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    A Visit with MaryAnn Means, Exec Dir. with Susan G. Komen, Tarrant County

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    Today, I’m delighted to welcome MaryAnn Means-Dufrene. Having previously served as deputy chief of staff for Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, she recently accepted the position of Executive Director for the Susan G. Komen Great Forth Worth Affiliate.

    We’ll be talking about the process of moving from one career to another; particularly the shift from public service to non-profit management. We’ll talk about how she’s adapting from managing a department to running an entire organization. We’ll also touch on her thoughts on non-profit management, as well as her vision for the organization in the future.


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    MaryAnn Means-Dufrene, Executive Director



    P: 817-735-8580 | Helpline 1-877-GO KOMEN

    2216 Green Oaks Rd | Fort Worth, TX 76116


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    #HotTopics #TheReturnOfMonicaLewinsky #SusanG.Komen

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    For Saturday, we'll have more hot topics, plus know about the Susan G. Komen group, during this month of breast cancer awareness...and the return of Monica Lewinsky (back in the public eye again).

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    Think Before You Pink for Susan G Komen

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    Think before you PINK! With Vicki Saputo, RN.  Pink washing or "pink ribbons" can be a marketing ploy to sell products.  BIG cosmetic companies  sell products containing the toxic chemicals like carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, etc. that are known to cause breast cancer, as well as many other diseases. These companies are sponsors for "Walk For The Cure" and need to “Walk their Talk” and encourage prevention, says Vicki.
    In 2011, pinkwashing reached a new low with Promise Me, a perfume commissioned by Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Promise Me contains unlisted chemicals that are regulated as toxic and hazardous, have not been adequately evaluated for human safety, and have demonstrated negative health effects.

    What should we be aware of before we shell out our money and think pink?
    Vicki Saputo is a registered nurse, actress, model. Vicki is affectionately known as “Nurse Vicki” on Prescriptions for Health radio and PRN.FM Internet radio, What’s New in the News in Medicine on TV and on www.doctorsaputo.com.

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    Critical Discourse - Susan G. Komen and Planned ParentHOOD

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    “… for what crime was she killed?” (Holy Qur’an, 81:9)
    “…therefore choose life ... (Deut. 30:19)
    Due to intense backlash by liberal, pro-abortion groups, Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation retracted its plans to discontinue funding of Planned Parenthood.
    Chief Executive Nancy G. Brinker, said that the decision had nothing to do with the group's position on abortion, but rather a new policy, barring grants to groups under governmental investigations.
    Not surprising, the reaction was swift and intense. Funding to PP increased dramatically, with NYC Mayor Bloomberg pledging $250K to the organization, implying that “politics” was behind Susan G. Komen’s decision.
    Those who support Planned Parenthood argue that they provide essential services to women, with abortion being just one part.
    Opponents on the other hand, speak to what is considered to be a hidden agenda to encourage the taking of sacred life, for mere convenience, under the mantra of “choice”.
    While Planned Parenthood enjoys strong support amongst those who would tie it in to civil or women’s rights, what is not known by many, is its sinister origin, as far as 1916, by Margaret Sanger, who was a eugenicist and racist. Said she about black people, "they are…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ’spawning… human beings who never should have been born.”

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    Project Runway Designer Rafael Cox

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    Tune in as we welcome "Project Runway" designer Rafael Cox to the "Ice Cream Convos Morning Show" to give us the scoop on his upcoming "Women of Atlanta Fashion Show" benefitting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

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    SWAG Presents: Moni G and Ty'Rae Blaze

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    Tonight, Yara Kaleemah will be chopping it up with Moni G, author of Scandalous Deceit, and Ty'Rae Blaze, author of Never Ending Changes. 

    Moni G. was born and raised in Arkansas. Her passion for writing comes from life experiences and being an avid reader. In her spare time she loves to shop, cook and spend time with her family. Moni G. signed with Pink Angels Publications in 2014.

    Ty’rae Blaze made her debut into the literary industry with her romance novel, Never Ending Changes. She was born and raised in the beautiful state of South Carolina, where she is currently residing. Outside of writing, Ty’rae gives her time to the youth of her community by volunteering at a local recreational center. In her spare time, Ty’rae enjoys reading and listening to books. “Peace and love comes from within.” Is the motto that Ty’rae lives by.

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    Sports Tonight with Tommy G

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    Tune in to join Tommy G, Butch and legendary sports announcer Don Henderson. As they discuss the world of sports. The guys will cover football, hockey,boxing,baseball, basketball and any other sport. Tommy and the crew will also be joined by some legendary guests. Every Wednesday night the guy will discuss the happenings in the world of sports. To take part in the show please call in at 347-202-0832 or click on the shows free link.

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    Freedom Quest -- Honored to Present: Lt. Col. James G. Zumwalt

    in Politics Conservative


    Lieutenant Colonel James G. Zumwalt is a retired Marine infantry officer who served in the Vietnam war, the 1989 intervention into Panama and Desert Storm. An internationally acclaimed best-selling author, speaker and business executive, he also currently heads a security consulting firm named after his father—Admiral Zumwalt & Consultants, Inc.




    Stand UP America -- Take Our Country Back!!!

    Our Mission:  To promote the Judeo/Christian perspective, political commentary, patriotism, family, U.S. Constitution, respect for life and liberty, freedom of speech, freedom OF religion, right to bear arms, and respect for life.  To engage the public in discussions regarding threats to our way of life and our freedoms that were fought for by our Founding Fathers, our brave and courageous military, and by every day Patriots.

    EMAIL US AT:  mp91freedomquest@gmail.com



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    Your Time w. Paula G. and Bruce

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    Are you a small business owner? Tune in to “Your Time” Wednesday 8:30 pm EST. Sandy English, of Legal Shield, joins us to share his passion and expertise on how to grow, expand, and maintain your business…. AND be profitable all at the same time! www.yourtimeradio.com

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    Love G-d and follow Muhammed by IWDM

    in Lifestyle

    Live Wednesday March 4, 2015

    8:00 PM eastern


    Permalink: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/station-iwdm/2015/03/05/love-g-d-and-follow-muhammed-by-iwdm

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    KMnm/a day to be remembered-G-D is Greater-rejoice

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    Where is home?  Could it be the peace of mind?  When do we get this peace of mind?  Could it be when we leave this material world and its responsibilities?  Whereever it is, one thing is for sure; The Almighty is aware and Greater than anything we can think of,  We are here, where ever here may be, for a short while to connect with the material world mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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