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    There's a New Mall Coming Soon to Las Vegas: Shops at Summerlin

    in Entertainment

    Glenda discusses the Shops at Summerlin coming this Fall 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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    Centennial Hills Events This Week

    in Family

    This weeks events, classifieds, and activities in Centennial Hills and surrounding areas. Listeners are encourage to call in and voice upcoming events, anr or post questions on Facebook, and Twitter. 

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    The Psychic Medium Spasoff Show/Comedian Marty Allen still earning laughs at 91

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    The Psychic Medium  Spasoff Show/ Starring Comedian Marty Allen.
    Still earning laughs at 91 Most people are long retired by age 91. Not Marty Allen, whose comedic talent has spanned the decades.
    His signature line, “Hello, dere,” starts every show. He appears in nightclubs and theaters along with his wife, Karon, an accomplished pianist and singer.
    Allen is writing his autobiography. The working title is “Hello Dere: Welcome to my Life.” It’s expected to be finished soon.View caught up with the timeless comic near the couple’s home in The Lakes.
    Allen recalled being booked on “The Ed Sullivan Show” on Feb. 9, 1964, that historic night when the Beatles made their U.S. debut. Allen said he and partner Steve Rossi were scheduled to appear just before the Fab Four’s set, and the audience’s anticipation was at a fever pitch.
    “There were teenagers everywhere, screaming their heads off,” he recalled. “I walked out (on stage) and said, ‘Hello dere, I’m Ringo’s mother.’ ”
     More to read"

    Richard Spasoff's Website (Psychic Medium Spasoff's Show)
    Call in for your free reading between 5pm-6pm PST Monday-Friday   Studio Line 1(347) 857-2181  the Psychic Medium Spasoff Show with Richard Spasoff  is Inspiring, Insightful, Entertaining, Intuitive "and would you believe" at times we can also be Hilarious, even better than prozac! The Corporate Psychic Consultants Show Is a mix of Music, Psychic Readings and Insightful commentary and interviews. Hope you can Join us
    Much Love Richard


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    Sasquatch Watch Radio: Guest Robert Robinson

    in Paranormal

    Join us Tuesday night December 10, 2013 at 9pm eastern as we invite our guest, Robert Robinson to the show.  Robert Robinson was born at Hamilton AFB, CA. and grew up an Army brat and had the privilege of visiting numerous countries. After graduating high school at Lansing Kansas, he enlisted in the United States Army in June 1982 and served for over twenty one years as an Airborne Military Policeman. Rob served in numerous countries to include Operation Enduring Freedom: Afghanistan. Rob retired in 2003 and relocated to Florida to teach JROTC at Summerlin Academy in Bartow, Florida. Rob has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Everest University and is a certified PADI wreck diver.  Rob first became interested in the unexplained after watching the television series “In Search Of” and the movie “The Legend of Boggy Creek”. His mother, who is from Scotland, would tell him stories about the Loch Ness Monster, which furthers his interest in cryptozoology and the unexplained. As a kid Rob started researching cryptozoology by reading every book he could on the unexplained.  Upon retiring from the military, Rob went on numerous Skunk Ape expeditions with the Bigfoot Field Search Organization. His wife Tracy accompanied him on his monster hunts. Tracy, who interest is the paranormal conducts ghost hunts. Rob accompanies her on ghost hunts as her tech support. Rob is also an investigator with MUFON.  Not wanting to be labeled as certain type of investigator, the Robinsons refer to themselves as Legend Trippers and conduct at least one Monster/Ghost hunt a month. Rob also appeared on the PBS special Weird Florida: On the Road Again. Rob just completed his first book “Adventures in Legend Tripping”.  

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    Principle Catania of Bonner Elementary

    in Education

    Achieving the elite 5 Star status in Clark County school district is the highest honor that a school can receive.  John W. Bonner Elementary School has joined the ranks of the prestigious 5 star ranking for the 3rd school year in a row.  Bonner Elementary was recognized as the top-ranked school among the district’s 217 elementary schools and 59 middle schools in the school year of 2011-2012 in the Vegas Valley.
     This amazing school is lead by Principle Paul Catania who is married with two sons.  He graduated with a degree in communications with a minor in Advertising and a master’s degree in Special Education and Educational Administration from UNLV.  Mr. Catania has a deep rooted passion for education and gift to work with Summerlin’s community of young children that attend his school. He is well love and very respected for his unique ability to connect with his staff and students.
    Learn today on Brown Suga Radio what it takes to be a 5 star school in a district that has met it’s challenges with budget cuts and a weakened economy. Bonner Elementary has put their best foot forward and learned to turn lemons into lemonade.

