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    Pathogenic Prison

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    What is the function of the American prison system? Do men and woman who go to prison come out with psychological impairment? Sundiata, Askari, and their guests will examine the behaviors displayed within the prison society. Sundiata will compare and contrast his experiences in both prison and free society. Askari will share what he experiences in the Virginia prison system daily. Both will talk about the impact penal management has on the human psyche. 

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    Free The Land . Tune into George Jackson University Radio Tonight, Wed . Feb. the 3rd ,2016 at 8:00 pm eastern standard time as Former Political Prisoner Sekou Kambui is on our educational platform . He is a brother that has been involved in 3 movements : CRM(Civil Rights Movement ); BLM (Black Liberation Movement); NAIM(New Afrikan Independence Movement ) . These 3 movements have influenced greatly the lives of many ancestors as well as current freedom fighters . Sekou Kambui was victimized via the system of racist white supremacy, which in turn sent him to prison . Before going to prison Brother Sekou was involved in SCLC,SNCC,BPP and RNA, not to mention local struggles in his home state of Alabama that is in the national territory of the PG . Join us as this brother discuss his history,case,current involvement in the struggle right now and even his writings . He wrote a pamphlet on the late comrade George Jackson . Get your notebook ready to enjoy this history and all those in Georgia/Alabama stay tuned to be made abreast of a local freedom fighter whom has fought for the people's liberation . The call in number to listen to the show is 347-826-7332 . TSIFL .

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    Ralph Poynter:What's Happening

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    What is the latest evidence of the legacy of colonial terrorism? Fint, Mich: Still no effective response from the so-called Black Political community i.e. The Democratic Party, etc.-- Panelists
    Excerpts from the Black Activists Writers Guild- Pinkney(Black Panther & former pol. prisoner)
    Reports from the Death Camps: Lynne Stewart & Special Guests
    N.Y.C. JERICHO Updates  on our political prisoners: Anne Lamb
    Weekly News Analysis: By refusing to face the reality of American national & international policies, we commit gradual suicide.- R. Poynter, T. Siracuse, J. Meyers, L. Pinkney, R. Shaheed
    Another soldier passes: Remembering  our beloved Sundiata Sadiq

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    Anthony Rayson of South Chicago ABC Zine Distro

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    Tune into George Jackson University Radio Wednesday the 30th,2015 at 8:00 pm eastern time . As we have long time standing prison abolitionist,supporter of Poltical prisoners ,writer,organizer and curator of materials for prisoners especially political prisoners such as Sundiata Acoli,Abdul Olugbala Shakur,Mutope Duguma and many more ,this staunch advocate for prisoners is Anthony Rayson of South Chicago ABC Zine Distro . The call in number to listen is 347-826-7332 . Uhuru Sasa ! Uhuru Sasa ! Uhuru Sasa !

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    On Propaganda

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    Are the militiamen in Princeton, Oregon terrorist or freedom fighters? Does similar events between whites and blacks get covered by the news media in the same way? If four or more people get shot in a suburb its a mass shooting, but if four or more people get shot in the inner city its black on black violence. Why do white killers get labeled as psychotic while black killers get labeled as thugs and gangsters? Askari and Sundiata wi



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    GJU Radio 1 Year Anniversary

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    George Jackson University December, 2015

    Dear Comrades,

    On behalf of GJU (George Jackson University), we would like to express warm felt gratitude by thanking you for your contributions and participation in GJU programs. We greatly appreciate your time and efforts.  Your participation is what makes GJU a valuable and resourceful institution. We strive to always be an institution that is a servant to the people and our communities.

    As GJU continues to expand and grow to meet the increasing demands of the people, we are mindful that we will continue to need your support. As we strategize for 2016, your input, participation, and solidarity in upcoming events and programs would be monumental to our continued success. 

    We are happy to announce December 17, 2015 as the 1 year anniversary of George Jackson University radio program. Our broadcast is usually held on Wednesday, but due to the anniversary marker, we will be moving the radio program to this Thursday (Dec 17, 2015), starting at 8pm/EST. We invite you to join us as we move forward into another year of institutional building and the struggle for liberation.   Please lets also use this time to highlight the work and advancements that you have done in your local regions and around the world, each and every one of you. 


