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    Effiminazation of Black Boys

    in Spirituality

    As far back as slavery, black men were sexually assaulted and raped by their masters.. It's been hidden for centuries by historians on all sides, and now its become a weapon to destroy black boys and the masculinity of the head of the family.  
    By eliminating a man's rights,power and economic surival you now can degade him and effimanize him to your worldly needs and desires for the benefit of your existence, power and control!



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    Apocalypse Nana “Premiere” with Author Jacqueline Druga

    in Education

    Apocalypse Nana “Premiere”
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to:

    More than an author, Jacqueline is a mother and grandmother and her means of readiness are geared toward protection of those she loves. Her guests include novelist and prepper Kirk Allmond. Kirk is a master at the little things that people just don’t know when it comes to survival. He has his nose to the grindstone and teaches his readers as well as entertains.

    Also as a guest, Stephen ‘The Koz’ Koziniewski. When it comes to delivering humor in a twisted zombie story, The Koz is your man. Despite being an Eagle Scout and a decorated Iraq war vet, Stephen Kozeniewski has almost zero survival skills. (Unless speaking German, French, and a smidgen of Latin count as survival skills.) He assumes his Bronze Star was awarded due to a clerical error.

    When asked about his ‘surival knowledge’ The Koz said, “I have the survival skills of a lemming. And not one of those fancy computer lemmings that do what you tell them to, either.”  

    Join us as we discuss survival situations in a Germ Apocalypse. Also, how our experts believe Hollywood fared with scenarios and survival in the Epidemic based films, Outbreak and The Stand. What would they had done if they were Stew Redman?

    Visit Apocalypse Nana SHOW PAGE!

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    Grid Down With Florida's Tactical Fatty

    in Prepping

    Grid down with Florida's Tactical Fatty. Today's show is oriented around a topic I found last minute, this happens alot, And it makes it better for me. For as a survivalist I like the unknown factor. I like being put on teh spot at a moments notice. This tests my ability to pull upon the information that I have in my head, and my abbility to share this information with you in a timely and informative manner so that You too can be prepared for whatever is to come. Keeps me on my toes, keeps me sharp and above all, keeps me a live. This is Grid Down With the one and only Florida's Tactical Fatty. Enjoy the show.


    Grid Down Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/313852578674878/740663689327096/

    Florida's Tactical Fatty Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/FlaTacFat

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    Grid Down With Florida's Tactical Fatty

    in Prepping

    This week we are discussing survival and the mental and physical preperations you may need to go through in order to better prepare yourself for any situation you may face. 

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    Robot Rabbit [31]: Ben Affleck as Doctor Who

    in Dreams

    Indianapolis nerds Tyler McCord (@TylerLee83) and Mike Wickliff (@Greymattersplat) join Sarah to discuss who they'd choose to take into their post-apocayptic surival cadres.
    Lots of nerdy tangents...

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    Urban GeoPonics Live with Sundiata El

    in Culture

    Join us on Urban GeoPonics Live with Sundiata El this Friday, October 25th for another informative show.  SOLUTIONS over PROBLEMS!!!!!!!
    We offer another solution to many of our most basic problems, Food, Clothes, Shelter and Transportation.  One of the answers we can find in Urban Homesteading.  True freedom and sovereignty can exist within this ideology of surival. 
    Join us as we discuss all of the components needed for a self sufficient situation.  We will also discuss current events and updates with Moors Eastside Farms.

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    Nicky Dare's "Emergency Preparedness" session 1 of 3

    in News

    Re-Broadcast show.
    Join Nicky Dare's "Emergency Preparedness" session 1 of 3:
    Strategizing your Safety & Survival.
    Virtually noone is immune to challenges, crises, or disasters  - particularly brought on by "Mother Nature" or what some people term "acts of God" - those unpredictable events, dangers and, even life-threatening situations. It's important to plan ahead and minimize your risk factors.
    At homefront, we also need to prepare and know how to prepare in case of these emergency situations. It is not "IF" it is "WHEN", it is very crucial to plan ahead.
    Stay vigilant, increase your situational awareness of your surrounding. Stay safe.
    Listen in to Nicky Dare's tips.

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    Real Food Living: Education options for autism

    in Homeschooling

    Is it possible to homeschool your autistic child? What is right for your family? Join Vickilynn Haycraft of Real Food Living with her guest Tammy Trayer.

    Tammy’s son Austin is autistic and he has experienced public school and homeschooling. We discuss the differences and share resources and strategies for both options.

    For resources and links, please visit the Show Notes Page. Tune in to The Surival Mom Radio Network.

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    Essential Survival: Natural skin care with herbs

    in Health

    In this episode of the Essential Survival Radio Show, hostess Julie Behling-Hovdal discusses natural skin care using herbs and essential oils with Master Herbalist Rebecca Potter.  
    Rebecca Potter is a lifelong student of herbalism, a lover of herbs and natural healing. She feels passionately about sharing her knowledge and experience with herbs to empower all to achieve the greatest possible health potential. She received her Master Herbalist degree from The School of Natural Healing, and teaches herbal classes in her local area of Salt Lake City Tune in to The Surival Mom Radio Network!

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    The UK Prepper Show - Wade Hicks Interview

    in Education

    Has the world ended? I start this week with:2012 My Comments, Preparations Leading up To Today, support these companies, MP3 Doc Disaster Profiteering, On the other hand, What does the Bible say? Some more Companies to support, Solar Storms 2013, A Faraday Cage, Further companies to Support, Campfire Breakfast,MP3 Gun Control, What Is Prepping? Prepping for Beginners, The Wade Hicks Jr. Interview, Blizzard Survival Discount Offer, Doomsday Prepper Shows, Highlander Trojan Hydration Pack – Multicam Review, Common Prepping Mistakes, Survival Cooking and foraging,What You Can Eat in the Wild, Cudeman Heavy Duty Olive Wood Bushcraft Knife - 111L Review, DOC mp3, The Importance of Water, How to get started, getting started, Now this is where the real work begins, Leave No Trace Campfires, Prepare 72-hour "bug-out" bags, Economic Collapse

  • 00:41

    The Apocalypse Survival Special

    in Comedy

    Everyone knows the world is going to end on Dec 21st, 2012 so our hosts The Roach and 3rd Trimester are going to be descusing survival techniques, and bear grills is suppose to call in too so listen and call in live at 9pm

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