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    3 Success Tips on How to Find Affluent Coaching Clients

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    Ronnie Tsunami interviews Barbie Hall Gummin, author and founder of the TLC5 Life Coaching Connection community for coaches, Barbie Hall Gummin, about ways to finding affluent clients to help support your business. 

    Serial entrepreneur and author Barbie Hall Gummin began her career building a sandwich board advertising company in Newport, RI, then Washington DC and Ithaca, New York. The business paid her way through Catholic University and a year at Cornell. 

    Barbie then landed a position at Young & Rubicam Advertising agency in Manhattan with clients including Lipton, Bristol-Myers and Unilever.

    Passionate about health and fitness, Barbie moved to Colorado and invented a highly successful promotion company that united thousands of health clubs throughout the United States with fortune 500 consumer packaged goods companies. After 16 years, Barbie sold Promote It to The Active Network then took a sabbatical to learn about the miraculous benefits of Life Coaching while writing her recent book, Ka’Ching – How to Make Your Fortune in Midlife which describes what it took to start her businesses and gives real time stories as she launched TLC5 – The Life Coaching Connection which helps people start out, start over and get ahead in their professional and personal life. 

    Her motivation as a promoter is to inspire you to take action to live the life you want most. There is only one cause of failure and that cause is the lack of faith and confidence in your true self. TLC5 - The Life Coaching Connection supports clarity, confidence, courage and the creation of that which lives in your heart.

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    3 Tips on How to Leverage Klout for Networking

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    Ronnie Tsunami interviews author and Klout expert Miriam Slozberg, the Queen of Social Influence, on ways coaches can leverage Klout for networking and lead generation. Miriam currently has a great book on Klout called "Straight Talk About Klout and Social Media Influence".

    Miriam Slozberg, founder of Social Influence University, is a Canadian author, SEO and social media consultant, helping entrepreneurs stand out and be influential in their niche through social media. She also has a really personal and updated outlook on what it means to operate a business based on spirituality in this day and age of world wide web economy, combining her skills and sensitivity with her knowledge of new social media and web marketing. She has written two spiritual based books as well as an ebook on social media influence. There will be more of her writing to come in the future. Miriam also manages to balance her work as an author and mom with her online marketing company, Gemini Rising Ltd, a business that aims to offer a solid support to small business and individuals who are striving to develop their influence, reputation and reach via the internet. Miriam Slozberg's objective as a social media consultant is to help entrepreneurs of all types to stand out and be influential in their niches through social media.

    Don't forget to check out our blog at www.SuccessTipsForCoaches.com for the latest success tips and resources for coaches!



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    3 Great Tips on Building a Tribe with Facebook Ads

    in Entrepreneur

    Ronnie Tsunami interviews Debbie Peck, a Certified Social Media Manager and owner of Crush Marketing, who shares three great tips on how coaches can leverage Facebook Ads to build a tribe of raving clients.

    Through her company, Crush Marketing Group, Debbie teaches and inspires people to utilize social media to not only build strong companies, but to create a better world.

    As a Certified Social Media Manager, Debbie can help you bring in more leads, more sales and more freedom in your business. Creator of the Social Media for Social Impact Telesummit and Two Hour Social Media System, she is passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve success.

    Debbie can be reached at:



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    Leveraging Incentives to Capture More Leads

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    As part of the Success Tsunami Summit, host Ronnie Tsunami interviews Sylvia Coleman about how coaches can leverage incentives to capture more leads.  

    Sylvia Coleman, BA, is an Amazon.com bestselling author, speaker and consultant whose services have been featured on NPR, Oprah.com, and Essence magazine, to name a few.

    Affectionately dubbed the Queen of Incentives, Sylvia has been using incentives and giveaways in her business the last four years, and now shows authors, speakers and coaches how to create irresistible freebies, incentives, giveaways and contests to quickly grow their list.

    Special Offer – “Irresistible Freebie Formula: How to do 5 Months of Listbuilding in just a few days with a Contest or Giveaway” Done-for-You System – www.growlistfast.com/success

    For more info on the Success Tsunami Summit, please visit www.successtsunamisummit.com 

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    Miguel Sanchez - Golden Entrepreneurial Success Tips!

    in Self Help

    My KICKASS guest this week has become a personal friend. His story is AMAZING! 

    Miguel is the physical manifestation of courage, tenacity, positivity, overcoming obstacles, and he is unwilling to accept anything but success.

    “What stands between where you are now and the success that you desire? To be frank, it is your very own complacency, fears, and even your dependency on others according to Miguel Sanchez’s new book Conquering America. The author’s take on success and how to achieve it is enlightening, yet elegantly simple: take your dream and act upon it with discipline and resilience and your success is guaranteed. What I enjoy most about Conquering America is how Mr. Sanchez is able to distill broad concepts into bite-sized nuggets for action and wraps each with his engaging stories and experiences of challenges and persistence. For Miguel Sanchez there was a physical international border that he attempted to cross multiple times before he finally succeeded on his way to owning his own business. This book will enable you to understand what “borders” are holding you back and guide and inspire you to cross that border. Conquering America is an enthralling handbook for anyone who seeks to achieve the success they have always dreamed of.”


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    EP 4: Dannielle Ramos Rash Shares Success Tips for Transitioning Veterans

    in Military

    Dannielle Ramos Rash, Founder of First Class Résumés and Career Services, understands what veterans are going through when transitioning into the civilian workforce.

