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  • Chris Carley - Whats Success!

    in Business


    Chris Carley - Whats Success!

    Chris Carley talking about her journey to success hosted by Peter Mingils on Building Fortunes Radio!

    The Millionaire Within Us.by Chris Carley: An example of what’s possible when you have vision!

    In one of her blog posted..... "It’s very easy to become negative, feel frustrated and give up on our dreams.....

    If you keep in the forefront of your mind that hundreds of thousands of people have achieved their financial, health and personal goals, you’ve got to know that they aren’t smarter, luckier or work harder than you, THEY JUST KNOW  MORE.  All you have to do to Realize your Dreams is obtain the knowledge.  Copy Success."



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    15 Success Secrets Of The Top Producers (Part 2)

    in Real Estate

    What do the nation's top-producers know that you don't? How do they achieve their top-producing sales success, and what secrets can you learn from them to follow in their footsteps? Today we're discussing the 15 key success secrets of the top producers, and how you can implement these secrets in your own real estate business to achieve greater success & financial reward. 

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    Success Secrets on How to make it in Hollywood with Grace Fraga

    in Entertainment

    Join us as we broadcast live on the air at 11:11 am Pacific Time 1:11 pm Central 2:11 pm Eastern Time  

    Do You Ever wonder How do I...

    Make it into Hollywood?

    What's the secret to getting started in comedy?

    How do I get noticed to make it on to a TV show?

    How do I get my sitcom idea on TV?

    How do I manage my ex and my show biz career?

    Well, today is your lucky day because you've been praying and God does answer prayers BECAUSE, today, you are going to be graced  with the answers to those questions all wrapped up in bundle of laughter and insights that are sure to brighten your day and future.

    Learn to attract, convert, leverage and retain the Secrets and Strategies to success in entertainment with our Comedienne, writer, producer and award winning actress 


    Owner of Juan-ah-Laff Productions, Producer of several cable TV Shows, one woman plays. Actiing credits highlights include: A&E, VH1, Discovery Channel, Court TV, Univision, Telemundo,The Steve Harvey Show with Club appearances at The Comedy Store, The Improv, The Laugh Factory, The Ice House,The Comedy Zone and Harrah's. Her DVD Full of Grace is available on Itunes and Amazon.com.



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    Teaching & Preaching Quantum Success Secrets

    in Motivation

    Bestselling author Ted Ciuba and Chap Oscar take on and lay bare 10 training sessions from 101 Quantum Success Secrets by Ted Ciuba.

    To celebrate and promote awareness of The NEW Think and Grow Rich - revised edition, bestselling author Ted Ciuba put together 101 Quantum Success Secrets related to the themes of that book and makes them available to you. This is the breaking news on that event!

    In this book he has taken the concepts he began to articulate in The New Think And Grow Rich to entirely new quantum levels.

    While he willingly aligned himself with the principles of Napoleon Hill’s monumental success classic, Think And Grow Rich, for the modernization, he suffers no such restrictions or designs on his writing, his teaching, his training, his creativity, or the benefit he brings in 101 Quantum Success Secrets.

    There’re churches, study groups, pastors, and business people all over the world embracing this philosophy and using this book as their prime text. There’re athletes, students, and medical professionals finding in Ted Ciuba’s message as stated in 101 Quantum Success Secrets, the elusive key to quantum leaps of contribution, rewards, and quality of life.

    Join us as author Ted Ciuba and co-host Chap Oscar delve deeply – teaching and preaching - into what it means to go quantum in your personal, professional, and creative life.

    All creation is vibrating to fulfill your definite desires - approached the right way… It’s Quantum that you think.

