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    Suzanne Perry Survivor Of Abuse-Now Advocate to thousands!!

    in Spirituality

                                                    Suzanne Perry Joins me for a Powerful show tonight!!!

    Suzzanne Perry is a powerful woman.
    She overcame 22 years of abuse.

    She founded Love Shouldn't Hurt TV, a medium to share experiences, empowerment, encouragement, healing practices, and studies relating to domestic violence.

    She is an inspirational speaker and mentors men and women coast to coast; and networks to unite around the world in an effort to understand, educate, prevent, and eradicate domestic violence and abuse.

    Join us as we talk with Suzanne about her struggles with abuse but not only that how she empowered her self to be free and also become an advocate for many women and men in abusive relationships.

    What are the 'signs' of an abusive relationship?

    What are the warning signs a person may become abusive?

    What are the ways in which we can help a person in anabusive situation?

    How can you get out? 
    An important show you don't want to miss.

    Call in with your questions and comments at~ (323) 580-5689


    visit Suzanne's website at 






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    love Love shouldn't hurt by Suzanne Perry

    in Business

    www.hollischapmanblog.com Suzanne Perry 

    Suzanne enjoys a wide array of paid, sponsored and volunteer projects.  She is a Junior Achievement teacher, live music event and fundraiser coordinator, and thrives in the spotlight sharing motivational tips to not only help us get through each day, but helping to raise our own self-awareness, self-worth, and the many things to be thankful for in daily living.  

    Her talents include motivational speaking, training and teaching, voice narration, and engagement marketing.  Suzanne is a leader of the pack, and a voice for the underdog with a solid following. If you want to get on the map, you want Suzanne talking about you.   Want narration or your book to become and audio book? Hire Suzanne to record your book! All requests are subject to review and are not guaranteed acceptance.

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    Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss with Suzanne Perry - Love Shouldn't Hurt

    in Writing

    Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss covers women's issues from relationships, family, marriage, dating & health, to fashion, make-up & hairstyles. We air each Thursday at 7pm ET. Grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea & spend the evening with your  hosts, Daria DiGiovanni and Lisa Tarves and our expert guests. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for information on upcoming shows and other great information!

    This week's guest is Suzanne Perry:

    Suzanne Perry is a survivor of a 22 year relationship/marriage during which she was not allowed to talk alone to her own children. She was beaten, raped, and isolated from society. Today she has emerged as a light of hope and proof of a healthy outcome after abuse. She founded Love Shouldn't Hurt.TV a nonprofit organization providing speaking engagements, concert events, support groups, self-help and referrals for men and women who have been impacted by domestic violence. She is a motivational speaker who mentors people in an abusive relationship as well as guide them through it and help them to rebuild their self-esteem and self-respect.

    Victim empowerment, public understanding. Find yourself, love yourself, be yourself and be proud; because love shouldn't hurt. Ever.


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    Cage fight insight w/ Brandon Perry

    in MMA

    MMA news and entertainment! Join us as we talk about it and our guest Jonathan Ivey!!

  • A LIttle Night Music # 18 With Madame Perry

    in Pop Culture

    A LIttle Night Music # 17 With Madame Perry

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    Interview with Rich Perry - Book 5 & Michael Schmidlen - Book 3

    in Books

    Rich Perry has been a therapist for over seven years in children's mental and behavioural health, initially concentration on pre-teen behavioural clients and later transitioning to early development within the Autism spectirum.

    Rich served four years as a program director for a therapeutic summer camp.

    Needing a change for himself, he began studying and received certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

    He started his own coaching business focusing on personal and professional development, training and motivational speaking.

    Rich is also a musician and co-owner of Sector One Entertainment.

    Rich lives in Pennsylvania.

    Rich's website is www.thepathofme.com


    Michael Scmidlen is a serial solo entrepreneur who has successfuly ran his mutlimillion dollar, home-based business for over 20 years.

    Michael is currently working on finishing his first book, The Underwear Entrepreneur, The Definitive Guide to Working from Home.

