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    Podcast #30 - OUAT Summer Rewatch: "The Price of Gold"

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    The summer hiatus continues and the Once Upon A Fan podcast is back with another trip back in time to ease the pain! Zach Van Norman and Amy Hood are figuring out "The Price of Gold" as they see what happens when Cinderella crosses paths with Rumplestiltskin and the Savior! Fairy wands, fireworks, fresh laundry, it's all happening in the latest rewatch! We'll also have our news roundup and another Summer Survival list!


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    Podcast #34 - OUAT Summer Rewatch: True North & Cayley Giene discusses makeup!

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    Summer, summer, summertime! We're halfway through the hiatus and ready to travel to the "True North" on the latest episode of the Once Upon A Fan podcast! We (Zach Van Norman and Amy Hood) have our bags packed and we're ready to go! We've got our trusty compass, our baby blankets, and a bunch of insulin to guard against the sugary prison that is the house of the Blind Witch! 

    In addition to our episode review, we'll be joined by Once Upon A Time makeup artist Cayley Giene for an exclusive interview! She'll be taking us behind the makeup chair to share tales of the process involved in creating the looks of our favorite characters and what it took to get to that point. You don't want to miss it!

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    Podcast #40 - OUAF Summer Rewatch: "Queen of Hearts"

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    Everyone welcome Her Majesty, the "Queen of Hearts"! The Once Upon A Fan podcast is back with another rewatch on our way to the season 4 premiere! Join us for the fun as we look back at Hook and Cora's meeting and the magic bubble that spared part of the Enchanted Forest from the Dark Curse! 

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    Podcast #29 - OUAT Summer Rewatch: "Snow Falls"

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    The summer hiatus for Once Upon A Time has begun and the Once Upon A Fan podcast is here to ease the sorrow! Zach Van Norman and Amy Hood are going back in time for another Hiatus Rewatch with a look at "Snow Falls". Relive the magic as Snow White and Prince Charming fall in love, Emma tries to dissuade Henry's fantasies, and Regina tries to stop true love from happening. We'll also have another character list for how to survive the summer and news on the summer time conventions! 

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    Summer Wayans

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     She's Absolutely On FYREEEEEE- Trailblazer, Advocate, Beautiful, Talented, TvPersonality and Second Generation of The Wayans, Damon, Kim, Marlon, Shawn, Deidra and Keenen Ivory Wayans... Ms Summer is Doing It! And she will be stopping by she and Her Mom, Deidra to talk to me ight here on Top Hat Talk with Urs Truly, Nita B....Join Us..March 4 2015 at 10:00p Houston Time....

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    The C. Nathaniel Brown Show 3-4-15

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    Tonight on The C. Nathaniel Brown Show, Summer Wayans, of the talented Wayans' Family stops by to talk about growing up in the entertainment industry, her talented family members, modeling, acting, and everything else going on in her life. We'll also have a few surprise guests stop by and get information about a couple new shows debuting on EX3 Radio in April. Join the discussion at 646-787-1799. 

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    The Roll-Up!

    The Roll-Up is a weekly one hour internet radio/web TV program on the Go Pro Radio Network, LLC. This show hosted by Juli Indica, Tylon Washington, Summer Sativa, and Chris Baar offers an entertaining, high-octane, and revealing look into the growing culture, blunt medicinal facts, and the smoking legal war around cannabis.

    Tonight on The Roll Up Leanna Barbee comes back to continue the discussion on Ohio Marijuana politics as well as tell her own story of pharma drug addiction. Too many Americans are addicted to these pharma drugs all legally prescribed by their Doctors. Learn from those who saved themselves before those drugs kill you!

    120 Americans will die today from pharma drugs. 
    81% of those were accidental.

    Don't be the next statistic!

