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    Sue Interviews Tracy from Aloha Pink Bella Therapy

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    Sue interviews Tracy from Aloha Pink Bella.

    You can find more information about Tracy and Aloha Pink Bella Therapy at https://alohapinkbella.wordpress.com/ and www.facebook.com/alohapinkbella

    You can email Tracy at alohapinkbella@gmail.com

    If you are interested in joining Tracy's 12 Chakra Aloha Therapy 4 New Earth Facebook group, you can find that here: https://www.facebook.com/aloha12chakras


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    Readings with Psychic Medium Sue Massari

    in Spirituality

    On the first Sunday of each month at 11:00 am Eastern, call in for a Mini-Reading with Sue Massari. For one hour, Sue will be taking your calls to allow you to connect to a loved one on the other side or help you gain clarity in a situation.

    How it Works: Ask one specific question on a situation or specify who you'd like to connect with on the Other Side. Sue will tap in and relay the information you need to hear or will connect with your loved one if they're available. NO general questions on the future. If you plan to call in, you MUST ensure you are in a quiet environment free of conversations, noises, traffic or wind. Otherwise, we cannot take your call.

    In 2013, Sue and her husband Tom released their self-empowering and transformational book The Art of Reclaiming Your Intention and Power, According To Abram, The Mayan Shaman, a personality whom Tom has been channeling for more than 40 years. It is a compilation of insightful messages as Abram explains the power of thought, the laws of the universe, the principals of manifesting and much more. Abram gives you techniques to create balance, health and money in your life.

    Tune in to Tom's segment to hear a channeled message from Abram.

    Book a Private Consultation with Sue or Abram at www.MediumshipUnplugged.com. Check their Calendar of Events for public sessions with Tom! Their FREE game “Shoot The Ghost” for Android is also available at Google Play, Amazon and Kindle Fire!

    To review a complete list of show archives organized by category, visit www.SpiritualInsightsRadio.com.

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    Sue Wong - Queen of Beads Following Her Bliss

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    “What good is fashion unless it stirs up genuine emotion! Love and beauty have a magical, tranformative power.”

    Sue Wong was born in the remote countryside of Communist China. At age six her Mother took a courageous leap of faith and bribed a border guard with her wedding jewels in exchange for her and her daughters freedom into Hong Kong. Journeying to the United States a year later, Sue and her Mother reunited with her Father in Los Angeles. As the daughter of struggling immigrants, Sue learned to work hard for what she wanted in life. She had a vision and was willing to do whatever it took to make her vision come true. She quickly realized that nothing comes free and its not all about money. Although money can certainly buy luxuries and can make things easier, the crucial success is the internal one. The one that resides in ones inner landscape.

    Sue is a maximalist and perfectionist. Each and every piece that she designs, she invests with her utmost integrity and fierce passion. She has been able to turn her idea into an empire by never compromising on her vision and continuing to give 110 percent in everything she does. "If I have a goal and am going for it and have to endure an entire war to do so, then so be it.  Either do something with 110% unwavering commitment…or don’t do it all." - Sue Wong

    Ms. Wong will share her words of wisdom, here is one of them:

    - Never allow other people to limit your possibilities by accepting the projections of their very own limitations onto yourself.



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    Mediumship Readings and guests. This Week Sue Nicholson NZ’s Most loved Medium,

    in Spirituality

    This Week Sue Nicholson NZ’s Most loved Medium, star of sensing Murder. My lovely loveley friend Sue an international medium is on, this is a two hour interview bless her. No readings this week. Cindy Bentley on the show next week. International Energy Practitioner Cindy will do live readings & clearings of energy fields.

    All about mediumship, connecting with spirit, spiritual development, live readings with guests some well known. We shall talk about development, spirit problems you may have and anything to do with spiritual things. We have guests on the show from time to time and we do reading’s. I do not ask questions, genuine mediums do not ask questions!

    I am a professional, Inspirational, Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic. I have been privileged to give readings in Germany and have appeared on TV on “The Circle TV on Channel 166 the information Channel. In October of 2010 I did a small tour of New Zealand doing private readings and a theatre booking.  My Site: www.leo-bonomo.com

    My book Summerland is on sale not only from Amazon and all good bookstores both online and in book shops  but is also be available shortly as an EBook on Kindle and other formats including PDF from my site. You can also find me on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/Leo.S.Bonomo 

    On Google Plus https://plus.google.com/u/0/ 

    On You tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hvjl-2M4NxQ  

    On twitter https://twitter.com/leothemedium

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    The Guardian Gateway - Sue Storm, the Angel Lady

    in Spirituality


    Would you like your life to be easier, happier, and more in alignment with your Soul Purpose?

