warrior people or practically warrior scholars. 


    This week in the Anu Asafo podcast, our host Ifawunmi recaps the basic tenets of African Spirituality. This includes the single supreme source from which everything emanates, the various traditions within the African Spirituality, distinguishing between worshipping and paying homage to the Ancestors and paying attention to lessons that is provided for personal development.


    He also speaks about the some of the major issues in the Pan- Afrakan community living in the United States and the solutions for them. 


    “The illusion of inclusion” or more plainly the illusion of integration fed by the spirit of Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech is part of the major problem in the Afrakan community.  


    True to an Asafo fashion, Ifawunmi gives a clear strategy to deal with the illusion ---harness the economic spending power of the Pan-Afrakan community.

    As an Afrakan collective, men and women can synergize to protect and provide for the community.  

     Spiritually, Ifawunmi suggests using the power and wisdom that the highly cultivated Ancestors provide for the community.  

     As Asafo, spiritual training is another strategy that can be used.  Training can provide the balance and insight that one needs to be productive, supportive and provide stability for the community as well as provide the vitality to sustain their momentum.


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    Synergize Your Marketing & Sales for Better Profits

    in Business

    Join us for the lively interview with Sherry Azzarella -- a marketer who "gets" sales!
    Sherry is an innovative marketing and communications professional with a proven track record for developing successful campaigns and brand awareness, and increasing: target and vertical interests, media impressions and leads, while staying on plan and under budget.

    •“Can-Do” results driven approach to project management
    •Excellent Team Leader or team player both departmentally and cross functionally.
    •Open to new ideas and able to give and take direction
    •Solicits ideas and feedback from teammates, partners and customers
    •Execution oriented, leading to superior results

    Sherry has extensive experience in the following areas: traditional and online marketing and communications, writing, campaign and product development, business operations and departmental management.
    Areas of expertise are: marketing, brand and business development, execution of mission and vision, business operations, project management and implementation, advertising, ad design, product and service development, event planning and coordination, program assessment and placement, public relations, communications and lead generation and conversion.

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    Leadership Gap Analysis Series and Guest Simon Jordan

    in Management

    The first half hour of the show Charmaine and Christine Laperriere explore Covey’s principle #6 with Lisa Mininni.  During the second half hour, Charmaine talks with Simon Jordan. Welcome to The Life & Leadership Gap Analysis Series with Charmaine and co-host Christine Laperriere. They will be interviewing experts in the area of leadership and talking about the gaps between what we know, and what we do in practice. The Life & Leadership Gap Analysis Series will feature a different guest each week exploring various leadership principles from the greats including Steven Covey, Don Miguel Ruiz and more.  This week Charmaine and Christine explore Covey’s Habit #6 - Synergize, with Lisa Mininni.   Next week, tune into Habit #7- Sharpen the Saw, with customer service expert and bestselling author, Marilyn Suttle.
    In his late 20s and on a death wish, Simon Jordan was binge eating, drinking, and on drugs. 18 months later after making a decision to turn his life around he got clean and finished the London Marathon at 3hrs 45 minutes. Forward to his late 30s Simon left the well-paid corporate world to start his own marketing company. 1 year he setup his own online TV channel and within 7 months was speaking across the states and working with clients worldwide.  Throughout Simon’s life he has taken massive action achieving big results.  He is the host of SimonJordan.TV and author of How to Sky Rocket Your Business.  He’s an international speaker offering business and marketing advice with motivation and inspiration thrown in as well as a marketing mentor to business owners. Host Charmaine Hammond known as The Bounce Forward expert is a sought after expert in leadership, team resilience, and courageous dialogue. As a professional speaker and corporate trainer, she helps teams move beyond the barriers to success.   Website:  www.hammondgroup.biz

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    May 8, 2013

    in Business

    Norm Blumenthal an attorney for workers and consumers. He is also one of the show's regular contributor.   Shondelle Solomon-Miles discovered her passion for fitness and body transformation in 1996. Since then it has been her personal and professional mission to improve and transform lives via the vehicle of health and fitness. She established Synergize!, a multifaceted small-group personal training center specializing in body fat loss and weight management for adult men and women.     Mary King  IRS Problem Solving Attorney  and co- author of the book Protect and Defend. Mary’s career as an attorney began in 1993 after graduating from Stetson University College of Law.   Her career in law has primarily focused in IRS problem solving as well as mortgage foreclosure defense.  Mary has been practicing law for 19 years and enjoys helping her clients removing the dark cloud of the IRS.      

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    Life & Leadership Gap Analysis Series & Guest Dr. Tammy Wong

    in Management

    The first half hour of the show Charmaine and Christine Laperriere will explore Covey’s principle #5 with Steve Chandler.  During the second half hour, Charmaine will talk with Dr. Tammy Wong. Welcome to The Life & Leadership Gap Analysis Series with Charmaine and co-host Christine Laperriere. They will be interviewing experts in the area of leadership and talking about the gaps between what we know, and what we do in practice. The Life & Leadership Gap Analysis Series will feature a different guest each week as we explore the various leadership principles.  This week Charmaine and Christine explore Covey’s Habit #5 - Seek First to Understand then Be Understood with special guest Steve Chandler.  Next week the topic is Habit #6 - Synergize, with Lisa Mininni.
    Dr. Tammy Wong's career spans over three decades of sales, marketing, and strategy experience in Fortune 500 companies. She is the CEO of Fostering Executive Leadership, Inc. Fostering Executive Leadership, Inc. is an international business results executive coaching firm. The firm consists of over a hundred leadership coaches worldwide. The coaches work with leaders by improving leadership capability, capacity, and have established a proven record with a ROI through our coaching engagements.  Before starting her own company, Dr. Wong worked in the technology industry for companies that included IBM, Xerox, and Sun Microsystems advancing into many leadership roles. Website: www.FosteringExecutiveLeadership.com
    Host Charmaine Hammond known as The Bounce Forward expert is a sought after expert in leadership, team resilience, and courageous dialogue. As a professional speaker and corporate trainer, she helps teams move beyond the barriers to success.   Website:  www.hammondgroup.biz

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    Synergize Your School for Success

    in Education

    No one sits in the crosshairs of education more then school principals. Making AYP or not can be the difference between gainful employment and having to polish up your resume.
    Our guest is Brian Creaseman of Vance County, NC school district came into a school that was in the failing category. Through the development and implementation his school was able to meet all 25 targets within 6 months.
    Tune it for find out his secrets and ask questions.