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    Margaret Swallow joins Transformed Traveler in Guatemala

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    Former Folgers/P&G brand manager Margaret Swallow has developed a work program in the coffee farms of Guatemala. She is a true transformed traveler, created change throughout the world, while enjoying the sensory wonders of travels.

    This show is presented by AAA and their 53 million members. Visit www.shop.transformedtraveler.com to purchase America's favorite travel journals at a discount.

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    The VONTEZ PROJECT is going on the air tonight live with your host Nikki Nto Boo, the topic is SPIT or SWALLOW. Tune in and listen on your phone ( call in number 914-803-4931 est time) to voice your opinions and/or listen to the show, or go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-vontez-project/2013/04/09/adult-lifestyles-talk on your pc. This is show is UnCut n XXX rated. So check us out tonight @ 1130 est time..Tell Me???? ARE U REALLY ABOUT THAT LIFE??????.

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    Do You Swallow Or Spit, Fetishes, Are You With Or Against Tossing Salad & More!!

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    This Upcoming Saturday On Talk With Toni Gee & Friends we will be discussing Do You Swallow Or Spit During Oral Sex, Fetishes, Are You With Or Against Tossing Salad, Do You Suck On The Balls During Oral Sex, Do You Prefer Your Partner Skinny Or Meat On Their Bones & Women That Wear Makeup All The Time..Are They Insecure With Their Natural Beauty? JUICY, JUICY, JUICY TOPICS!!!!! Live & Direct On Talk With Toni Gee & Friends...Call In At 646-787-8087 To Join The Conversation, Chat Live Or Hit Us Up On Twitter @TALKWITHTONIGEE....TUNE IN EVERY SATURDAY AT 9PM!!!!!

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    The most important thing to remember during sex is that rhythm is a dancer. Although Corinne's a little rundown from all the mouse murdering she's been doing in her new digs and Krystyna's addiction to Sesame Chicken has reached new heights, the girls of Sorry About Last Night have rallied yet again to bring you answers to some of life's most harrowing questions such as the age-old TO SWALLOW...OR NOT TO SWALLOW? This week we meet freshly fucked JOE, a member of the Shaved Generation, who has been making out with Corinne since New Year's Eve 2012. Joe and Corinne share that special kind of disconnect that sits in only the numbest of hearts and Krystyna is only too happy to be the sole witness at the signing of their no-strings-attached friendly fuck treaty. TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE: 17-year-old sex, nose ring sex, jack hammer sex, holiday sex, lying to your mom FOR THE RIGHT REASONS, Hillary Rodham Clinton + that time Krystyna and Corinne HELD (not threw) a party. And, yes, Corinne now knows Nihilism isn't the religion where you can't kill stuff. That's Jainism. So spare her the condescending E-mails.

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    2 swallow or not

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    The title says it all, 2 swallow or not for men and women single or married

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    Adult TAPI Network- Mars Vs. Venus...Swallow that P-nis (Pilot episode)

    in Spirituality

    TheTAPI Network is starting a late-night format with uncensored, no-holds-barred, live adult chat where we discuss an array of myths and misconceptions surrounding love and the melanin community. We don't "sip tea" in here...we marinate in our subject matter and simmer with observations, opinions, and thoughts until a conscious brew begins to percolate.

    Join us tonight as we discuss the art of fellatio...to choke or not to choke? Put the kids to bed and come break it down with us. Are there health benefits to swallowing? Can it decrease the amount of anger in the black community? What man doesn't appreciate the ordeal of having his partner swallow his full load of self-esteem? Why are some women disgusted beyond belief at such an act? Is this why brothers go shopping for Becky? Call in and share your thoughts as we touch on deep throat issues in the bedroom...uncensored...

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    Boo!!..Live From the Cyber Hauted House..

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    Swallow hard and trade for Trent Richardson

    in Sports

    Fantasy Football Episode 1.39: host Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion soothes an enraged audience with waiver wire advice. 

