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    Introduction Summit of the Moors!

    in Culture

    Introduction Summit of the Moors!
    Monday Night December 3rd 2012 at 7:00 pm est.
    On Moorish Talk Live 100 at Blog Talk Radio
    Tarhaka presents Moors from across the U.S. Live!
    Call in with questions and comments #310-982-4184
    Moorish Summit will be held in Jacksonville Florida
    January 12th threw the 13th

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    Join us this week as we have another great show planned for you. This week we welcome our sista and dear friend back to the show. The one and only Abundance Child from the World Famous Drop Squad Kitchen. This week we will “RECAP THE SUMMIT OF THE MOORS 2014”. The sista was one of the presenters at the Summit and gave a powerful presentation. And we will discuss that as well as some of the projects they will be working on this year. And how they can be helpful to all of our people. So be sure to tune in this Sunday 1/12/14 at 6pm est. Call in number is 619-393-2813.

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    AC LIVE:Introduction to the Summit of the Moors: Roundtable

    in Education

    What is the Summit of the Moors? It is an economic Summit. It is Free a free summit dealing with cooperative economics. The first summit will be in so called Jacksonvile, FLorida and will introduce Aquaponics, Technology, Trust Law, Administrative Process, Application of Staus Correction, Multi Level Marketing, Media Communications Conglomeration,  and Home Life Management.
    This is an opportunity to do what we are talking about and actually generate finanace. Abundance Child in partnership with Diallo Sekou have called ALL the houses of Moors to work together coopertaively to pull this off "state to state" , nation to nation...no borders. Tune in for moor info.

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    AC worldwide: 2014 Summit of the Moors

    in Culture

    We welcome you to the  FREE 2nd Annual Summit of the Moors 2104: Transformation
    Continuing to create financial sectors owned and controlled by Moors Investing Partnership Incorporation of Youth for generational wealth Current Platforms
    Independent Agricultural System Equity Group Sisterhood/Society Companies/ Franchise Opportunities Land/Real Estate/ Housing Manufacturing/ Wholesale/Distriution SPECIAL INTERVIEW WITH Djehwti Khepra Awsar-El (INFINITE KHEMWEST 102.5)

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    Up Date Summit of the Moors # 2

    in Science

    Special guest: Diallo Sekou, Shem El,  Abundance Child, Fatimah Shabazz and More. Tonight's topic is on the up coming summit Executing Economic Security. Go to http://www.summitofthemoors.com http://www.newfreehelpgroup.com/ To register with your own Government go to,http://www.moorishamericangov.org/ To listen to past shows go to,

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    Join us tonite as we rehash and recap some KEY points made durinng this past weekend's SUMMIT OF THE MOORS. 

    Joining us will be some key participants of the SUMMIT and we will also be enlisting some feedback from attendees of the event. 

    Tune in for this powerful conversation we will be having. 


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    in Self Help

    Tamare II Online Radio, in association with ICU Online Radio, is pleased to present to you a special preview of the most anticipated conscious event of the summmer - Summit of the Moors!
    Summit of the Moors is more than an Idea. It has become a vision and applicable vehicle of creating economic security. The summit is the gateway to meeting our family from across the country and building on the viable ideas. We all want to see our people creating Independent Group Economic Systems across the globe. Summit of the Moors is beyond the “conversation” demonstration is on the APPLY phase.
    On this show, you'll hear from some of the speakers who will be at the summit. The summits are always free. We are about putting our money where our mouth is. This only goes to show those who are ready to secure wealth, and uplift fallen humanity. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!!!

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    BBall Summit Pt. 2 - Puerto Rico and Vegas!

    in Basketball

    Join us and the crew for our third episode on blogtalkradio.com, March 21st at 7:00PM right before Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals! We will have not one, but two special guests joining us on tonight's show, the famous Ruben Rodriguez 1979 MVP and nine time national champion, as well as Mr. Pantelis Missou a sports agent for Megabasket as well as former coach and scout for the country Greece!

    Our special guest(s) are here LIVE on our show to give you hints, tips, and advice on getting on track with playing semi-professional basketball and your arrival for the next basketball exposure camp(s). So don't miss out, join in the conversation or call in with your questions, we can't wait for you to hear our show. 

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    International Black Summit Network

    in Spirituality

    black community empowerment 

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    The Russell Price Morning Show "It's All About You" Networking On The Radio

    in Marketing

    So nice we had to bring her back twice call in to The Russell Price Morning Show Speak to Jean at 10am 347-63-1577

    Jean Ricks 80 years young. Jean drinks Tanqueray gin and smoke cigarettes. Jean goes to Chuck and Billy everyday. 
    Jean out lived five husbands and a son. Jean is still here looking good.

    Jean has been going to clubs and bars all of her life, here is a list of some of the clubs and bars she visited.

    Jackie Lee's, Moors Love and Peace, Pig Foot, Fonda's, Piper, Faces, Vicky's, Kevin, Twins Lounge, Barbara Coats, Ed Murphy Supper Club, Lefties, Orbit lounge, Sandra's, Charlie's, The Islander, TJ Remington, Kenny's Lounge, Triangle Club.

    What is Jean's secret to staying so young, beautiful and sexy. "I don't like anything old and I eat very little"

    Meet Jean Ricks May 28th at Policy.. Click On Link Now!


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    KTL RADIO presents 2014 SUMMIT of the MOORS: Transformation ft Diallo Sekou

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    In preparation for the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED 2014 SUMMIT OF THE MOORS this upcoming Jan 10-11, in Jacksonville Florida we will be welcoming back the visionary Diallo Sekou to the program to make it plain and explain why EVERYONE needs to be in Florida for this monumental event, setting the pace for 2014.

    We bore witness to enough histrionics last year to hold us over for three life times, now the time for WORK that will lay the foundation for a fruitful, forward progressive future is HERE.

    Take time out of your schedule and listen to the initiative that will be introduced at this year's summit, in the spirit of uplifting fallen humanity. TUNE IN...CLASS IS IN SESSION!!

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