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    Don't Use Sunscreen Until You Hear This

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    My Health And Living . com Natural remedies for Life
    Part 2 - Don't Use Sunscreen Until You Listen to This. It's true, most sunscreens don't do what they say they can do, and in actual fact, may even cause your body cancers.
    In this Interview Part 2 with Mr Suncare, Michael Russ, we will learn about the intensity issues that most sunscreens get wrong. We will discover what you can do to Hydrate your skin as you are in the sun, and avoid the irritation issues that most sunscreens cause.
    This show: The Truth about "Sunsceen and Hydration to your Skin" Part 2
    Suncare is not what you think. But, are we ? It not what you think.! In fact, we have been lied to by the "experts" at the pharmasutical companies. Can we really trust them with our body's health ?  "Mr Sun Care", talks about hidden truths of real suncare, and the true meaning of skin care
    More Suncare Info at www.PureSunscreen.com
    Michael Russ Talks about The Big Lie when it comes to Suncare.
    Healthy living starts with you, Today.
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    Startling News How can Sunscreen Damage Your Skin

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    My Health And Living . com Natural remedies for Life
    Are you sure that the sunscren you are using is not damaging your skin - or worse, giving you cancer ?
    In fact, one of the principles of health is Sunshine, and that is a very exciting topic. People are often so worried about the sun, that they use "harsh" and "extreme" suncreens to cover their bodies, ... and in the process do so much more harm than good with the toxic chemicals in the sunscreens...
    This weeks show: Startling News "How Can Sunsceen Damage your Skin" - Part 1
    The topic is all about the sun and the things that really do you damage... and it not what you think.! In fact, we will have one of the worlds leading sun experts on the line, and he is known as "Mr Sun Care", has his own "suncare radio show", he is a Vibrant living connection in health circles, and is the Founder of www.PureSunscreen.com He is Michael Russ. 
     It's the Big Issue of the SUN and our skin.
    The truth behind Skin Care. Have you considered what you put on your skin ? Do you know the toxic chemical compounds in Sunscreen nowadays ?
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    Stress Busters for Moms

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    Angela Lutin, blogger, The Naked Truth advice columnist and dating coach. Madison Bailey, Maria’s daughter, gives advice on growing up. Dr. Ana Duarte, a board-certified pediatric dermatologist and consultant to the makers of Coppertone. The Mom’s Roundtable discusses stress busters for moms. Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, talks about her breast cancer experience.

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    The Truth About Sunscreen

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    Suncare expert Michael Russ will be my guest. He is the author of Sun Wars - Decoding The Crazy World Of Sun Care. Michael will share some surprising facts about sunscreen, and whether it does more harm than good. Join us on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 @ 2:00 p.m. (Eastern time)

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    Truths in the Spiritual World

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    What's your spiritual truth? Stephanie Martin interviews Dr C.J. about her life as a emotional healer, spiritual teacher and channel. C J Henius is known to heal what is revealed, assisting individuals in discovering their own unique pathway in life. C J will talk about channeling and the responsibilities of her work of over thirty years. Listen in and interact, live, on Blog Talk Radio at 2pm MST.Co-host, Stephanie Martin, owner of Serenity Yoga, has been teaching and studying yoga. As a leading force, enriching communities through yoga, Stephanie recently worked and trained with Amy Weintraube, author of “Yoga for Depression” on a program that specializes in using yogic tools such as breath, sound, movement and self inquiry to help students manage anxiety and depression. She teaches yoga to all ages and needs, from kids yoga for local pre-schools and Charter Schools to seniors yoga and yoga therapy classes. She has also instructed yoga for the MS Society, Suncare Cancer Center and the Mental Health and Wellness Center of Yuma.

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