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    Thomas K. Mensah - Missionary to Ghana - Report on Ghana

    in Christianity

    My name is Thomas K Mensah, popularly called T K Mensah. I am a missionary working with the Bridge Of Hope church in Nashville, in the Youth Mentorship and Homeless ministries. I received the Lord into my heart as a young man and became an Evangelist in rural ministries especially in church planting and discipleship not too long afterwards. I have a commission to plant churches in the western region of Ghana which is the pick for Islamic influence in this West African country with the least Islamic influence in Africa. Presently I have planted two churches one in the city and in the village called Centuries Church International. Just returned from missions in Ghana and the experience is very thrilling seeing the love of God touching the people. I have plans to build school for pregnant girls who get sacked from school due to the pregnancy and an after school programe to help student complete their homework especially in Science, Maths and English.


    My next trip to Ghana will be in Septemmber and everyone is welcome to sow some seeds into my ministries in Ghana.

    Contact me at: 6154820970,

    tomkemen2001@yahoo.com or

    write to 531 East Trinity Lane, Nashville, TN 37207


    I have two books which I am giving out freely to all who will donate towards my September mission trip to Ghana. Any $20 or will get you "New Wine Of New Wineskin" and Any $50 or more get "The Set Time And the Flint Face" $!00 or more would give somebody

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    Faaantastic!  FDN Support Talk Radio is here for you to get information that matters most!  Get together with Reed Davis, FDN Mentors and Special Guests.  Submit questions ahead of time, or better yet, call in live and join in the discussion.  This is your chance to pick what's left of Reed's brain to improve your understanding of lab interpretations, case management challenges, and business issues you may be facing.

    Fantastic Friday Call June 26, 2015 Recap:

    Graduates: Dr. Heather Shott, Heather Chupp, Geny Chevalier, Jason Prall, Alan Greenberg

                                    Ann Knaup, Susan Passanante, Ragni Narum

    Production/Production capabilities Balance

    Online Summits—check newsletter for links

    BH101 is back!

    Building a cash-base practice as an FDN-P

    Addressing mental/personality disorders with DRESS™

    Choosing supplementals/protocols

    Using Metabolic Typing 

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    Good hebrew bible reading and interpretation

    in The Bible

    I read and explian hebrew bible.Interpreting the scriptures as i go along reading them to you.I use the complete jewish bible to read from.The tanak or original version the king james version was interpreted from.I go into detailed explanation of scriptures that i read from.Telling the hebrew names of characters as well as english.I use all of Gods holy names in my readings as well as jesus christs.I relate scriptures to modern day experiences and actions of listeners.Driving home a point of the old to the new life experience in christedom.Christianity is the life of the original hebrews passed down generation after generation to none isrealites.To help support these ministries please shop at one of our online stores instead of making a donation.Productadvertisements2014.com for clickbank store products.For clickbank products like arts and entertaiment,computers,employment,green pods,home and garden,P2P,reference,alternative,betting,cooking and food,health and fitness,languages,parenting,self help,sports,business,E-business,games,education,mobile,politics,software,and travel go to productadvertisements2014.com and for vehicle auto body supplies,parts and mechanical parts for model 1900-2014 go to partsautomotive.biz.For some good spiritual music to worship to go to http://www.songcastmusic.com/profiles/roderickwhite or http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/roderickwhite13

  • Supporting Each Other after Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Early Infant Loss

    in Motivation

    Miscarriage Matters, Inc. proudly offers Miscarriage Matters Radio. Miscarriage Matters, Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charity offering free one-on-one mentoring programs to mothers and fathers devastated by Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Early Infant Loss. www.MyMiscarriageMatters.org

    Our hope, with Miscarriage Matters Radio, is that it will encourage dialogue around pregnancy and early infant loss, while also increasing awareness. It is so important to give loss survivors the ability to empower themselves by speaking their truth. We encourage you to call in, and be active with us. Gone are the days of feeling alone, and hiding in the shadows. You are NOT alone. Your baby matters, and you matter. Call in and join the discussion. 

