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    Warfare: Supernatural versus Spiritual

    in Christianity

    3 Realms Chart

    Supernatural Environment

    The supernatural or soulical environment consists of those areas between the natural and the spiritual. Though this is one realm, it contains many regions. In order to understand our beliefs we can say that the supernatural realm is where the angels and demons dwell, also described as heaven and hell. We can also say that the realm to which our soul relates is the soulical environment. Our soulical senses work just as well (or as poorly) in heaven as in hell. God reigns supreme, and nothing happens here without His express permission, just as in the natural realm.

    We often mistake what happens there, and what we see, as being 100% true and infallible. Thus, we can experience visions, manifestations of God, angels and demons, etc., and falsely conclude that there is absolute authority and clarity in them.

    Supernatural Warfare

    Supernatural warfare, often erroneously called spiritual warfare, is waged between the inhabitants of the supernatural realm. This would be angels, demons and humans. As in all areas, warfare here is strictly under the control and direct supervision of God.

    Soulical Warfare

    Soulical warfare refers specifically to us humans, and must be fought with weapons more powerful than the field of battle. The soulical battles involve overcoming the world, the flesh and the devil in our individual lives.

    What is “Supernatural”?

    A temporary plane of existence that God created for the expression of His love, perceived with our supernatural (or soulical) senses.

    Supernatural vs. Spiritual

    By elevating aspects of the supernatural realm, like angels and demons, we give them much too much influence and authority in and over our lives.

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    Typical Actions in Probate of a Slaveholding Estate with David E. Paterson

    in History


    Public historian David E. Paterson studies people who lived in nineteenth-century Upson County, Georgia, especially those who experienced slavery and Reconstruction. A civilian employee of the US Navy by day, he spends his leisure hours researching and writing local history.  David has helped manage the Slave Research Forum at AfriGeneas.com since about 2001.  David emigrated to the U.S. in 1958 from Scotland and was granted U.S. citizenship in 1975.  He lives in Norfolk, Virginia.

    We will discuss the most fruitful probate records for slavery research in most states, for the period about 1800 to 1865.   The discussion may be less useful for the colonial period, or for the records of Louisiana or Spanish colonial Florida whose laws and processes derived from different legal traditions.  In addition, David will describe the process flow from one record to the next – the purpoe of each record – and what kinds of slavery-related information maybe found in the record. Particular attention will focus on records that are sometimes overlooked in guides or how-to books; especially annual returns and vouchers.  Researchers may find records of a deceased slaveholder separated by many years – in cases when a “life estate” came back under supervision of the court as a “residual estate.”  Finally we will show the connections and similarities between probate records and guardians’ records.

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    Linda Babulic Author of the Book ZEST Your life

    in Women

    Linda Babulic Author of the Book Zest Your life

    Linda Babulic is that woman… the guest you want to sit next to at a dinner party, the speaker who captures your attention, the coach who tailors your solution and makes it all about you, just when it matters most.

    At a pivotal time in life, in the midst of great personal loss, Linda began making the hard choices on her own. She has honed the coping mechanisms and survival skills she acquired in her youth as a way to help others face their challenges and move forward.

    In 1995, Linda launched Leadership Centre Canada, a corporate training company. Her flagship program: “Fundamentals of Supervision” was an instant success with small, medium and large corporations across Canada with hundreds of students learning her leadership techniques and tools.

    Linda’s unique skill is her ability to make people feel safe as they transition from where they are to where they want to be. She serves the person who wakes up one day wondering, “Is this all there is? I thought there’d be more.”

    From one-on-one consults, to workshops, keynote speeches and books, Linda targets our growing need for connection and validation. Her flagship “ZEST” program promotes and serves anyone seeking greater meaning, deeper understanding and the kind of joy that comes from the heart. Linda describes living a truly zesty life as Zeroing-in (on your dreams), Expecting (to receive all you deserve), achieving Success (as you define it), and Transcending (to your higher self).

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    Iview w NYTs Reporter Ken Belson & Dr. Greg Landry – A must listen for parents

    in Sports

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recently published a policy statement that tackles youth football. This week’s guest Dr. Gregory L. Landry, is one of two lead authors of that policy statement. This is a must listen for parents who have children playing Football.

    Dr. Landry, specializes in pediatric and adolescent primary care sports medicine. He is board certified in pediatrics and sports medicine.  Dr. Landry was one of 20 founders of the American Medical Society of Sports Medicine, which now has more than 1,800 members.  He also played youth football through college.