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    Podcasting Success Secrets and Building Your Online Audience

    in Social Networking

    Host Lori Wilk interviews the founder and executive producer WEINetwork.com, Peter Wein, about his long-time success as a broadcaster. Peter has made his living in the podcasting space following his career on traditional radio. We will talk about how broadcasting has evolved and that connecting with and audience and building a following still applies, the channels available to reach your audience keeps changing. Follow Lori on Twitter@Successipes. Follow on Peter on Twitter@WEINetwork and @PeterWein. His Facebook Fan Page is at WEINetwork and Peter's Living Room . Tune-in to his broadcasts 24/7 http://www.WEINetwork.com. CAll-in and talk to our guests live at 347.237.5638

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    Time Management Success Secrets

    in Self Help

    Tune in this Tuesday Janauary 29th @ 12:30pm
    Jason Stewart Radio
    Time Management Success Secrets
    You'll discover how to add an extra 5 - 7 hours of productivity to your week each and every week.
    Get more done in less time
    Procrastination the silent success killer and how to stomp it out of your life for good.
    and more....

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    Dr. Jim Hill: Real Success Secrets for Business, Relationships, and Life

    in Finance

    From the Best of Living Wealthy Radio

    Do you sometimes feel like you’re just spinning your wheels and not making a significant impact with your life, whether at work or in your relationships? Do you ever wonder what it would take to have more of an influence with your friends and loved ones or to really get somewhere in your career?  Perhaps you’re a business owner or leader, and you want to have more influence on your employees or clients. Where does it start? What’s the secret to real success in business, relationships, or just life, in general?

    Our guest, Dr. Jim Harris, is a speaker, consultant, and coach who has helped global companies and individuals find higher levels of success and significance.  He is the author of award-winning books including, “The Impacter: A Parable on Transformational Leadership,” and he’s going to share with us the secrets that have helped successful people all around the world reach their maximum impact and potential.


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    S.A.S.S.Y. Success Secrets to Building a Profitable Business

    in Business

    "What am I doing wrong and why aren't people buying my products or services" 

    Are you scheduling appointments but find it difficult to CLOSE THE SALE?

    Would it be easier if you had SYSTEMS in place to AUTOMATE your business?

    Then this call is for you and you learn:
    *What’s blocking you from ELEVATING YOUR BUSINESS to the next level.
    *Learn the S.A.S.S.Y Success Secrets to Building a Profitable Business
    *Learn why systems are NON-NEGOTIABLE in your business in order to THRIVE and stay ahead of your competition.

    It’s time to stop treating your business like a hobby and start to create a WEALTH MACHINE. You should be generating REVENUE in your business? It’s September which leaves us 4 months left in this year to hit our goals. Where are you to your goals?

    JOIN us this Thursday for #LunchAndLearn with DeKesha and Ke’Aundra.
    12:30pm -1:00
    Dial in – 646-478-3033

    Upcoming Events 
    Bryant & Stratton College Entrepreneurs Symposium
    Register today!!!!

    Upcoming Shows 


    Dr. Linette Montae PHD 

    “Lead with Unapologetic SHE Power™” and Make More Money in Less Time!

    Join Business Strategist, DeKesha Williams @de_kesha
    The Image Addict, Ke’Aundra McIntyre  @key_imageaddict


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    6 Success Secrets to 6 Figures

    in Business

    Our special guest, Dr. Denise Nadler wants you to "discover the 6 success secrets to a 6 figure business." Oprah Winfrey has been quoted as saying,"Luck is preparation meeting opportunity." This show will help prepare you for the opportunities that will earn you 6 figures. Dr. Denise shares her 6 success secrets, why they are important and how you can apply them immediately for your own 6-figure business success!"  

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    Success Secrets to Developing Yourself as a Leader

    in Self Help

    Tune in Tuesday February 12th at 12:30pm EST
    Jason Stewart Radio presents 
    Success Secrets to Developing Yourself as a Leader

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    Our Life Patterns

    in Women

    We often times struggle with things in our lives over and over again. We can't seem to shake the habits, the behaviors or things that seems to plague us. These patterns that no longer serve us. What are they and how can we overcome them? Join us this week as our host, Angela Carr Patterson, shares how you can release Life Patterns.