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    Refocus Live 3/25: Blood Moons, The Death Entity, New Knights Templar and Islam

    in Politics Conservative

    7pm EST

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!

    Tonight's topics include:

    Conservative Refocus: Apocalypse America
    Spooky SKULL caught on camera below NYC subway train
    The Knights Templar: Path to Defeating ISIS Lies in Historical Crusades
    US Navy Forbids Chaplain From Ministering to Family of Dead Sailor Due to Christian Beliefs
    Climate Hoax Update: Top Anglican Bishop Declares Climate Denial 'Blind and Immoral'
    Saudi Arabia's Top Shariah Official Calls for Destruction of All Churches in Arabia
    Autocratic Supreme Leader Obama Thinks US Government Should Force Americans to Vote
    Raunchy NY Rapper in Playboy 'Hates Fat White Americans' and 'Everything about America'
    Bergdahl charged with desertion, could face life in prison


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    Water For The Thirsty - Episode 15

    in The Bible

    Since last we met we completed the books of Romans and Numbers and are now enjoying Matthew and Deuteronomy along with the Psalms. Looking forward to the conversations that arise this week!

    Water For The Thirsty is a contemporary forum which creates space to experience and share the delight of daily communion with Christ. 

    Our conversations are grown organically and often challenge our traditional views. Through informal review and discussion of the scriptures, we seek practical application of the Word in our lives under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

    We stream our conversations live online every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 8 -9pm EST @ http://live.waterforthethirsty.com  Join the live conversation by calling (914) 205-5907 or via the chatroll.

    Grab a copy of the reading plan, dust of your Bibles and join us... if you're thirsty

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    Blood is not thicker than Water-EP 5

    in Spirituality

    There are times in our lives when we will have to separate ourselves from those closest to us. Family is usually the hardest to let go. There are moments in life along your journey when GOD will call for you to separate yourself from those closest to you for a time. This process can be hard, lonely, and painful but what will come out of it, will benefit you. In the story of Abram in the bible GOD spoke and told him to leave his native land and family because GOD wanted to bless him. JAH would not bless him as long as he was in the midst of his family.God knows that even in the midst of us recieving Glory the devourer tries to come and sometimes succeeds in coming because we let them tag along or even open the door. At times the devourer creeps in unknowing to us.

    In this Episode we hope to encourage you to Let go and Let GOD! We pray you gain strength to make the separations in your life that need to be made in this season. We hope your eyes are opened that you may see those who only come to steal from you and drain your glory. Be encouraged and know those who are closest to you may be the very ones that don't have your best interest at hand.

    Genesis 13 Abram and Lot separate.. Read this chapter in totality that you might gain a greater understanding!

    Music Playlist

    Lead Me to Zion - King Malachi

    Fallin - Corey Red


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    Water for Health: Are you choosing the best?

    in Current Events

    Water, water everywhere, is it really?  And how safe is that water to drink, bathe and use for our bodies?  Recently World Water Day was very clear in showing the imperfections in our water systems, the scarcity of global water and the power to control the supply and additives in local water companies.  Do you know what you are drinking?  There is so much on the internet about RO water, dead water, alkaline water, and so on.  How do you choose?  By peer pressure, your neighbors advice since they see you drinking a particular way or by the sources that tell you their water is perfectly safe since they are dumping things in to it to make it that way.

    Clayton Nolte, a scientist who studied nature for 40 years has created a device that works like nature to create pure clean water just like water from a spring. 

    For more information on Structured Water for the limited time special of 25% off visit this link.


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    Hearing Loss: Fact vs Fiction & Meet A Radical Survivor on Read My Lips Radio

    in Lifestyle

    READ MY LIPS' akaRadioRed goes beyond the typical blah-blah-yada-yada canned interview, engaging multiple guests in spontaneous conversations.

    "Can't hear me? Got a banana in your ear?" If you remember this "joke" from when you were a kid, it's time to learn the truth about hearing loss, which is NOT a laughing matter for millions of people. According to Tim "The Hear Doctor" Frantz, MD, we typically begin to experience hearing loss as early as age 12. His book, Hearing Loss: Facts and Fiction: 7 Secrets to Better Hearing is an easy-to-read guide that busts myths about hearing health, testing and aid devices. Dr. Tim's experience and wisdom could help you and/or a loved one avoid the ramifications of poor hearing: relationship communication issues, lower earning power, social discomfort and more. www.TheHearDoc.com.


    Nancy Saltzman is a "Radical Survivor" who beat cancer twice, and learned to live and love again after her husband and two sons perished in a small plane crash. Nancy wisely advises, "How you respond to loss will define you as a survivor or a victim." Learn her 3 techniques to help ensure you survive. Wondering how to express your condolences to help someone through a loss? Nancy says, "Make lasagna or at least write a condolence letter." She will also differentiate between the grief of a widow vs. a divorcée, and how to offer appropriate support to each. Her book is Radical Survivor: One Woman's Path Through Life, Love, and Uncharted Tragedy. www.nancysaltzman.com

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    It's "Paul Krendler Day" here on Blood on the Microphone

    in Current Events

    There's this... guy. I think. I don't know. I guess he is. Or she. I don't know. But this... guy. He, she or it seems unnaturally, preternaturally (if you will) obsessed with HATING me. We're not talking about anybody I did anything to. A person I did something BAD to would have a REASON to hate me. But I did nothing bad to this... guy. At least, I don't think I did. I pretty much know everyone I've ever done anything BAD to, and it's not a very big list. But this... this... guy. This "Paul Krendler." He, she or it has a blog completely devoted to just flat out HATING me. And what's more, this... Krendler.  He, she or it has a small band of devoted followers who ALSO hate me, who I've ALSO done nothing bad to.

