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    Ask Dr. Applewhite How To Manage Stress And Relationships.

    in Education

    This show is dedicated to an exclusive interview with Dr. Rachael Ross, MD, PhD, a family doctor and therapist in the field of Sexology. She will join Dr. Danita Applewhite, PhD, CRC, a rehabilitation counselor and educator in the field of Psychology in a unique discussion of how adult students, as well as teachers, can manage relationship and sexuality issues to avoid work performance problems. These two professionals will encourage Listeners to explore ways to manage stressful relationships that many times result in dropping out of school or sabotaging job or career plans. There will be an emphasis on managing the stress from troublesome relationships for the person with mental or physical disabilities (i.e. depression, PTSD, cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc). The staff at White Apple Institute prepare the show topics based on the actual psychosocial issues faced by our Listeners and Clientele, (i.e. Adult Students with disabilities/Teachers/Employees, and those working or living with persons with disabilities), motivating each other to shine the light on our different abilities. Join Dr. Applewhite, Host, and guests live at 10 am (AZ-GMT zone) on Saturdays by chat or calling 1-646-727-3758; or, LISTEN ANYTIME to the archived shows at http://blogtalkradio.com/student2teacher

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    Tips for Writing an Award-Winning Sweet Romance

    in Writing

    Co-hosts Suzanne Lieurance and Wendy Dewar Hughes will give tips for writing sweet romance - and particular tips for winning the Sweet Summer Romance Story Contest sponsored by Creative Caravan Club at www.creativecaravanclub.com.

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    Talk! with Marie Presents Book Talk

    in Current Events

    Join Marie to discuss books, e-publishing, indie authors, independent best selling books, magazines, Second Life events and share original music and writing. What's on your reading list? What's your favorite book? Do you have a favorite author you can't get enough of? We welcome calls from listeners and want to hear from you. If you enjoy the segment, follow the show to get notices.


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    A Daily Prescription for Success

    in Business

    The Business Negotiators 1 Team will discuss; "Leadership Prescription - take one per day for success".

    Business Negotiators 1 Internet Radio Talk Shows mission is to create a pathway for specific information that is tailored to fit the specific needs and requirements of those who create new businesses and those who manage existing businesses. The Host are Alan G. Rousseau (R & P Executive Services); Herb C. Ross, (Ross & Associates) and Dr. Donnell Scott, (On Point Consulting Group).  

    We talk with small and medium size business owners. We assist companies with: Business Management and Development, Create Business and Marketing Plans, Bid Documents, Leadership Development, Grants, Certifications: Government & Commercial, Quality Control Plans. We assist in Procurement Opportunities, Contract Negotiations and Compliance.

    We’re live every Friday at 3pm eastern. Business Negotiators 1 Internet Radio is a service provided by R & P Executive Services. “We are just as interested in hearing your view as we are in giving ours. We want to hear from you!”

    "Companies don't get what they deserve, they get what they negotiate"

    Contact us at (901) 508-6276 * (919) 399-4638 * www.biztalk1.net

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    The Conscious Capitalist Show - The 7 Steps to Freedom for Conscious Leaders

    in Business

    Discussing the 4 core principles of Conscious Capitalism.

    Higher Purpose
    Stakeholder Orientation
    Conscious Leadership
    Conscious Culture

    Your Hosts:

    Christopher King (King) - who goes by King is the President of the DC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and author of a new book titled" Connecting With Intent - Why Social Capital is more Valuable than Financial Capital". He is the founder and CEO of King Connections.

    Ross Girardi - Vice President of the DC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and Founder and Managing Director of Conscious Management Consulting (CMC). 

    Today's Topic:

    The 7 Steps to Freedom for Conscious Leaders

    Discover Your Purpose
    Develop a Plan
    Have a Higher Purpose
    Connect with Intent
    Do it with Love
    Become a Problem Solver
    Be Principle-Centered

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    in Lifestyle

    You would have search far and wide to find people who understand how things work on Earth and elsewhere other than my guest, Chris Dillard, who along with his associate, Leigh Ross, have accumulated the most insightful information available on planet Earth. Through their Facebook page, T.O.O.L.S, The Temple of Objective Life Study, and their recent encyclopedia, "The Hermetic Way", Chris and Leigh explain complex things in a simple and understandable way that you appreciate. Chris and Leigh have used the study of numbers in conjunction with ancient Hermetic knowledge to reveal things that have been deliberately hidden from humanity at large. So tune in and listen and learn on Thurs., 1-22-15 at 7 PM PST. Call into 347 838 9070 to present your question to Chris Dillard

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    Do we need to keep talking about deflated footballs? Listen in and see!

    in Sports

    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will talk about some of the hottest topics, in sports.  If you follow football, then you know that todays top story revolves around cheating, in New England.  The sports channels have been swamped, talking about the deflated balls, used in the AFC Championship.  