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    Making Connections - The Value of Business Mixers

    in Social Networking

    The Summerlin Ladies Club, Las Vegas, Nevada hosted a business mixer on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at Chinita Mexican Bar and Grill...9440 W Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89117.  
    This "Ladies Only" event proved the value of face-to-face networking.  Powerful female entrepreneurs in the Summerlin area sipped on wine, munched on appetizers, and got down to business.
    Here's your chance to meet and greet a handful of the women in attendance. 
    "LIKE" the Summerlin Ladies Club Facebook Page and make your connections count!

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    Sleepers & Busts

    in Sports

    Tonight on What's Your Fantasy, join hosts Jared Ferree & Joe Everett as they welcome a full house of guests for the Biggest Sleepers & Busts show around.
    Nando di Fino - CBS.Sportsline.com & the Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball Podcasts for CBS
    Shane P. Hallam - DraftTV.com & ProFootballAddicts.com
    FantasyTaz aka Jim Day - ProFootballFocus.com
    Raymond Summerlin - Former co-host of What's Your Fantasy & Writer at ProFootballAddicts.com
    John D. Beckler - ProFootballAddicts.com
    All our guests will be giving some of their best sleepers & busts for the 2013 Fantasy Football Season, and Joe & Jared will have theirs as well.  It's a must listen!

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    Lisa Jackson and the Paula Deen Case and other issues

    in Politics

    (Disclaimer) (We do not promote any racism nor condone the use of racist words. We bring all the facts to the story andpresent them). Who is Lisa Jackson?
          Well, she is the plaintiff in the Paula Deen case suing her for 1.2 million over racial and sexual harrassment.  Jackson  repeatedly claims that the environment she worked in at UncleBubbas Seafood and Oyster house was where the event took place. She claims Paulas brother asked her to watch various stuff on tv. Paulas partner Priscilla Summerlin said this isn't so. With regards to the word race, Lisa claimed Pula used the "N" word 20 years ago.  Is this PC re-troactive? Or, does Lisa have a real case? Thrace card has been thrown at Paula Deen, but just remember she voted and supported Obama in the 2008 election.
    This show sponsorsed by campusteaparties.com
    log onto to : youthforindependenceforum
    Watch our siser tv show here: Libertyactionnetworktv

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    Top 40 Fantasy Football Rookies

    in Sports

    Tonight on What's Your Fantasy, join hosts Jared Ferree & Joe Everett as they get you ready for the 2013 NFL & Fantasy Football Season.
    Tonight we start a 4 week series on the Top 40 Fantasy Football Rookies you want on your team for 2013.  Tonight we'll be having an indepth discussion on #40 - #31 giving you predictions and expectations for each player. 
    Our list was made up from the consensus rankings of Shane P. Hallam, Raymond Summerlin, Joe Everett, and John D. Beckler, all of whom write for ProFootballAddicts.com and other fantasy sites across the web. 
    Join us as we get you ready for the 2013 NFL & Fantasy Football Season.

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    The Man Who Plays Pres. Obama In Commercial Steve Commander

    in News

    Back for an encore , the man who played Obama in a just released Youtube Commercial Link Below.
    http://youtu.be/BlI7DSnvoH.Ithis time Steve Commander will talk about the launching of the new and very productive group "Conservatives United". Among other things Steve will talk about his plans to united all conservsative groups across the country. The plans are to ask Dr. Benjamin Carson to speak to the masses in the Fall of 2013. Steve will alsotalk about the investment club, the video commercial out and being a Community Columnist for www.breakingnewsjournal.net. Please join the ladies of Project Red Slipper as we launch"The Breaking News Journal TV Channel. click on this linkhttp://www.gofundme.com/yyles or click on the red slipper on the site.

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    Unity America Radio Live with Dino

    in Education

    Live From Albertsons in Summerlin Las Vegas Nevada on West Charleston Blvd and Dessert Foothills drive. Come out and show support for our Troops and Veterans.
    Thank you to all our listeners and supporters! We love you all!
    God Bless America, and everyone in our beautiful world!