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    Strong Women Aiming Toward Success Radio Presents Lyfe Stylez Monday

    in Women

    Lyfe Stylez Monday where we embrace, encourage, and empower young women to be who they were created to be--whole and virtuous! Today, we will interview 8 year old Deyon Bell who survived open heart surgery last year! This show is dedicated to February being American Heart Awareness Month!

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    Mays ,Northside Coaches preview

    in Sports

    State High school playoff preview Tune in for special show. Jioing us are Head Football coaches Corey Jarvis of Mays High and Kevin Kinsler of Northside High. Also Chris Mooneyham of 680 The Fan 'Friday Night Light' Footall show, and  wilLIVE at 2PM on Blogtalkradio, then replayed on WIGO AM 1570 and Tune In Radio at 7PM. Click NOW to listen LIVE at 2PM. Click THEN to listen at 7PM.
    Call in line to listen in or join the conversation during 2PM show is 347-326-9991. 
    Cograts to Mays High School and Northside High School for making to the State Finals! We look forward to doing LIVE pregame coverage from the game Fri Dec 12th at 8PM Check out [Real Talk Sports](https://www.realtalksports.net) for more Sports news


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    The Ed & Fuz Show Episode 22

    in Sports

    The lads suffered technical difficulties, potentially missing out on a guest this week, but managed to discuss the "sweet science" schedule for 2014 with Floyd Mayweather-Marcos Maidana, Miguel Cotto-Sergio Martinez, & Manny Pacquiao-Tim Bradley set to go this year. Ed compares USA Olympic Hockey - both men's & women's - to ObamaCare - while Fuz swats away any Alex Ovechkin comparisons to LeBron James. Fuz also buries Sidney Crosby ... again.

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    Tyler Hurst swats comets around for a good time...

    in Culture

    Pre-eminent Awesomologist Tyler Hurst visits the Academy to talk about mud runs, Apple, Malcolm Gladwell, the new Matchbox Twenty album, and whether baseball needs to be replaced as the third major sport.

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    Truther Talk Episode 28: It's Alive... it's alive!!!

    in Current Events

    In Truther Talk Episode 28, April and Virstyne have survived the apocalypse and are ringing in the New Year with their first NEW show of 2013.   Starting with a bang, they talk to Christopher Key, co-founder of  S.W.A.T.S.  (or The Sports With Alternatives to Steroids).  Seeing the devastating effects that synthetic steroids had on athletes, Christopher believed something had to be done to help athletes enhance their performance and improve their physical and mental health. As an answer to this dilemma, Christopher Key co-founded S.W.A.T.S., a unique and exclusive program that uses current, and former professional, drug-free athletes from every sport as role models to teach youth athletes about character, and staying free from illegal steroids, recreational drugs, nicotine, and alcohol.
    You won't want to miss this exciting new episode that addresses all current events of the day... including the hot topic of gun control, Sandy Hook false flag, and much much more...
    Until next time...
    Peace, Truth & Love, 
    http://www.truthertees.com, shop.truthertees.com

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    new release fridays

    in Music

    todays show is a special one. we got odis ft. bizzy.  the newest members of the southern underground family.  also check out the album in stores now as well as on itunes.

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    The Defense (doesn't) Rest

    in Sports

    Four NFL teams reamain...so do four great defenses. Brandon and JJ tell you who they think are going to prevail. Hue Jackson just got on the job and may be in a possible drug scandal? The Carmelo Anthony trade comes to an abrupt end? We'll tell you why, on this episode of the Water Cooler.

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    Positive Discipline: The Bridge between "Challenges" and "Desirable Social Life Skills" for Children

    in Psychology

    Welcome to America Speaks! Where America gets to Speak! Today, we will be talking about Positive Discipline, what it is based on and what it is and what it is not. Please tune in.

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    An Open Letter To Barack Hussein Obama From The Hitting Stops Here!

    in Education

    Dear Mr. President,
    In 2008 you said these words: "I’m asking you to believe not in my ability to bring about real change in Washington. I’m asking you to believe in yours."—Barack Hussein Obama, 2008
    On July 12, 2010 you said these words: “My leadership decisions will be based solely on scientific evidence.”
    Must Black and Brown American school children still be treated as “chattel” even under a Black American President?
    You told the American people to dream of change. You told the American people that you would rely on scientific evidence to make leadership decisions.
    As Chief Executive Law Enforcer, The Hitting Stops Here! and other children’s rights advocates beseech you to exercise your power to place an IMMEDIATE moratorium on US school beatings happening primarily to the children whose ancestors received more than 200 years of this brutal treatment in this country—ancestors unable to rest in their graves peaceful while such brutal beatings continue in their bloodline.
    We know your ancestors are from Africa so you may not understand how Black Americans whose ancestors were slaves feel.
    Simply imagine the brutality displayed on the links that follow being targeted at children you love—perhaps that may help soften your heart toward the American children who “pledge their allegiance” to you every morning from American classrooms, though “allegiance” to them is utterly neglected.
    US “School corporal punishment” photos of injured American school children: http://www.thehittingstopshere.com/media_photos_warning.php
    US “School corporal punishment” videos of school beatings caught on video (numerous US schools are now forbidding “powered-on” cell phones for this very reason): http://www.thehittingstopshere.com/cpvideos.php
    Mr. President, American school children are ready for a change that does not lead to first aid, emergency care or life-long mental illness.

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    Public School Spanking 1O1: Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?

    in School

    Welcome to Public School Spanking 1O1!
    Why the question mark? Because everyday in American schools there are more than 2000 reports of school abuse. Reporting is not mandatory. Our American school children are beaten, tied up, duct taped, handcuffed, kicked the crap out of, shoved and locked into closets and small rooms, sent home with bloody noses, broken bones, and some have been suffocated. These conditions can be verified by visiting www.TheHittingStopsHere.com and reading three very informative investigative reports. They are the ACLU and GAO reports and, prepared by a Law Professor, the UC Davis Law Review. All are found near the top of our Home page surrounding a picture of a man’s hand holding a paddle.
    With all of this legalized violence and sanctioned abuse occurring in our American schools to our most vulnerable US citizens, those most in need of the 14th amendment “equal protection” law, how is it that our president earned a Nobel Peace Prize?
    President Barack Obama told the Black American community, at the July 16, 2009 NAACP 100th anniversary event, that we needed to “whup” our children and our neighbors’ too, in order to build strong communities. Saying to whup our neighbors too is criminal; it’s illegal to whup somebody else’s kid. Had he promoted beating in this fashion to a white audience, he’d have been up for impeachment and “you” would have heard about it.

    Under President Obama’s care our children found at the bottom of the American caste system groan. They have no peace. Barack Obama has no right to accept a gift in honor of his promoting peace when he allows, even condones, violence to be targeted at our children by denying them their 14th amendment “equal protection” right.
    Shame on Obama. What a disappointment.

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    America Speaks: What Arne Duncan Respects about School Corporal Punishment-Episode 2

    in Education

    Welcome to America Speaks! Where America gets to Speak! Today will continue to question what part of school corporal punishment does State Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, respect.

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