    As a fourth generation Army veteran who lives the Army values and has a vast knowledge of military organizations, she has walked a few miles in their boots.  She flourished in her academics and holds an extensive military background.  With over twenty years of experience in the human resources field and serving in the Army; Dannielle founded First Class Résumés in 2013 to provide dynamic resumes & career documents for veterans around the globe.

    Prior, she facilitated weekly military decoration boards, and mentored Soldiers to place them in special careers at the United States Army Human Resources Command. She had always been the go-to person, in an unofficial role, to assist others in writing resumes and career documents.  After being laid off due to a Base Realignment and Closure she knew becoming a business owner would be ideal for herself and her family.

    She founded First Class Résumés & Career Services, and earned Certified Federal Career Coach and Federal Job Search Trainer certified through the Federal Career Training Institute.  In addition, Dannielle is also a Certified Professional Résumé Writer and member of Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches.

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    Achieving Celebrity Status Via Television

    in Entrepreneur

    Ronnie Tsunami, as part of the Success Tsunami Summit, interviews Clint Arthur, the #1 Bestselling author of “The Greatest Book Of All Time” and “What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School,” and recently won GKIC Info-Marketer of the Year for 2013.

    He has appeared on 55 Local and National TV News & Talk shows across America, and has helped Clients book themselves on more than 650 appearances since 2012. His book, “Instant Celebrity,” explains how anyone can use the methods which get Clint booked on dozens of Network TV shows each year to inspire millions of people to live larger, more intensely, with more impact on the world.

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    My Conversation with Author of The 7 Minute Millionaire - Tony Neumeyer

    in Health

    How to attain success in all areas of your life including financial, business, relationships, health and more.

    Learn From Someone That Has Done It, Taught It & Lived It!

    Tony Neumeyer has spoken on stages internationally, with people such Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor, Doug Wead and more. He has coached and trained thousands of people utilizing the techniques he used to achieve remarkable success as a professional entrepreneur. He was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from the Canyonville Christian Academy for his contributions and speaking.

    It was shortly after his son was born in the early 90s he discovered the secrets that propelled him to earn $600,0000.00 in a single day and earn millions of dollars in several areas. Tony has trained, advised and worked with people to help them change their lives and earn millions of dollars. Specifically, Tony doesn’t just teach people how to achieve their dreams he actually programs you with habits of success using, in part, what he calls PPMs, Personal Programing Messages.

    Tony’s success techniques programs you for accelerated achievement so you can obtain all of your aspirations and goals. These techniques make achievement simpler and keeps you on track if you have had trouble doing so in the past. You really can become financially free using his step by step process and attain success in all areas of your life including financial, business, relationships, health and more.

    His courses are not fluff; be prepared to do some work.

    Prepare to live your dreams!


    You're not going to want to miss this podcast.

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    Generating Sales Through Joint Venture (JV) Relationships

    in Entrepreneur

    As part of the Success Tsunami Summit, Ronnie Tsunami interviews Milana Leshinsky and Rich German, creators of the JV Insider Circle, the #1 joint venture community for coaches, about how to leverage joint ventures relationships to generate sales.

    Milana Leshinsky has created a million-dollar coaching and information business empire. As the creator of Recurring Revenue Revolution and the author of “Coaching Millions,” Milana has been called the “MEGA Coach” of the industry. Today she works with entrepreneurs and service professionals helping them uncover hidden profit centers, maximize their existing revenue streams, and create a business that supports their lifestyle.

    Rich German became a coach back in 1999 and has conducted over 18,000 1-on-1 coaching calls in his career. He started his own company in 2008 and has taken the world of coaching coaches by storm. He has written 2 best-selling books and founded the extremely popular Epic Coach Academy.

    Claim Your Free Gifts from Rich & Milana – “The Top 12 Reasons JV Partners Will Never Promote You” – Get it HERE Special Offer – Get it HERE

    For more information on the Success Tsunami Summit, please visit www.successtsunamisummit.com

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    Getting Prospects to Sell Themselves On Your Product or Service

    in Entrepreneur

    As part of the Success Tsunami Summit, Ronnie Tsunami interviews Jane Deuber about how to get prospects to sell themselves on your product or service.

    Jane Deuber is a Rock Star Business Strategist, sought-after speaker, international author and seven-time successful entrepreneur who has helped thousands of small business owners transform their experience to be more profitable, fulfilling and fun.

    While armed with a Master’s in International Business; it’s her 28 years in the entrepreneurial trenches that gives Jane the power to help small business owners “bust” through their blocks and create a revenue revolution in their business every day.

    Jane’s latest endeavor, Value Quiz, offers the world’s first done-for-you, personalized, “smart” assessment that is revolutionizing the way experts market online. From growing your list with an innovative call to action, to converting more clients from one-on-one sales conversations, Value Quiz is inspiring a new era in online marketing and creating mind blowing results.

    Today Jane operates her three successful companies from her home in beautiful Pebble Beach, California along with her husband Mario of 27 years. In truth… this woman is the real deal – living and modeling what’s possible when we access our entrepreneurial genius and go for what we truly desire.

    Claim Your Free Gifts from Jane – “Top 10 Tips for Sales Conversion” and Demo of Value Quiz

    For more info on the Success Tsunami Summit, please visit www.SuccessTsunamiSummit.com.

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    Single Parent Coaches: Balancing Life and Work

    in Entrepreneur

    Ronnie Tsunami interviews Natalie Blais Hjelsvold, of A Passionate Parent, about how single parent coaches can pursue their passions and build a coaching business to help others, while also trying to balance their own life and work. 

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