    Sundiata J, GJU- Course Curriculum Developer

    Kilaika B.  Executive Director of GJU-Financial Administration Department

    George Jackson University  

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    Chasaya Sichilima- Zambian Musical Sensation.

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    Chasaya Sichilima is famed for his smooth silky vocals and unique dance moves, he brings energy and enthusiasm to his shows. His smooth silky vocals take the listener to the Kalindula, Manchancha, and Zambezi heartlands of Zambia. He sings with soul and performs with fiery passion! Chasaya was born in the Copperbelt city of Zambia in Ndola, fondly called the “Friendly City”.He is regarded as one of Zambia’s best singers, songwriters and performers. He has been inspired and influenced by a number of Zambian and foreign artists such as The Witch, Ackim “The Voice” Simukonda, Teddy Chilambe, PK Chishala, Tabu Ley Rochereau, Salif Keita, Lokua Kanza, Luther Vandross and Peabo Bryson, just to name a few. These influences have allowed Chasaya to develop a sound that incorporates rhythm and blues with traditional Zambian folk music. Chasaya made his Canadian debut at Afrofest 2003. 

    Chasaya has played in England, the US, Zambia and Canada. A new face on the Kitchener-Waterloo music scene, he has already headlined the “Our World Festival of Music” at Kitchener City Hall and the “African – Canadian Association of Waterloo Region Area” Black History Month Celebration of 2011, at the Registry Theatre. A two-time nominee of Canada’s prestigious Jack Richardson Award for World Music, he is a past winner of the Cuban Salsa Dance Championships in the UK 

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    Timothy Bradley-Brandon Rios Review, Bradley Beats Rios Into Retirement?

    in Sports

    Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley closed the show against Brandon Rios in a major way by tripling his punches landed compared to Rios. The HBO World Championship Boxing main event took place at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    This was Bradley’s first fight under the tutelage of Teddy Atlas, the trainer Bradley acquired after parting ways with Joel Diaz. Rios, on the other hand, had been fairly inactive since his early 2015 win against Mike Alvarado. Bradley was super offensive in the early going and really overwhelmed Rios with fits of aggression.
    We will without a shadow of a doubt be taking live calls on air from you the voice of the people. Call 646-478-3068 to voice your opinion, remember you can express your opinion in writing by becoming part of the team and writing for the site contact Nestor Gibbs at Theboxingvoice@yahoo.com 

    Be sure to subscribe to us on https://www.youtube.com/Thaboxingvoice and http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thaboxingvoiceradio to receive one email a few minutes before we go live. Stay updated by following us on Twitter @Thaboxingvoice 

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    BLACK AUGUST Q AN A - W/ Shujaa Graham,David Johnson and Sundiata Tate

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    This episode features veteran members of the black august resistance guests for Wed night  Shujaa Graham,David Johnson and Sundiata Tate .. We will get into the true meaning of Black August and what we are suppose to do during this time. We must examine the get hero's and shero's of the movement, dig into the letters of George l jackson and push the movement forward  today.

    features audio from various formatons  and music

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    Revolutionary Greetings . Join George Jackson University Radio tomorrow night . As long standing comrades and family make tributes to San Quentin 6 ,Political Prisoner and Revolutionary Hugo Yogi Pinell . Listen to some of the comrades words over his time incarcerated . Hear from brothers whom knew him personally and can give you insight into his mind,personality and character . Learn why this brother was tortured and how he became a prisoner of war and political prisoner . Hugo Pinell was for the people revolution anything else was not him . He made sacrifices to uplift ,educate and organize our people . But let his comrades speak for him ....Big Ern(Ernest Shepard);David Johnson(San Quentin 6);Sundiata Tate (San Quentin 6) and more . Tune in people The Struggle is for land . The call in number to listen to the show is 347- 826-7332 or listen online at GeorgeJacksonUniversityRadioBlog. Also check the comments below for further info .

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    Rhymes & Resistance Revisited Sundiata Acoli

    in History

    This episode was originally broadcast on May 26, 2011