    Michael was named as of of Colorado Biz Magazine's "Top 25 Most Powerful Sales People" in January 2011.

    He's been profiled on "Hearbeat of America" hosted by William Shatner.

    Mike lives in Texas.

    Mike's website is:  www.underwearentrepreneur.com

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    Rev Willie Jay Vann Jr and Elder Perry Smith

    in Religion

    Two men of God teaching and preaching the Word of God.

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    Recording Artist Donna Allen

    in Music

    DONNA ALLEN is an American Dance Pop/R&B Professional Recording Artist. Her Peers Call Her The “POWER HOUSE” Singer due to her strong and unique vocals abilities. Born in Key West, Florida and raised in Tampa, Florida. She attended Chamberlain High School and became the “First” black home coming queen. After high school, Donna Allen started her singing career performing in local bands around the Tampa Bay area. She was also The “First” Black Swashbucklers Professional Cheerleader/Choreography for the NFL team “Tampa Bay Buccaneers”. She moved to South Florida where she continue singing and landing her a major recording contract with Atlantic Records, which produced Major Hits such as: “SERIOUS”, Joy And Pain remake of Frankie Beverly and Maze and many others.She’s toured with many Major recording artist such as: Jon Secada, Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine Band to name a few.’Donna Allen has recorded soundtracks for Major Motion Pictures (Movies) such as: “Real” written by world famous song writer “Diane Warren” for the Hit Blockbuster Movie “The Specialist” Starring Sylvester Stallone & Sharon Stone. She also has sound tracks in the movie “Fatal Beauty” starring Whoopi Goldberg, and the “Tyler Perry”/Lee Daniels Hit Block Buster Movie “Precious." Donna Allen has been cast in the short film “Mama I saw Jesus” currently in production. She was recently on the Major NBC Television Show “THE VOICE” Season 5 singing “YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL” original recorded by “Joe Cocker”, where she receive a “Standing Ovation”. 

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    in Current Events

    George Jackson University Radio,Wednesday 10/07/2015 8/EST, invites a dear friend of mine and Special guest Victor Thomas. This is a tale of an INNOCENT MAN. Join us as he shares his account of seeking JUSTICE, facing life in prison, and never giving up his battle for FREEDOM! On Oct. 15, 1985, a Waxahachie woman was beaten and raped while working at a convenience store. In a trial that relied solely on the victim’s testimony, Thomas was convicted on June 15, 1986. While in prison, Thomas sought help by writing letters to judges and other officials to re-investigate the case. He caught the attention of state District Judge Gene Knize, who ordered that DNA testing be performed. In June 2001, Thomas was freed from prison after DNA testing, and was officially pardoned on April 17, 2002 by Gov. Rick Perry. Guest Call in on show 3478267332 georgejacksonuniversity@gmail.com
    GJU contact 2148618068

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    "Up Close & Personal" with Saxophone Phenomenon "J Henry" Jazz

    in Music

    Jazz Phenomenon
    J. Henry has played everything from the Essence Music Festival to the Apollo Theater in Harlem.
    J. Henry has shared the stage with legendary artists such as Twinkie Clarke, Tony Terry,  and Rodney Perry to name a few. He is the Smooth Jazz Phenomenon and TODAY on the show you can hear his story!!
    J. Henry hails from the Jazz Capitol of the World, New Orleans, Louisiana.  This Crescent City native has been  dazzling audiences across the U.S. for the last 24 years.
    Our Secret
    New Single and Album
    The latest single by J. Henry is called "Our Secret" and is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more. In the first week of the song debut, "Our Secret" hit the top 100 of iTunes Jazz downloads.
    His debut album "Phenomenon" was released in January 13, 2015….and still going strong!!!  
    For more info on J Henry please visit:  www.jhenryjazz.com


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    Musician, Vocalist & Songwriter Elizabeth Elkins Visits Madame Perry's Salon

    in Pop Culture

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