    Tom Brady and Bill Belichick both say that they did not alter the condition, of the balls.  So moving on, there are some other sports that are playing games.  College Basketball is in the midst of their season, and there are some good stories, in the Big Ten.  The ACC is again playing very competitive basketball.  Who are your surprises in college basketball?  

    The NHL hocky all-star game is this weekend.  Evan and Troy talked about all-star festivities last summer, before the baseball all-star game.  What is your favorite skills competition, in the NHL?  The NBA is moving along, and basketball talk should be heating up after the Super Bowl. Listen in and call the show.

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    The Master Chefs Show - Crossover Cafe Version

    in Sports

    The New Premier Show in the Sport City Chefs Kitchen with four strong sport minds making quality dishes for the Basketball and other sports minds alike.  Tune in as Chandler Knight, Slimm Jim aka James Fitzgerald IV and Royce King join your host Tyrone Powell aka TP Tymeless for another one of those epic roundtable situations with TONS of sports news for you the customers around this Sport City Kitchen.  You may like what you smell out of this kitchen as always on a consistent basis.  Trades, rumors, stats, fantasy talk we got every dish possible in Sport City.  Tell a friend to tell a friend that its the CHEFS AGAIN!!  And if they dont know... NOW THEY KNOW!!!!

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    (#32) Prophetess Of Destiny Returns

    in Spirituality

    Turn of your toys, open your mind, tune in and listen with your heart.

    Regarding Doc's return to Charm City, reality has surfaced; those she loves have chosen to remain in darkness, her acceptance of and gratitude for this clarity have tearfully been embraced and Doc's called forth the Universe's alternative timeline potentials for her Energetic Signature. This segment makes it official.

    So because Soul Path Clarity is the supreme knowledge that (can) optimally empower you to get out of what you don't want and/or into what you do want, read the quote below and determine how it might benefit you.


    (1) We reap only what has been sown, (2) We reap the same in kind, as we sow. (3) We reap in a different season than we sow. (4) We reap more than we sow. (5) We reap in proportion to what we sow. (6) We reap the full harvest of good only if we persevere. (7) We can do something about this year’s harvest not last year’s. "As long as the earth exists, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. There will be a time to sow and a time to reap and there will be no reaping if there is no sowing. If you believe for a harvest where there has been no seed planted, you have been deceived.”

    Visit her brand new light portal: Http://TheCartomanc-Seer.Biz and dare to imagine that something you desire or require to take your next best step on your journey is now within reach. 

    Read Doc's Vision Quest: http://www.thecartomanc-seer.biz/dreams-visions-wishes

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    LIVE! with Cathi-NATO SUMMIT-In Memoriam

    in Fitness

    Welcome to NATO...

    Notable Authors Together Optimize!

    Bonnie Rooks, 'STEEL MILL MAMA' shows no sign of retiring.  What does a childhood of hard work, sterling work ethics , pumpkin pie and the love of old Western Novels have to do with CHOICES and the determination TO KEEP-ON-KEEPING ON!

    It is my pleasure to introduce you to BONNIE ROOKS, 'STEEL MILL MAMA'!  1926 was amazing year, on Sept 27th, Bonnie was born.  It was the year that gave birth to possibly the OLDEST WORKING STEEL WORKING WOMAN IN THE US., CANADA AND THE WORLD!

    Toughness is an attribute Bonnie, age 85 takes pride in.  It's something she's carried with her since growing up on her parent's farm in Southern Illinois during the Great Depression.


    Milking cows before going to...etc.

    Walked 2 miles to school in all kinds of...etc.

    Summer, Mules and Skin Cancer...etc.

    Happy and Sad times...etc.

    Trials and Tribulations.

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    NFL Draft Lounge Presented by 365 Sports Report

    in Sports

    Brian Lamb and Chris Ross unveil their latest mock draft

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