    It's just KWAZY!

    We'll discuss what it is to be hated, I mean down and dirty, balls to the wall HATED, by someone I've never met, have never harmed, at least as far as I know... on our next gathering at "Blood on the Microphone."

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    The "BLOOD Speaks"!

    in Religion

    Welcome! This is the Blog Talk Internet radio prophetic teaching ministry of Apostle Otha Bell and the Speaking the Word of Faith Prophetic Teaching Ministries. We are a ministry that preaches and teaches the uncompromising Word of the Living God as written and received in the Holy Bible. The Word of God and the revelation of the Blood Covenant will enhance the believer, save the sinner, and assure that the Church is ready for the return of Jesus Christ. We pray that this edition and all of the editions will be a blessing, an encouragement and that God will speak a Word into your life.

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    Eve of 3rd Blood Moon

    in The Bible

    We have seen so much take place across the world at each blood moon.and this year is no different. Going to recap all that has taken place up to now, the 3rd Blood Moon. Laying out all information as to what will be coming next. Tune in 8pm Central tonight.

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    Montana's Blue Gold-CSKT Water Compact Talk Continued

    in Politics

    As promised, TVFM will have a continuence of last week's show regarding the CSKT water rights compact. Dr Kate and Terry B, our guest hosts, will answer the questions and comments that we couldn't get to last week as well as giving new updates.

    If you missed last weeks episode, please check the pod cast here http://tobtr.com/s/7454269

    'Nuff said. Just tune in for the "rest of the truth".

    For more facts see Western Montana Water Rights  https://westernmtwaterrights.wordpress.com/

    Do your homework then call 1 646 564 9915 with comments and questions.

    Previous TVFM CSKT episodes:

    Where Will All Our Water Go.... 07/26/12
    CSKT Water Rights Draft Update 12/21/12
    Got Water Update 4/14/13
    The Dismantling of The U.S. A 11/13/14

    Another reminder, if you won't have access to the internet Saturday nite, you can listen to the show over your phone by dialing  1 406 646 564-9915   To comment or ask questions, press 1 and you'll be on the air.
    Please be patient, there may be others waiting.



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    Urgently Prepare for Christ, Wise Virgins vs. Foolish, Matt 25, Dr. David Owour

    in Christianity

    Scripture Reference, Matt 25: 1-13 One type will be like the foolish virgins and the other type like the wise virgins, fear of GOD, wise, wisdom. The foolish virgins He said when they receive the LORD they failed to carry the jar of oil, refused to receive the HOLY SPIRIT. The wise church has a jar of oil and received the HOLY SPIRIT. The wise church received the HOLY SPIRIT. Listen to me. Listen to the secret. He says, “When the angels shouted, ‘Here is the Bridegroom, prepare.’” 

    They had all slumbered. Remember all 10 virgins slept. Two churches had slept. But what mattered is this: That when they woke up they trimmed their lamps, their wicks. In Kenyan Swahili they say kitambi. Some of us grew up in abject poverty. We used paraffin lamps. So we know that you have to trim the wick to get a standard flame. When they trimmed their wicks they found out that their lamps were burning out so only those with oil added on, but when the foolish virgins came to ask, “Please help us with some oil.” The wise said, “We don’t have enough for both us and you. You go to the shops, to the tiendas; go there and buy some for yourselves.”

    I have never believed until now I am brought to my knees when I read that Scripture. I cannot believe that they surely went. I cannot believe that they surely went to buy oil. How can you buy the anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT? That means we have been having 2 lamps burning in this church. There have been 2 lamps burning in the church of CHRIST: One from the true lamp of GOD, the oil; the other one they have been buying oil!

    More and always free at http://www.repentandpreparetheway.org, 



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    The Now You Know Show: Episode 25 The Blood of Jesus & Dixie John

    in Spirituality

    A new and exciting variety broadcast that covers all things hoodoo, rootwork, and conjure.

    "From deep in the heart of Texas, where the stars at night are big and bright, comes The Now You Know Show, with Professor Charles Porterfield, here to tell it like it was and how it is, to help school ya, so no one can fool ya!"

    Tune in and learn valuable lessons about the practice of hoodoo, conjure, and throwing roots with a skilled practitioner who brings a lifetime of experience to the task of teaching newbies and entertaining old-time practitioners alike. Professor Porterfield is a talented rootworker, a dedicated founding member of AIRR, a gifted reader, and one of our dearest friends. We are proud to sponsor him in this new adventure.

    At Professor Porterfield's TheNowYouKnowShow.com web site, you can find updates and information on the show -- or, to access episodes directly, just go to The Now You Know Show at Blog Talk Radio

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