  • Special Guest, Mr. Moonshine (Music)

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    Mr. Moonshine is a 4-piece alternative rock band from Long Beach, California with a fearlessness to explore the bizarre. Brothers Anthony Pedroza (vocals, bass, guitar) and Andrew Pedroza (vocals, synth), Daysmel Muniz (guitar), and Ternell Cooksey (drums) embrace the often-uncharted territories of music, which lends itself to the band’s alluringly dark sound and theatrical mentality. Mr. Moonshine formed in the summer of 2012 while Anthony, Andrew and Daysmel were in New York City performing the rock opera, LOLPERA, which Andrew wrote. “Comfort Me With Absinthe” is truly Mr. Moonshine’s sonic flagship -- a clean, mysterious, beautiful sound that hints at the band’s inherently theatrical nature. The combination of brothers Andrew and Anthony’s contrasting yet complimentary vocals act as the bait that strongly yet carefully pull the listener through a conceptual soundscape of textural and emotional instrumentation. The band’s fearlessness carries through to their general attitude of openness and honesty. Ultimately though, as the last track “Bend Or Break” suggests, the listener is presented with an album that dances with the ebb and flow, or yin and yang, of light and darkness. Mr. Moonshine have played countless festivals and events such as the OC Pride, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, Long Beach’s Zombie Walk, and Long Beach Pride, where they covered the entire soundtrack of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, costumed in drag. Fans can expect highly energetic performance that, as Andrew says, “aren’t afraid to get a little spooky, weird and sexy all at once.” 



    Twitter: @mrmoonshineband

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    Originally started during Summer 2013 with Thomas Witt, executive director, Equality Kansas the largest premier statewide organization for the LGBT communities.

    Program Summary: March 4, 2015

    Segment Summary:  1st Hour -  Hear Rep. John Carmichael's Valentine's Day speech on the steps of the statehouse.

    Thomas Witt will be available live to visit about statehouse legislation currently taking place in Topeka.

    Then Amanda Marcotte’s outstanding “RH Reality Cast” from the vital news web site RH Reality Check. (30 min. ca.)

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    Road To Champs: Gibson Review, Champs Preview, Neil Young-IAAF L5, Jon Drummond

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    Tonight on The Road To Champs

    IAAF Level 5 Coach Neil Young talks to us about USATF and plans on increasing visibility in track and Field, his coaching experience and his thoughts on the 2015 track season.

    Jon Drummond, Gibson Review, Champs Preview heats Up...Injury report and news from the NCAA..

    CALL 626-657-2104

    Its the Road to Champs, the only show that covers all Track and Field Championships. From the state, to the national to international, high school to NCAA, Olympics, Euro Champs, National Champs, World Champs and so much more...With in-depth breakdown with the Data Guy, Sean Garrity's GURU intelligence, insider reports and strategies with Rico. Its the only Track and Field show committed to your Championship watch 365 days of the year!! Athlete analysis, head-to-head matchups, relay pools, field events break down, world leads featuring Interviews with coaches, industry professionals, administrators and athletes.

    This is not your typical Track and Field show...its The Road To Champs!

    The mic and phones are always open, so call in with your comments and questions to 626-657-2104 or twitter @roadtochamps

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    Join hosts Tom Riddell and Robin Eduardo as they welcome author Mary Eatmon to The Writers Lounge. Sit back and relax as Mary discusses what it's like to be a writer and she will also talk to us about her book: NINE HOUSES- CHRONICLES OF ONE WOMAN'S TRIUMPH OVER ABUSE, SHAME, AND NEGLECT.

    Mary never thought anything of the young man coming up on her porch to ask her for a cup of water. After all, it was a hot summer afternoon in Birmingham, Alabama. Little did she suspect that her act of kindness would change her life forever. He followed her into her home and attacked her, leaving her with a choice to make at the tender age of 15. She could put everyone at risk and tell her story, or she could live with the fear and pain of what happened and protect her loved ones.

    Nine Houses shares Mary’s inspiring story of adversity, abuse and escape. It reveals the heart-wrenching tale of a young girl forced into a tumultuous marriage that lasted for 30 years and how she overcame the pain that accompanied the truth of what happened.


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