    Join us for the Guardian Gateway and learn how to work with the high-vibrational Guardian Beings
    who are here to help uplift and improve every area of your life!

    The Guardian Gateway is dedicated to showing you how to connect and work with the high-vibrational Beings—angels, unicorns, faeries, dolphins, power animals, stones, plant allies, tree spirits, and more—who are guardians and supporters of your gifts and soul purpose.

    Sue Storm,the Angel Lady joins us today to give live angel readings!

    Connect with Sue at http://theangellady.net/

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    Two Moons Talking with guest: Cynthia Sue Larson, author of "Quantum Jumps*

    in Spirituality

    Come, sit within the sacred circle alongside Spiritual Coaches, Cinnamon Moon, Author of A Medicine Woman Speaks, and River Wildfire Moon, Medium and Paranormal Archeologist. Tonight's guest is Cynthia Sue Larson, transformational speaker, life coach and author of *Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity.* We live in a time of transition, of raised awareness and heightened senses all flowing within the shifting dimensional energies so prevalent in life today. For further study, visit: www.spiritlodge.info to utilize resources and services available.

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    Uplift! Angelic Help with Renowned Expert-Sue Storm

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever been around those people who don't work as hard as you, but reach all their goals anyway - and do it faster than you?

    Of course you have.

    Just like me, you've put in countess hours. You've studied, you've stayed late, you've volunteered. But for some reason, you didn't get the promotion. Or the client. Or win first place. For some reason, it went to someone else.

    Why does this happen?

    For me it was simple: I was making a HUGE mistake.

    I was trying to do it all myself.

    Don't do what I did. Do make it harder for yourself.

    Take the shortcut I wish I'd always known about.

    Join me and special guest Sue Storm, renowned angelic healer and author, to discover where to go for help RIGHT NOW. Sue teaches you a simple trick you can us TODAY to turbo-charge your success and your life.

    After listening to this episode of Uplift, you will:

    Discover why working hard isn't the answer to success
    Learn quick, easy, fun ways to work less and accomplish more
    Know the support team who is always there for you - and how to access them NOW

    Call in to speak to Sue live at 646-378-0378. Ask questions about your angels and discover how they can help YOU anytime, day or night.

    YOU are never alone. After listening to this amazing show, you WILL know that for sure.

    For more information about Jaime Pfeffer, visit her on the web at http://jaimepfeffer.com

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    Intro and Flowing in the Economy

    in Spirituality

    Today, Sue will introduce herself to you and talk about getting into the flow when it comes to money.

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    State Sovereignty: Sue Baird

    in Politics Conservative

    It's not about Right and Left. It's about Right and Wrong!

    Sue Baird is an Ozarks native and owner of Sue Baird Organics. She inspects and certifies food growers who wish to become Certified Organic. She is also the Executive Director of The Missouri Organic Association, a group of farmers and food producers, chefs, grocery and restaurant professionals and others interested in health and locally sourced food. Sue joins us tonight to discuss the politics, science, and economics of organic farming, growing, and eating.

    Dave is a featured host on BTR, and you can join him and Mike tonight by clicking the link attached at 7PM Missouri Time. You can participate live by calling the studio line at 347-677-1835.

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    Sue yourself? A different kind of Islam?

    in Politics

    Hr1  Covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts.

    New Jersey man faces prison for having an unloaded, 250 year old gun (that probably wont even fire) in his glove box.

    A Utah woman sues herself for the wrongful death of her husband. Is she going to pay herself if she wins? Or is she looking to profit from the insurance company? or her husband's estate?

    LGBTQ student organization, Allied in Pride, at George Washington University has cancelled its annual drag show fundraiser, claiming the event is “homophobic and counterproductive.”


    Hr2    Apparently, Michelle Obama needs to add Soylent Green to school lunches. Mark Dice proves again that ignorant Americans will sign any petition.

    Dr. Faheem Younus from Muslimerican.com joins the conversation to talk about the recent happenings around the world, ISIS, and a different kind of Islam. 

    Hr3  Covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts.

    Continued from the last hour... more of Mark Dice's man-on-street talking about the importance of adding Soylent Green (a fictional product) to school lunches.

    Obama, Boko Haram, Nigeria, and Israel.

    Joe read listener comments and emails.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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