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    Summer Safety

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    Summer is a time of fun in the sun, beautiful weather, beaches, cookouts but, it not all about fun.  In order for everyone to enjoy this season we all must make wise decision and safety precautions not out of fear but, out of using wisdom, care for ourselves, love ones and others where ever we are.  You will learn why, what, how, when, where, do's and don't of Summer Safety. 

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    Summer Safety

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    From broken limbs to bad sunburns to (ew!) head lice, summer is full of hazards we must navigate our kids through. Join About.com parenting experts Terri Mauro (Parenting Special Needs), Catherine Holecko (Family Fitness), Amanda Morin (Kids' Learning Activities) and Lisa Jo Rudy (Autism) as we talk about our personal experiences with summer safety and and share our tips for making it through the season safe, healthy, and bug-free.

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    Summer Safety

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    We all want to enjoy our Summer but we also must be safe. Join me as I share the safety measures for enjoying and having a safe Summer.

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    Summer Safety

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    We all want to enjoy our Summer but, there are safety measure that must be taken and widsom must be used in so that everyone is safe and still has a good time.  I will share with you some of the most common health hazards that take place during the Summer and what you can do to have a safe, healthy and fun Summer.

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    Summer Safety

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    We all want to enjoy our Summer but there are safety measure that must be taken and widsom must be use in doing so that everyone is safe and still have a good time.  I will share with you some of the most common health hazards that take place during the Summer and what you can do to have a safe and fun Summer

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    Summer Safety

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    June 24, 2014, 6pm CDT

    Summer Safety

    Marilyn Smith, Corporate Outreach
    Ernie Smith, Corporate Outreach

    Call in with your questions – (646) 478-5814

    Summer is here and we are wrapping up National Safety Month with tips you can use to beat the heat this summer.

    Summer brings picnics, barbecues, parades and fireworks displays, especially around the 4th of July. Summer also brings an increase in injuries from backyard grills, bonfires and fireworks.

    The purpose of National Safety Month is to encourage safe behaviors to prevent the leading causes of injuries and deaths. The Council’s National Safety Month campaign includes free downloadable materials to help spread important safety messages. Visit nsc.org/nsm to get involved.

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    Safety and the Paranormal

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    Paranormal Investigators by trade delve deep into the abandonments of our history to explore and prove the existence of ghosts and the paranormal.  Many times teams may not take every precaution to ensure each member of the team remains safe at all times during the investigation.

    Join us tonight as we talk about safety before, during, and after each investigation.

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    #HappyHolidays #Food #Family 6196394709 #EWWNRADIO @DONJRCEO @KESHAMSCEO

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    Food 4 Your Spirit Radio Show #Live 10pm EST/7p PST Welcome to the first show! The holidays are here again and its time to spend the family members. The best part is, the food and love that is being shared over a great meal. Food is the way we bond as people. The bible teaches us people would travel for 3 days to have the perfect feast. Exodus 23:15 "Celebrate the Festival of #Unleavened #Bread; for seven days eat bread made without yeast, as I commanded you. Do this at the appointed time in the month of Aviv, for in that month you came out of #Egypt. "No one is to appear before me empty-handed. Evangelist Carmen Collor has been cooking and training the Top Chefs in the world for many years. Evangelist Carmen Collor is ready to share her dynamic recipes with the world. Join the conversation. Call 6196394709  #EWWNRADIO @DONJRCEO @KESHAMSCEO @Food4URspirit

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    Shattered Lives: Campus Safety

    in Current Events

    Going away to college is a time in a young persons' life that should be about discovery, learning, and making lifelong friends. However, as parents send their children away from home, some for the very first time, there is even more to be anxious about, especially their safety on campus.

    According to the Justice Department, "1 in 5 women will be a victim of rape or attempted rape." When these incidents occur on campus property they are in the jurisdiction of campus police, and many victims do not report, or are discouraged to report by school administrators. 

    With sexual assaults, active shooters, and luring into human trafficking from our college campuses, the college experience has changed. 

    Guest for the hour S. Daniel Carter will discuss these issues and what is being done to create real, enforceable guidelines for campuses to follow in order to make the environment safer for students everywhere.

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    Safe for the Holidays, keeping our children safe

    in Christianity

    Greetings thank you for tuning in to another exclusive episode of "Real Women Real Talk," my guest this evening Ms. Schantel Thomas will be sharing with us an event she was the guest speaker of "Safe for the holidays," so often the holidays brings about so many different emotions and sadness it should be a joyous time as we celebrate Christ birth. In this episode we will discuss ways to help our young people have a safe holiday, but not just for the holiday, but there entire lives.Come support our children even if you do not have children, you know of some children, maybe next door to you or down the street. Be encouraged and Remember God loves you with an Everlasting Love.

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    Joe Barresi United Solar Supply How to benefit from a constantly changing world

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    Strategies of Success Speaker Joe Barresi a life long business owner in an ever changing and always exciting industry. Joe will share his ideas on how you can be the expert in your field and how to identify the correct strategic partners.

    With rising global temperatures and traditional energy resources in decline, you may be considering how you can reduce your carbon emissions, improve efficiency of your home or commercial heating system and SAVE MONEY in the process. Solar heating of domestic water is one of the most practical and efficient ways of utilizing the free energy from the sun for home and commercial use.Attention Landlords: Great for MultiFamily or Apartment Buildings if hot water is included, stablize costs!

    United Solar Supply LLC

    Location:Aero Road Bohemia, Long Island NY 11716Mailing:P.O. Box 535 Bohemia, Long Island NY 11716E-mail:sales@utdsolar.comWebsite:http://www.unitedsolarsupply.com

    Strategies of Success
    Host Brian A Cohen



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