    Read article here:  Safe Tackling OK in Youth Football, Pediatricians' Group Says; new policy statement urges proper training, supervision to avoid injuries among young players

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    How to Select Banking Locations: "Talking Business" #16 With Ken Kraetzer

    in Business News

    Ken Kraetzer "Talking Business" with Josh Bays EVP and Jeff Sheehan SVP of Dallas based Site Selection Group www.siteselectiongroup.com/

    "Site Selection Group is a leading, independent location advisory and economic incentives firm providing solutions to corporations and communities across the world. We offer four core services to our customers: Location Advisory Services, Economic Incentive Services, Corporate Real Estate Services and Economic Development Consulting. Our mission is to align the needs of corporations with the optimal locations in order to provide the absolute maximum economic benefit."

    "We are instrumental in helping small, mid-cap and Fortune 500 companies maximize the return on investment of their location decisions whether it is a single location or their entire real estate portfolio"  King White, President

    Contact Jeff Sheehan, on 214-271-0565 or jsheehan@siteselectiongroup.com

    Sign up for their Blog: http://info.siteselectiongroup.com/blog

    Ken Kraetzer is Vice President with Harrison NY based CBSI on programs that provide loyalty and usage benefit programs to major credit and retail card brands as well as providing contact center mangement supervision.   Prior to CBSI, Ken worked in card and financial marketing at Chase Manhattan Bank, Dean Witter, American Express, and Herbert Dunhill Associates.  He is a graduate of Providence College and an MBA from Iona College.  Reach Ken on kkraetzer@CBSIservices.com or 914-630-3457.  More info at www.cbsiservices.com

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    Everything w/Kathy B, Arlene Vasquez, Mark & Michaela, Diane M. Warmsley

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us tonight for Love Zone Mondays with Kathy B, Co-Hosts Mark & Michaela and Parents & Teens Talk with Chevonna Johnson.

    At 6:15, Join us for Love Zone Mondays, as Kathy B welcomes Certified Matchmaker, Dating Coach & Founder of AVConnexions: Matchmaking, Dating Coaching, Singles Events & More . AV Washburn-Matchmaker (Vasquez) into the studio to speak with Kathy about her,  Get Real, Get Love Group Coaching System for Women.

    Arlene is a Certified Matchmaker, Dating Coach & Founder of AVConnexions. Arlene also created the Get Real, Get Love Group Coaching System for Women. 

    At 7:15, Mark Logue & Michaela Logue of Mark and Michaela Online are back in the studio with Kathy to discuss another HOTT TOPIC, Are All Lies Created Equal? Are Little White Lies Just As Harmful As The Big Ugly Ones?  You definitely want to be a part of this conversation

    Do you Know Who You Are? Join us for Parents & Teens Talk at 8:15, as Host Chevonna Johnson welcomes Genealogist Diane M. Warmsley into the studio to help you answer this question.

    Diane Warmsley is a professional genealogist and holds a certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University’s Center for Professional Education. She holds an M.S. degree in Administration & Supervision in Higher Education from Baruch College/CUNY.  Diane, a former Director of Admissions within the City University of New York (CUNY), brings 35 years of experience to the discussion on college admissions. 

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    in Education


    Superintendent Rory Gesh of Navasota ISD in TX  on his experience in curriculum supervision to create the 'Future ready' student.

    Presented by WIN LEARNING

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    Spirituality - Emphasizing The Divine Feminine: The Motherhood of God

    in Spirituality

    Experiencing & Proclaiming the Motherhood of God!

    This week features a show on The Motherhood of God.  We know we are the Children of God, but gratefully, we are not the children of a single-parent universe. We literally do have two Divine Parents - a Spirit Father and a Spirit Mother. More and more women in spiritual community are heeding the call to minister to their sisters around the world and proclaim this expanded perspective of the good news that God is our Mother as well as our Father. As we realize and appreciate the loving and nurturing personality presence of our Divine Mother Spirit we truly do feel increasingly at home and nurtured within our local universe. Furthermore, when we reflect on these revelatory words from The Urantia Book, we begin to more fully experience the Motherhood of God: If you truly desire to find God, you cannot help having born in your minds the consciousness of the Supreme (God the Mother).

    As God is your divine Father, so is the Supreme your divine Mother, in whom you are nurtured throughout your lives as universe creatures.  (117:6.2)

    The local universes are characterized by dual supervision, the beginning of the father-mother concept. The universe father is the Creator Son; the universe mother is the Divine Minister, the local universe Creative Spirit. (33:5.1)

    The morontia soul of an evolving mortal is really the son of the Adjuster action of the Universal Father and the child of the cosmic reaction of the Supreme Being, the Universal Mother. The mother influence dominates the human personality throughout the local universe childhood of the growing soul. (117:6.5)

    ...each Creator Son accompanied by a Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, that being who is destined to become the Divine Minister, the Mother Spirit of the new local universe. (22:2.2)

    Explore the Divine Feminine!