  • Remembering "Gone with the wind" & other political stories

    in Politics

    Guest:  Frank Burke, businessman and author of "A law unto themselves", joins me for a look at stories on the front pages........the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage and Obama Care........the EPA ruling..........the Iran nuclear deal will miss the deadline.......the real question is why are we so determined to make a deal..........why not walk away and force Iran to make serious concessions................plus we remember that "Gone with the wind" was published in 1936.............Leslie Eastman, contributor to Legal Resurrection will share her thoughts about the book and recent controversy......

    Click to support some of our friends....





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    TCRN presents: TAKIN' OFF DA' BLINDERS Episode 001: Federal Reserve System

    in Education

    Please support and join the newest host to the TCRN family, Randal, as he kicks off his new show Takin' Off Da' Blinders.  The host will present his research and finding on the Federal Reserve System that you aren't told about in school or in the mainstrem media.  Join the host in the 3rd hour in an open Forum Discussion.  Please do not miss this debut episode of Takin' Off Da' Blinders.

    Please do not forget about the Facebook event page.  You can find the link here, or on the TCRN website under shows.  Welcome!

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    Law passed concerning gay marriage, Now how should the church respond??

    in Spirituality

    Greetings people of God, I want to invite you to join me tomorow night as I will be talking about the law that was passed by the supreme court for homosexual's to be able to get married......I have been watching all the talk on facebook about this law and the responce from the body of Christ has not been correct.....As a born again believer we should be showing the love of God no matter what happens......There should not be any hate being shown from those of us that say we are the children of God.....Please join me as we talk about this.....I will be speaking from the prespective of a man who God delivered from homosexualty......I lived this life for over 10 years of my life and I knew the whole time that I was wrong but I did not have enough God in me to turn away from my Sin.......I shared this so you will understand that I will not be attacking on this show but I will be speaking from a place of understanding both sides of the prospective.......Because God has delivered me and oppened my eyes I now stand on the word of the Lord and refruse to compromize, this means I love all people but I will not support anyone in any sin for this is just one of many sins that are committed each day......

    P.S. Sin is simply sin and all of it will lead you to a home in "Hell"

    Your Servant,

    Real Talk With Derian House

  • After Dark w /Triple Taboo Tuesday: God The Feminine submit to her creation?

    in Radio

    We Dish on EVERYTHING. From clothes, current events, black female enterprise, black feminism, black female rights, black female sexuality, black female health, black female wealth and most importantly BLACK FEMALE SOVEREIGNTY!


    While Iyanla mite "help" you "fix" your life: the Angry Deva's help you GET YO LIFE! 

    In all thy Getting, get an Understanding.


    The Original Mother, the Black Wombyn is the last to awaken to her Divinity and Divine Place in the Cosmos. We are the place to discuss all the things they DON'T WANT us to talk about or focus on. Tune in daily, write to us to be a host, and share! This is FOR US and BY US. so lets SUPPORT our OWN

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    FAN TALK hosted by Sports Debaters

    in Music

    Call in tonight at 8pm on the FAN TALK Show hosted by the Sports Debaters. Topics Tonight NBA Draft, MLB Trade Rumors and anything else. So FAN UP and Support Your Team!!

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    And behold, I come shortly, and my reward is with me, to give to every man ,,

    in Religion

    Tonight  Elvi zapata will share with you what God has been showing him through dreams and visions regarding the end time,  what is about to happen in Israel and around World

    The Lord Jesus showed me in a vision that when people support this program, The Lords Hour''   He would bless them abundantly, he showed me blessings coming to people's lives from different directions, it was amazing to see what our God can do for his sons and daughters. by supporting this program, you also support, the Poor of Israel and Africa www.thelordshour.com

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    Panther power radio

    in Culture

    Str8UpRealtalk  radio presents Panther Power Radio Hosted by the Chicago, Detroit, and Oakland chapter of the B.R.L.P.with the support of all are Chapters international. Join us every Tues at 7:00p.m central, 8:00p.m eastern . In our debut tonight's show  we will discuss the importance of Nation  building and the struggle for liberation.