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    The Frat House Sports Show #204

    in Sports

    You know what happens this weekend? How about NFL Football ! Yes indeed, it's quickly approaching "the most wonderful time of the year" and the fellas are back this evening with an all new Frat House Sports Show #204 !!

    Now look, we know the real NFL stuff is still weeks away, but hold the phone because there are plenty of storylines worth talking about ahead of the new season kick-off. With the release of the Tom Brady appeal hearing transcripts, the guys are looking closely at how the 4 game suspension ruling will (or won't) hold up to a Federal Judge. Menawhile, in Philadelphia Coach Chip Kelly can't seem to escape the judgement by former players of racial bias, while out in St.Louis,MO the edict is "Build it and they will come" even if it means THEY will have to pay for it, like it or not.

    What else is on "tap"? Ronda Rousey dismantles a bomb in less than a minute. The NY Mets look to swat pesky "nats" (who are YOU calling a fraud?). Heading to "the Glen" questions remain if Tony Stewart is racing opponents, or demons. Gary Bettman likes the shootout while Patrick Kane might need a bailout in NHL news, and Adam Silver has some ideas for NBA division winners.

    Get in the "House" (and in the Game) by calling in your opinions to: 347-826-9964 this Thursday evening starting at 7 pm (edt) !!


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    The Frat House Sports Show #203

    in Sports

    Are you ready for some football? Well, be sure to stop by the "House" on Thursday evening beginning at 7 pm for the annual NFL Round Table program, featuring discussions and predictions, on The Frat House Sports Show #203.

    The guys are looking across the entire NFL landscape as training camps open and all 32 teams have high expectations for the 2015 season. The off-season was far from quiet for many teams, players and NFL executives however, and the discussions touch on some of the more notorious stories and scandals, as well as which franchises appear to have made improvement "on paper". Is your team positioned to move up or head south? Be sure to weigh-in with your thoughts, too.

    Yep, the optimism at this time of year is palpable with some "new" coaches, young rookies and vested veterans signed up and preparing to throw down for at least the next 22 weeks. Of course ... not everything is smooth and not everyone is happy as news of suspensions, fines and appeals continue to bring negative attention to the "shield". Roger Goodell "the enforcer" can't seem to get out of his own way and his decisions continue to appear arbitrary at best, or wholly misguided at worst. 

    Also, the fellas find 20 minutes or so to explore recent stories from NHL & NBA headlines, including how realignment could look with 8 divisions of hockey (really?), why did Lou "leaf"? and Adam Silver's 'elite 8' concept for hoops playoff action in '15-'16. Get in the "House" and give 'em a call to: 347-826-9964. 

  • Complications: Season 1 Outbreak

    in Television

    A gang shootout results in a flood of victims in the ER. John tries to halt the escalating violence, but to succeed he must navigate rival gang members and the police. Meanwhile, Gretchen tends to the young woman who sparked the bloodshed.

    Stars Jason O'Mara (Terra Nova, One For the Money), Jessica Szohr, Beth Riesgraf, and Lauren Stamile (Grey's Anatomy, Burn Notice).

    For more info on the show, visit https://www.facebook.com/ComplicationsTV?fref=ts or the Offical USA Network page athttp://www.usanetwork.com/complications

    You can also check out my Facebook page for info and the podcasts for the show.

    Interact with us during the LIVE show!
    Twitter: @complicated4evrFacebook: see above

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    The Fourth Turn Radio - Short Track Edition - Ep. 55

    in Sports

    Live from the Charlotte Motor Speedway with the Bojangles Summer Shootout.

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    The Fourth Turn Radio - Short Track Edition - Ep. 54

    in Sports

    This week's guest will be NASCAR K&N Pro Series East driver Scott Heckert, Late Model driver BJ Mackey will talk about claiming  the bounty at Dillon Motor Speedway. Charlotte Motor Speedway Director of Communications Lenny Batycki will discuss all of the Bojangles' Summer Shootout action. Make plans to join us and feel free to call in.

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    KKK (Killa Kopp Kraze), Wanna Be a N.I.G.G.A., SAE-NAACP?

    in Radio

    Miami Police Shoot and Kill a Homeless Man In Front of 50 Children


    Shootout at the Dallas Police Department Headquarters


    'She doesn't want to be seen with us because we'll ruin her image': Parents of white NAACP leader reveal they learned she was claiming to be black from newspaper article after she cut them out

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3121061/Local-NAACP-leader-professor-African-studies-outed-WHITE-parents-convincing-community-black-years.html#ixzz3d2wVazby
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  • It's A Good Day For Lacrosse™ with JoJo War Drummer (11)

    in Health

    It's A Good Day For Lacrosse™ with JoJo War Drummer (11) MLL Radio Guests Houston MLL main man Mr. Timone Lorenzo!!! Let get the juice on the sweet weekend coming up, tix, Casey Powell Shootout, festivities, tailgate, swag, location, etc...joining in is GM Cushman Laurent...who is this guy you may ask...tune in and find out his prestige honor and exctiment on it...WOOOOOOO...Major League Lacrosse coming to BIG Texas--->You got that right!!!

    Plus JoJo's Hidden Trick Question

    Twitter & Instagram @JoJoWAR_DRUMMER  @jojowar_drummer

    Twitter: @MLLRadio @LaxwormRadioEXP @MLL_Lacrosse @MLLHou From Youth To Pros And Everything In Between

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    In a 2010 Press-Register interview, Pears described his younger, wilder days by saying "I was a gangster. I was in the street." At 19 he had been charged with robbery and assault with a deadly weapon; another arrest in 1994, after a shootout and car chase, sent him to prison for almost five years. He used the time to hone his rapping skills, making music as best he could: "I'd tap out a rhythm on the wall with a toothbrush, while some of the other guys would hum a melody," he recounted.

    A later drug arrest, which he disputed, inspired "Trial Time," one of his signature songs. The charges were eventually dropped.

    In recent years, particularly after the apparently unprovoked shooting that cost him an eye in 2004, Pears had gained a more mature perspective that he tried to pass along, Toomer said: "He came through it ... he was working with kids, telling them to learn from his experience," he said.

    "He was a legend here," said Toomer. "No matter what, he was a legend here."

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    Cotton Chips

    in Comedy

    Mark and Joe are joined by comic Chris Cotton to talk about a variety of topics like why the new Mad Max movie sucks, Chris almost getting into a shootout with Meek Mill on the way to a rap battle, fights at comedy clubs, and much more. Check it out!

    Follow the guys on Twitter:

    Check out all of our great shows at standupnylabs.com

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    Harms' Way 26.5: Two Years of Drunken Radio pt. 2!

    in Entertainment

    Join Ryan, and perhaps Timmy, as they recount even more of the most memorable moments from Drunken Radio Network's past two years! Including clips from The Drunken Radio Show, Harms' Way and The Shootout!

    Don't forget to stay out of Harms' Way!

    Use #HarmsWay to discuss the show freely on Twitter!

    Go to RyansDrunk.com for more information.

    Check out Ryan's eBooks The Drunken Diaries Volume II - More Drunken Ramblings You Won't Read, with a beautiful foreword written by Travis Beaven, NOW AVAILABLE! for ONLY $3.99!
    And its predecessor, The Drunken Diaries - Someone's Drunken Ramblings You Don't Want to Read for ONLY $2.99!
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    Thugs, police, and perceptions

    in Politics

    Todays show we will discuss the ongoing issues of peception. With the recent national media attention given to police and civil disobedience, we will discuss the impact that it is having based on the media coverage. We will also discuss the shootout in Texas with a local Penny's Politics contributtor on the ground in Texas, Gustavo Montenegro III.