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    Stateside BPO Staffs with Veterans: "Talking Business" #15 with Ken Kraetzer

    in Business News

    "Talking Business" with Ken Kraetzer. Today's guest is Garrett Mullins, Chief Sales and Client Service Officer of www.StatesideBPO.com headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida a company which utilizes "virtual" contact center technology to service calls and social media contacts for clients utilizing veterans and disabled Americans setup to work from home.

    Garrett Mullins has extensive contact center business process experience having served as a Senior Consultant at Eventus Solutions Group, where he lead implementation of contact center solutions (Outsourcer, ACD Platform, and CRM Selection/Implementation) for one of the largest state-based Affordable Care Act Health Exchanges,  was a key participant in the stabilization of state based Health Exchanges in 2014.

    Mr. Mullins worked for IBM Global Services and lead business units at Interland, Covad.com, AutoWeb.com, Strategic Unit VP for Teletech, and managed call centers for Purolator Courier and FedEx. The graduate of  Auburn University and Executive Study at Tuck School of Business – Dartmouth College.  Contact Garrett on sales@statesidebpo.com  or 1-888-959-0094

    Ken Kraetzer is Vice President with Harrison NY based CBSI on programs that provide loyalty and usage benefit programs to major credit and retail card brands as well as providing contact center mangement supervision.   Prior to CBSI, Ken worked in card and financial marketing at Chase Manhattan Bank, Dean Witter, American Express, and Herbert Dunhill Associates.  He is a graduate of Providence College and an MBA from Iona College.  Reach Ken on kkraetzer@CBSIservices.com or 914-630-3457.



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    Cowboy Wisdom Radio

    in Spirituality

    Jane Giddings a Clinical Behavioral Therapist and Psychotherapist is my guest

    Management of a fully licensed, insured successful business in Westerleigh, near Bristol. I offer a range of holistic treatments that range from reflexology to life-between-life hypnotherapy sessions.
    Member of FHT (Fellow), GHSc, GHR, FCHT, IFHB, Embody, IIHHT, FAETC, IHBC, ATL, NCS (approved supervisor & Committee Member), BABCP, NCP (MNCP Senior Accred.) and Qualified Supervision provider. BACP membership (number 706169), Child Protection and Anti-Social Behaviour. I have recently been chosen as a Local Champion promoting the CNHC. Gives awareness to Doctor Surgeries and the public of the importance of national occupational standards. Registrants abide by a rigorous code of conduct and hold professional indemnity insurance.
    * Registered with the British National Register for Advanced Hypnotherapists, and also the Complementary and CNHC.
    * I have completed well-over 60 training courses over 18 years with associated certificates or diplomas.
    * Continual self-improvement and personal development programme via additional qualifications and training programmes. I am up to date with CRB and all current legislation, training and all relevant insurance.
    * Full member of the BACP and supervisor for counsellors and psychotherapists.
    * I am a Master Reiki Teacher and I teach mindfulness and meditation.
    * I am also a Barnardo’s trained adoption counsellor.
    * I am trained with working with severe trauma and stress for children and adults (PTS).
    * My websites are: www.janesholisticcentre.com and www.schoolofexcellence.org.uk

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    Musician David Sklar on the Lyrical Life

    in Art

    What does it take to fill your life with music? Join us as pianist and composer David Sklar talks about life and song.

    David Sklar has been composing and performing music since the age of 7. At age 11, he was accepted at the prestigious preparatory program at the Manhattan School of Music where he studied performance with master professor Phillip Kawin. David also took classes with concert pianist Andre Watts. 

    Upon graduation, David gained acceptance at Berklee College of Music in Boston. While majoring in film scoring at Berklee, he studied performance with Livingston Taylor, brother of James Taylor. He performed within his local community, playing at civic auditoriums, libraries, and benefits. David is also a singer/songwriter and keyboardist with over 2 albums of all original material. His music has played, and he has been interviewed, on various radio programs all across the US as well as having performed vocally at Lincoln Center in a musical tribute to the late Jim Henson. 

    After graduation from Berklee, David moved to Los Angeles. His professional accomplishments included artistic support under the direction of Graham Preskett for major motion picture films at Hans Zimmer's Media Ventures. He also worked under the musical supervision of Ray Bunch, who was scoring shows for NBC and SONY Pictures Studios.

    After moving to Arizona, David performed at clubs in the Phoenix area. He owned and operated his own piano teaching studio. David currently resides in New York City, and has completed recording two new CD's, entitled "DreamChaser" and "The Troubadour" featuring all original music. He gigs at various clubs and cabarets in NYC.