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    East Meets West Sports Broadcast with Dom Moff & Frankie Puma - 1/24/2015

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    Tonight LIVE on East Meets West Sports Broadcast, Dom Moff and Frankie Puma discuss the Conference Championship games, the winners and Super Bowl bound Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots of the National Football League, current odds for the game, their predictions and Deflate Gate. They will cover sports news, strategies and be offering insight, information and lots of entertainment!

    Get your pencils and paper ready and take some notes!

    Be sure to follow East Meets West Sports Broadcast on Twitter for all the latest news and current game picks @EMWsports and check us out on www.IncubiIncarnate.com/emwlistenlive

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    BRN 188:Remember Us?We Sure As Hell Remember You.

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    Three months...that's how long we've been in the distance.
    We didn't quit....we just put distance between ourselves and the headset and mic.
    Lot of distance......

    Well,we decided it's time to close the distance.......and pick up the headset and mic again.
    btowntruth...the voices....the characters.....all closing distance.

    Did you forget?We sure as hell didn't.
    Grudges?Nah...more like remembering facts.

    Here we are.....there we were.....there we go....

    THIS is the return of the btowntruth Radio Network.......


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    Apostasy( The Reprobate Mind)

    in Religion

    This session will come form Romans chapter 1. We will discuss with Christians on how to identify one whom has been reprobated by God. Saul was a man whom fell into disobedience and continue to follow in this dreadfull state of mind. God soon rejected him and elected another king. many times we roll the dice with God. We feel that God is obligated to continue to forgive us when we are in sin and disobedience. A Christain cannot enter reprobate unless he has had a form of godliness. A form of godliness in when the persons presumes to be saved but has a lukewarm lifestyle. 


    Pastor Diane Winbush will provide the lecture for this topic. For more upcoming tools, and resources, just go to www.saintpetersburgministries.org

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    Mid-Day Supplication - Intercessory Prayer

    in Lifestyle

    Join us on the broadcast for intercessory prayer and a word from the Lord. Tune in, and be blessed.

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    Dinner Specials with May Pang and Cynthia Neilson...Live

    in Entertainment

    As if celebrating 50 years of songwriting, with over 900 songs to his credit isn't enough. Brian Gari also managed to author a book about his Broadway show "Late Nite Comic".  "We Bombed in London" was followed by a slight detour with "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to My Stress Test" and "Close Encounters of the Celebrity Kind". This classic overachiever is still making music, and taking some time to take a trip on May and Cynthia's cyber time machine...if they can speed up fast enough to catch him.  Front row seats available...

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    Going Pro! Why Be One? Why Hire One?

    in Business

    Join us today on Women Leading the Way Radio as Shawn Marie Turi interviews Adrienne Grace, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Grace / Pinto Communication Design.

    Grace will share her insights on what is one thing everyone should know about having a great website?

    She will discuss whether or not there are misconceptions with regards to what websites can and cannot do and if so, what are they?

    Shawn Marie Turi is your host of Business IS Personal: (What you do and WHY you do it… MATTERS!) ,a show focused on interviewing remarkable professional women and entrepreneurs who are doing what they love, kicking ass and believe that ‘Business IS (in fact) Personal’…and what we do, how we do it, and most importantly, why we do it really does matter!

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    in Christianity

    The earth is waiting on the manifestations of the sons of God! Why are some Christians feeling that they are not receiving God's fullness in their life therefore yielding zero to little fruit (manifestations)? They are a member of the local church, pay their tithes and serve as an usher. Well this message unlocks the answers with just one key. YOU do not want to miss this!!  It is time to see your faith and have revelation knowledge for yourself. So Tune into the STAND IN THE FIRE broadcast every Monday and Friday at noon, EST, on blog talk radio. Call in LIVE, # 646-200-3486 or //tobtr.com/s/7280839. The grass withereth; the flower fadeth, but the word of our God shall STAND FOREVER!!! Isaiah 40:8

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    The 21 Layers of the Soul with Annemiek Douw

    in Spirituality

    Have you heard about this fascinating book called "21 Layers of the Soul?"

    In this book, author Annemiek Douw MSc shares more than 100 case histories gathered over 15 years of healing work. During this time she discovered the 21 layers of the aura -- something never before revealed in any other healing book. Annemiek explores some fascinating questions essential to our healing including:

    Whether there is such a thing as 'family karma'
    Whether there is an ultimate plan for your life
    Whether we make 'soul agreements' with others before we are born
    Whether we can become influenced by the whole of humanity
    Why certain illnesses or relationship patterns seem to happen over and over in your life...


    ANNEMIEK DOUW, MSc is a management coach, lightworker, medium, energetic therapist, trainer and author. Her personal experience with long-term illness combined with her own work as a healer have led her to understand how the soul is an internal compass that continuously guides us. She has helped thousands of clients heal at many levels, teaching them how to read this compass for themselves. If you are interested in having your  auras cleansed and healed in these high layers then you can learn more about how to work with annemiek at www.21LayersofTheSoul.com.

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    Psychic View, Mystic Mondays with Mona

    in Spirituality

    Each Monday morning at 9am, your questions answered LIVE on this interactive radio broadcast. Mona takes your calls and answers your most personal and important questions.

    Each week, Mona chooses one listener to be her featured caller and spends extra time with a full spread of cards. To be considered as a featured caller, please "Like" Mona on her Mystic Mona OR Psychic View Facebook page. Write on either wall that you'd like to be considered.

    Mona is considered the Official Psychic of Las Vegas and since 2002, holds the Psychic Arts License through the City of Las Vegas. Her answers to your questions are considerate and thought-provoking. Readings by Mona are intended for your entertainment and consideration. She's the creator of the Dice Wisdom app for iPhone and Android. www.dicewisdom.com. Mona is available for private phone sessions by calling 702-571-0461.

    Remember, Psychic View...because the present moment IS the gift.

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    KINGS IN THE MORNING - News/Mike Epps/Dr. Boyces Letter To The Corporate Negro

    in Radio

           There is NOTHING like it on the universe.  Are there shows with poor taste?  Yes, our poor taste, taste good.  We have a variety of flavors and we come in all shapes and sizes.  Your color?  What color do you want, we can special order it.  We're like medicine. We are effective in our method of healing.  We'll make you laugh and we'll make you THINK, one thing for sure, you will be more aware today than you ever were before.  KINGS IN THE MORNING can become very addictive.  Side effects?  Of course, but they are not harmful, and you can drive, unless you are laughing and not watching where you are going.  All in?  347-205-9366 - CALL US, okay?  We await you

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    Episode #27 Alicia Streger From FitProEssentials Shares Wisdom For Trainers

    in Fitness

    In this episode we interview Alicia Streger of fitproessentials.com. 

    Alicia started working grueling hours doing in-home personal training before she moved to a brand-new area and launched a boot camp. She grew her camp into a 4-location, multiple trainer business serving over 200 clients.

    She now coaches fitness pros on how to systematize their business and create a better lifestyle.

    "Don't compare other people's highlight reel to your behind-the-scenes."


    Jesse Stoddard, fitness boot camp business coach, personal trainer, and author featured in CNN Money, along with the well-known and highly regarded fitness expert Georgette Pann, owner of NutriFitness Bootcamps, the founder of Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Club, and creator of the famous Sure Victory Boot Camp Business in a Box program, host this discussion about the personal training career and fitness business. Along with exclusive interviews with fitness experts and trainers who run successful fitness boot camp companies, they discover why some personal trainers fail and others succeed.

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