    QB-WR rapport analysis follow-up. Jordan Matthews is a transcendent talent (again). 

    John Brown's target share continues to rise.

    Browns are the blind squirrel finding the Isaiah Crowell. 

    Tre Mason and Charles Sims finally have featured roles and are better pick-ups than Jonas Gray. 

    Trade for Trent Richardson and pick up Dan Herron, because prolific offenses score lots of fantasy points. 

    Advanced metrics provided by PlayerProfiler.com.


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    Nigga Church #162: How 2 Live As A 21st CENTURY NIGGA

    in Comedy

    The Pursuit of Life, Liberty, Property and Puss Eye

    Please OPEN UP YOUR NIGGA MINDS! Bring yo NIGGA BIBLE Its "THE NIGGA CHURCH" w/ The Conscious Nigga of Comedy--The Honorable RITE REVEREND DAT NIGGA presiding aka SOOPA NIGGA: The Conscious Nigga of Comedy. Rite Reverend DAT NIGGA is Founder of The Nigga Church (a Church OF Niggas, Started BY a Nigga. FOR Niggas Everywhere)! Afta putting on his CAPE he emerges from the CHURCH BASEMENT as SOOPA NIGGA and takes to the PULPIT to SPIT that Insiteful SHIT that is dedicated to FIGHTING against the Social, Sexual, Politikal, Medical and Religious Hypocritical Bullshit of the day that the Powers That Be are tryna Force The Peeple to Swallow!!!! So stay tuned for a Funny, No-Holds Barred, Profanity, Cuss-Filled, Offensive-On-So-Many-Levels night of decoding of world and national news, politics along w/all kinds of Shit Talking & Truth Telling! One thang fa sho you aint never heard a REVEREND like this befo!!

    (a nigga church production

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    Holly Stephey & Ivan Esteves, Water is everything; Ending water fluoridation.

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    Nothing directly affects our health, wellness and longevity more than the water we drink, cook and shower with.We're told it's healthy for us to swallow in a glass of water but then again toothpaste companies are forced to warn us to call a Poison Control Center if we swallow the equivalent dose in toothpaste. ? It's affecting everybody's health and well-being. Harvard School of Medicine links Fluoride to Reduced Children's IQ, Improper Brain Development and Cognitive Disorders. The Lancet Medical Journal classifies it as a Harmful Neurotoxin like Lead, Arsenic and Mercury. Studies link it to Thyroid, Kidney & Gastrointestinal Problems, Increased Bone Fractures, Pineal Gland Calcification, Accelerated Aging & numerous Degenerative Diseases. Please take to to check out http://www.fluorideprotection.org and the Indie Gogo page that you will want to suport! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-get-the-f-out-of-austin


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    Filmmakers Porter Farrell & Adam Dietrich of the Award Winning Movie “Windsor”

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    And the winner of the Best Narrative Feature at the 2015 Garden State Film Festival is Windsor! The film follows 6 friends in their last year of high school as they prepare to leave their small, struggling Texas hometown, a place caught up in the wheels of giant agribusiness that seems to swallow up small farming towns. Maisie (Madelyn Deutch), whose father is about to be released from prison, decides she can’t leave town where she has been embraced since the dark day when her father nearly killed the man whose company foreclosed on their family farm resulting in long-term devastation on his family. The town patriarch, Gil Denton (perfectly played by character actor Barry Corbin), a no-nonsense, wealthy landowner dying from cancer, and he serves as a sounding board and sympathetic friend, while providing the kids a wistful link to a past they will never know. Set in current time, Windsor reminds us that small town values are worth saving, and that the mouse does indeed occasionally roar. Porter Farrell wrote, directed, and produced Windsor, his first film, along with Producer Adam Dietrich. Everything about the film is so well executed, that you’ll be hard pressed to believe this is Farrell’s first film. The movie also features Quinn Shephard, who received the Rising Star Award from the GSFF, an honor bestowed on an up-and-coming actor/actress with NJ roots. This film is a winner on multiple levels. After the interview, check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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